Ryan Family – by ‘APB’ 1984


These notes on certain NSW Ryan families were prepared by ‘APB’ [Agnes Patricia (Ryan) Bonnington, daughter of Patrick Joseph Ryan and Henrietta Newham] on 30 May 1984 and are included here as background for those seeking information on  this specific family of the Ryan diaspora which includes members of my Markham and Walsh families.


Given that in 1984, when Agnes Bonnington wrote her paper, genealogical records were difficult to access, I have prepared the parent page ‘1839 RYAN’ where I have updated the genealogical detail from newly available archival records.

See also

‘A Riot of Ryans’ by Fr Max Barratt, published 1994—-specifically Chapter 16:‘A Set of Ryan Siblings. John, Ellen, Thomas.’




John, Thomas and Ellen Ryan were the sons and daughter of Thomas Ryan, farmer of Tipperary and his wife Ellen, nee Brien. They arrived Sydney on the ship “CHINA” on 20 December, 1839. Shipping records at the State Archives list only John and Ellen on the passenger list of the ‘China’ as children of Thomas and Ellen. There is listed a Thomas Ryan aged 25 years on 10 April, 1839, also of Tipperary, but of different parents. John Ryan’s wife, Mary, nee Hickey, told my mother the three came together, so I consider there is a clerical error in the parentage of Thomas. Many such mistakes are found in the early records.

Additional note:

John, Thomas and Ellen Ryan were the sons and daughter of Thomas Ryan – farmer – of Co. Tipperary and his wife Ellen, nee Brien. Shipping files at Society of Australian Genealogists give the following details as also do the State Archives :-

  • John Ryan. Unmarried male, Native  of Tipperary, son of Thomas of the same place – farmer – and Ellen Brien, his wife. Arrived Sydney 20 December 1839 by the “CHINA”. 27 years of age in August 1839. Roman Catholic. Read and write. Shepherd. [Ref: Page 170 Volume 17 Society of Australian genealogists. Also Reel 356 Shipping Files State Archives Globe St Sydney.]


  • Ellen Ryan. Unmarried female, 24 years of age. ‘CHINA’ 20 December 1839. Native of Tipperary. Daughter of Thomas Ryan – farmer – of the same place, and Ellen, his wife there. Roman Catholic. Read. Dairymaid. [Ref: Page 191 Vol 17.]


  • Thomas Ryan, native of Tipperary. Male. Unmarried. Son of James and Margaret (sic). Farm labourer. 25 years on 10 April 1839. RC Read and write. There is no way of proving this is the second brother . His death was not registered. An affidavit at the Probate Office states his death occurred accidentally at Gundagai on 17 February 1857. My father had told me of this accident. The affidavit was sworn by Mary Ryan, his widow and John Ryan, his brother.




[A] John Ryan[2]

Born August 1810 approx, Tipperary[3]

Died 5 April 1891, Cowra

Married Mary Hickey of Boorowa at Galong 12 April1853[4]

  • Mary Hickey, born 1826 Co. Tipperary, arr. NSW 1850

Died 3 September, 1909


Elizabeth, b. 17 September, 1854; d.8 December, 1928

Ellen, b. 10 May, 1856; d. 24 September, 1927

Thomas, b. 17 May, 1858; d. 3 May, 1917

John b. 30 March, 1860; d. as a young child.

Patrick b. 14 May, 1862; d. as a young child.

John ? died as an infant.

Bridget b. 25 August, 1866; d. 24 November, 1953

Mary Anne b. 30 September, 1868; d. 27 March, 1952.

Patrick Joseph b. 28 August, 1870; d. 23 December, 1942


NOTE: Post Office Directory held at Murrumburrah Harden Historical Society has the following entries:

1867 John Ryan, Farmer Balgalab; 1872 John Ryan, farmer, Balgalab;

1875 – 1877 John Ryan, Settler, Barwang, Murrumburrah.

John therefore went to Barwang between 1872 and 1875. From registrations of births of John Ryan’s children, it would appear he left “Cumbamurra”, as the Reedy Creek run came to be known, before the birth of his daughter, Bridget. Up till her birth, the registrations were at Yass. Bridget, Mary and Patrick are registered at Boorowa.

Greville’s P O Directory 1875 – 1877 has these entries under Murrumburrah: John Ryan, Grazier, and John Ryan, Farmer, Barwang.

Government Gazette published 18 May, 1858 lists John Ryan of Binalong as “Licensed Grazier”, Thomas Ryan of Binalong as stockholder. This information was obviously collected prior to the death of Thomas 17.2.1857. 


[B] Thomas Ryan.[5]

Born —  ; died 17 February 1857[6] near Gundagai[7]

Married Mary O’Brien of Boorowa at Boorowa 17 September, 1850.

Issue: [8]

Ellen b. 1852; d. –.

Thomas b. 1854; d. 20 November, 1930

John b. 1856; d. 3 January, 1909

Mary Josephine b. 26 August 1857; d. 26 Sep. 1946

[C]   Ellen Ryan[9]

Born 1815; died 23 July, 1890. Buried Binalong Cemetery.

Married Matthew Conway at Galong 1842

  • Matthew Conway arr. Sydney 1827; died 5 October, 1869 age 73, buried Galong Cemetery.


Mary Anne Conway b. 13 October, 1843; d. 7 february, 1935.

Honora Conway b. 1 August, 1845; died as infant.

Ellen Conway b. 4 August, 1847

John Conway b. 1851; d. 1885 at Hay. Buried at Hay.

Family of John Ryan and Mary, nee Hickey

  • who lived at “Northwood”

John Hickey was born in Ireland after 1787, the son of Patrick  Hickey, farmer, and Mary nee Ryan. His Death Certificate states he married Bridget Connors when he was aged thirty in Ireland. On 20 may, 1850 he arrived in Australia on the sailing ship “THETIS”  (Nymph  of the Sea) accompanied by his wife Bridget, his sons John and Patrick, daughters Mary (who married John Ryan, Kate (who married John Russell), a daughter who married a McElligot and maybe other daughters. His Death Certificate states he was survived by 2 sons and six females. As he was approximately 60 years of age when he came to Australia, some of the daughters may have married and remained in Ireland. I’ll try to check the shipping records to see if any other daughters are listed. As with most family records, some of the dates on his Deah Certificate don’t quite tally up. I guess there weren’t any calendars to remind them. John Hickey came from Ballywater Parish, Knockvella, near Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland. 


ELIZABETH RYAN married John Glennan – Goolagong.


Maurice Thomas married Agnes Doyle. No issue.

b. 11 October, 1885; d. 4 February, 1957.

Mary (Mollie) married Thomas Ryan. Four (sic) daughters.*

b. 1 May 1883; d. 28 May 1960.

Elizabeth Celestine m. Martin Flannery, one son, one daughter **

b. 25 August, 1888; d. 31 January, 1967.

Anne  died in childhood.

Bridget Sister M. Patricia

b. 12 December 1894; d. 10 December 1981.

* Issue of  ‘Mollie’ Glennan and Thomas Ryan:

  1. Mary Philomena (Jean) b. 28 October 1909;  Spinster
  2. Elizabeth Patricia b. 23 October 1911; Spinster
  3. Monica died in infancy.
  4. Olga Rose b. 11 July 1918 m. Gordon Crisp. No issue.
  5. Brenda Evelyn b. 28 August 1920 m. Alan McDonald. No issue.


** Issue of Elizabeth Glennan and Martin Flannery:

  1. Marie Therese b. 14 March 1924. m. Martin McDonogh Sep. 1948

Issue: Rosemary b. 6 August 1955 m. Michael MacMahon,

one daughter, twin sons;

Martin b. 14 November 1958

  1. Martin b. 1925; d. 1929.


ELLEN RYAN married John Cass (who died 4 September 1920)


1.  Anne b. ?; d. 1912/13;  m. William Haywood.  Issue: Three

sons – William, Thomas, Allen.

  1. Bridget b. 26 January 1879; d. 1968 m. Herbert Jordan.Issue One daughter, four sons.
  2. Mary (min) b. 6 March 1880 d. 31 July 1967. m. Frank Cusack.  Issue: Five sons, four daughters.
  3. John b. 31 March 1885; d. ?. m. Ellen McInerney 19 July 1916 at Murringo. Issue: Two sons two daughters.
  4. Agnes b.? d.? Spinster.
  5. Edward b.? d.? m. Gazina Grounds. Issue: Four daughters one son.
  6. \Thomas b.? d.? m. Kathleen Small.
  7. Ellen b. 1891; d. 4 January 1966. m. Victor Woodbridge. Issue: Two sons, two daughters.


THOMAS RYAN married Hannah Walsh. [FCM Note: Marriage 1903; Hannah b. 1967 Binalong; d. 1893 at Northwood. Hannah was daughter of Thomas Walsh (Cowra MILL etc) and therefore a cousin of Nicholas Markham whose mother was Ellen, Thomas’ youngest sister.]


  1. Twin died in infancy.
  2. Twin died in infancy.
  3. Thomas D’Arcy Walsh , b. 14 ?, 1905; d. 6 July 1975. m (first) in 1936 to Eileen Ryan (died 1945); (second) Kathleen ??????
  4. Roland John b. 6 July 1909; d. 15 September 1978. m. Elizabeth Purcell in 1936.
  5. Nell b. 21 January 1909. m Norman Pepper.


BRIDGET RYAN married Nicholas Markham at ‘Sunnyside’ Canowindra 1903.

[FCM Note: She was known to all the extended family in and from Darbys Falls as ‘Aunty Bid Nick’ thus distinguishing her from ‘Aunty Bid Ward’ – Nicholas’ sister, Bridget Markham who married Jack Ward.]


  1. John Thomas b. 23 June 1904 d. 14 March 1980 Bachelor.
  2. Ena b. 3 April 1907 m. Herbert Wass 1836.
  3. Nicholas died in infancy.



Spinster, buried Cowra.

b. 13 September 1868; d. 27 March 1952

PATRICK JOSEPH RYAN married Henrietta Newham.

Marriage at Sydney 1 February 1904 at St Benedict’s Church. Died 23 December 1942 at Gilgandra, NSW


In 1901/02 Patrick Ryan, at the age of 31 yrs disposed of his portion (?), comprising 640 acres, and his interest in “NORTHWOOD”, to his brother, Thomas, receiving the sum of £300.0.0. He then purchased the property “SUNNYSIDE” twelve miles from Cowra, on the Canowindra Road, from reid Smith and Co. He later added to this  with a block of “NORTH LOGAN” which he bought at auction and later again, purchased the property “INVERNESS” from the Davidson family. “Inverness” was about two miles from “Sunnyside” towards Cowra. In 1928 he sold both holdings to Walter Young and in conjunction with his sons, purchased  the property “BUNDAH BODALIA ” at Curban in the Gilgandra District. Patrick Ryan died 23 December, 1942 and is buried in the Gilgandra Cemetery as are his wife , three sons and two grandsons.


  1. John Vincent Ryan b. 8 October 1905; d. 9 (or 19?) September 1970. m. Florence May Dennis at Shooter’s Hill, near Oberon on 3 April  1929.


  1. Felix Joseph Ryan b. 2 April 1907; d. 19 December 1976. m. Irene McPherson Rogers of Dubbo  in June 1937.


  1. Mary Veronica Ryan b. 27 February 1910. Spinster.


  1. Agnes Patricia Ryan b. 2 October 1911 m. Hampton David James Bonnington on 14 April 1936 at Gilgandra.


  1. Kevin Henry Ryan b. 13 May 1914; d. 3 May 1937. Bachelor.



The only surviving grandchildren of John Ryan and Mary nee Hickey as at 30 May 1984 are:-

Ena Wass, nee Markham (daughter of Bridget),

Nell Pepper, nee Ryan (daughter of Thomas),

Mary Ryan (daughter of Patrick Joseph), and

Agnes Bonnington nee Ryan (daughter of Patrick Joseph).

Family OF THOMAS RYAN and Mary, nee O’Brien

ELLEN RYAN  married Michael Cahill, Publican,  b. 10.?.1848, of Gunning Flat  on 21 November 1873. Newspaper account of the death of her brother Thomas, 20 November, 1930 records her …of the Royal Standard Hotel, Boorowa.

Issue: [10]

  1. Michael  m. Lillie Downey of McMahon’s Reef. Issue: Three children.[11]
  2. Mary. Spinster. D. 1920
  3. Margaret. m. Michael Todd. No issue.
  4. Ellen. m. Edward Massey. No issue.
  5. Thomas m. Louise Platt. No issue.
  6. Joseph. Bachelor
  7. John. Bachelor.
  8. Harold. Two sons. Noel and Peter. Both married. No issue.
  9. Eileen. M. (first) Rod Corcoran of Boorowa. No Issue; (second, as widow) Edward Locke. No issue.
  10.  Eugene. D. 5.11.1965. bachelor.


THOMAS RYAN[12] married Anne Magdalen.


  1. Thomas James Ryan m. Kath Garry. No issue.
  2. Owen Aloysius Ryan m. Bobbie Roche. One daughter Suzanne.
  3. John Cullen Ryan.


JOHN RYAN  Bachelor. b. 1856; d. 3 January 1909.

MARY JOSEPHINE RYAN married John James Cahill of Jugiong and a brother of Michael at Boorowa.

Issue: [13]

  1. Mary Josephine b. 15 January 1884; d. November 1919. m. John Shettle.
  2. Ellen b. 16 August 1887 m. Peter Dowling.
  3. Catherine b. 11 June 1888; d. 22 May 1972. Spinster.
  4. Thomas b. 23 March, 1891; d. 14 October 1964 Bachelor.
  5. Michael b. 7 January 1893; d. 28 November 1893. Infant
  6. Margaret. b. 9 April 1895. d. 29 April 1896. Infant.
  7. John James b. 12 February 1897; d. 20 September 1964.
  8. Owen Vincent b. 1 September 1898; d. 23 April 1969.
  9. Gertrude Hyacinth b. 11 February 1901.


Family of ELLEN RYAN  and Matthew Conway[14]

See above  for personal details.

MARY ANN CONWAY married Timothy Ryan an Innkeeper of Derringullen on 24 June 1864. (Timothy Ryan native of Tipperary, according to marriage certificate. Born County Limerick 1840 on headstone in Yass Cemetery erected by his parents.He died 10 July 1881 and is buried in Yass Cemetery.)

Issue, not necessarily in correct order:

  1. John Patrick Ryan. Unmarried.
  2. Hugh Ryan. Unmarried.
  3. Michael Ryan. Unmarried.
  4. Denis Patrick (Frank) Ryan. Married. No issue.
  5. Kathleen (Kitty) Ryan m. (first) O’Brien one son Adrian, who had two children Anthony and one other male. No issue. Both deceased.; (second) Myers one daughter Enid died age 12 years.
  6. Ellen Ryan. Unmarried.
  7. Annie Ryan. Unmarried.
  8. Agnes Ryan. Unmarried.
  9. Mary Amelia (Millie) Ryan. Unmarried.


JOHN CONWAY died 1866. No issue.

 ELLEN CONWAY married William Harris Howard on 16 April 1868.


  1. Felix Harris Howard –  Married. See next page..
  2. John Harris Howard.
  3. William Harris Howard – Married. See next page.
  4. Matthew Harris Howard.
  5. Thomas Harris Howard – Married. See next page.
  6. Mary Jane Howard.
  7. Ellen Howard.
  8. George Charles Howard.


FELIX  HARRIS HOWARD m. Emily Harding.


  1. William Harris Howard died 1915 aged 16 years.
  2. Winifred Kathleen Howard (Mrs G T A Sullivan) Born 1903. No issue.
  3. John Conway Howard   b. 1905; d. 1974. One son, Denis William*. One daughter Marjorie.
  4. Phillip Kennedy Howard b. 1908.m. Louise Edwards. 1son Philip Geoffrey Kennedy Howard**. 2 daughters Noeline Patricia  Howard m. ….Amery,** and Judith Howard m. …. Parker***.
  5. Marjorie (Mrs A R Westwood) b. 1917. No issue.


*  Denis William Howard’s issue :- Daniel Howard,

Thomas Howard, Ted Howard, Lucy Howard.

** Phillip Geoffrey Kennedy Howard’s issue :-  Philip Andrew

Kennedy Howard.

*** Noeline Patricia (Howard) Amery’s issue :- Lyndall


**** Judith (Howard) Parker’s issue :- Kelvin Parker,

Rodney Parker, Scott Parker.



  1. Paula, m. …Spring. Deceased. 3 children.
  2. Alan. A grazier at Grafton.



  1. Vera. Mrs Burden. Several ch. 1 son dead. 2 daughters living.
  2. Leslie. A Pharmacist at Bondi. No children.
  3. Bonnie. Deceased. Unmarried.
  4. Jean. m. …. Collins? 2 boys and 1 girl.
  5. Irene (Betty). Mrs Dixon. Several children. 3 girls.



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Footnotes    (↵ returns to text)

  1. All this information has been verified – from John Ryan’s Death Certificate and from marriage and birth registers of St Augustine’s Church, Yass, and from the Office of the Registrar General.
  2. This is the family which went from Binalong to “Barwang” Murrumburrah, and thence to “Northwood” Cowra February, 1880.
  3. . There are variations in John’s age. He gave August 1812 as his birth date on his entry to Australia. The age given on various birth registrations of his children would indicate he was born August 1810. Date of death on his headstone in Cowra Cemetery is an error of ten years.
  4.   Registrar General, Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  5. This family remained at Reedy Creek, Binalong, the property being known as “Cumbamurra”.
  6. Date of death obtained from Probate Office.
  7. Death was as a result of an accident near Gundagai.
  8. Dates re Thomas, John and Mary from headstones, Binalong Cemetery.
  9. As far as I can ascertain, there are no surviving descendants of Ellen Ryan and Matthew Conway, other than the descendant of Ellen Conway and William Howard. John Conway did not marry. Mary Anne Conway married Timothy Ryan, Innkeeper of Binalong. They had a large family, of whom several married. Only one daughter, Kate, who married twice, had any children – one son, Adrian O’Brien of her first marriage; one daughter …. of second marriage (died as a child). Adrian O’Brien had two sons. Both died bachelors.
  10. I have not researched this line, but I know her sons some years back had the Australian Hotel at Cowra. Later information received from Gertrude Cahill re the issue of her aunt and uncle.
  11. The only descendants of Ellen (Cahill)’s family of ten children, would be children or grandchildren of Michael Cahill and Lillie Downey.
  12. This is the branch of the family which remained at the Reedy Creek run, acquired by John Ryan in 1850. The holding becoming known as “Cumbamurra.” The Government gazette of NSW 1848 recognised the claim of William dale to ownership of this run. The Gazette of 1851 has the following entry: ‘Transfer of Reedy Creek run, comprising 2,000 acres, from William dale, squatter to John Corrigan Ryan.’ The Government gazette of 18 May 1858 lists John Ryan as a Licensed Grazier, Thomas as a stockholder.
  13. The information was supplied by the youngest daughter, Gertrude Hyacinth Cahill. She states that her parents had ten children , but only nine are listed here. She also gave me the names of the ten children of Michael Cahill and Ellen Ryan. All her notes came from her father’s prayer book. He states he was born at Jugiong 3 November 1858. His brother Michael born Jugiong on  12  …   1848. His father was born in County Longford and his mother in County Cavan.
  14.   Note from here to the bottom of the page prepared by Phillip Howard.