Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1946




4 January            Went to town with Aub to see doctor and get my new spectacles.  Got brandy for Aunty Bid [to relieve pain of cancer].

8 January            Jim moved windmill – did not come to shop.

13 January          Jim in shop till 12.30.  Geo at Bigga.

15 January          Jim in shop all day – Geo at Graham. Violet left for holidays.

16 January          Jim in shop since dinner – Geo to town.   Brandy for Bid 19/1d.

20 January          Jim in shop 10 am to 12.30 pm

22 January          Jim in shop. Geo at Graham

23 January          Jim in shop from 3 pm

24 January          Jim in shop one hour

27 January          Jim in shop half day.

29 January          Jim in shop 11 am to 6 pm


18 February        Violet left for Sydney for weekend.

23 February        Aunt Bid’s brandy by mail


4 March               Geo and Em gone to Sydney for fortnight – taking Junior

10 March             Very cold.  We are making a fire

11 March             Tom [Markham] arrived home today.  Went to town to concert with Ena and Herb, Jim, Elsie, Dos.  Edie gave Tom a warm welcome home.


25 September     Enid Ford started in PO.  Violet leaving Saturday.

29 September     Presentation to Violet in hall.  Townspeople collected œ10.4.0 and had afternoon tea.

30 September     Aunty Mary Ryan’s birthday.  Mr Clarkson of Cowra died suddenly today.  Alice Pilkington’s husband.


2 October            Walter Howarth went out in hill this morning and fell out of tree.  George took him to town – think collar bone broken. Very cool wind blowing.

5 October            Leaving for Canberra this afternoon – had good trip arrived about 7.30 when stopped at Parliament House – steering wheel dropped off.  We were lucky as we were driving at 50 mile per hour.  Violet married today.

6 October            George busy on car.  In afternoon he, George and Dib went sight seeing and Dib and I went to see ‘Irish Eyes’ at night.

7 October            Went to early Mass.  Geo. Em and Dib went to 10 o’clock.  Geo left for home at 3.30 and we all went for a stroll round New Griffith.  We went to town this morn.

8 October            Dib went to work today – Win and I went to Kingston to see the shops.

9 October            Baby boy born today – weighted 10 lbs.  Calling him John Francis [Harris].  Godmother Margaret Cooke.

19 October          Arrived home from Canberra today – Win came with me. We came to Yass in service car and slept for three hours there and caught train at 10 to 3, arrived Cowra at 8.30.  Went to Nellies and George came for us.  Arrived home about 3 pm.  Everything OK.

20 October          Jim making a lawn for me.  I brought some privets from Canberra. Races this arvo.  I won a few pounds.  Aub and Till down.  Em left for Sydney.

21 October          Mass this morn 9 am.  Win and I went to see Aunt Markhams and Aunt Bid Ward.

22 October          Very warm day.  Winnie went back to Canberra. Couldn’t wash – no water, no wind.  [Wind necessary to drive the windmill to pump water]

23 October          No washing today.  Still no wind and tank empty.

24 October          Washing today.  Water pouring into tank.

25 October          Started to rain today.  Very windy too.  Water running over in the tank and raining very well.

26 October          Raining well, badly needed and is great for my new lawn.  Brandy for Aunty Bid today.

28 October          Cow had heifer calf today.

29 October          Peg Walsh died today. Showery all day.  Mrs Ryan from Goolagong rang to ask after Aunt Bid and Aunt Mary Ryan.

30 October          Mrs Eric Newham rang for Os Ford.  She has a snake in the bedroom.  Lovely fine day.  Eric’s snake was in one of the beds.

Nellie’s birthday.  Edie went in to shout her to the pictures. Geo to Cricket Meetings – others to circus.

31 October          Beautiful morning.


6 November        Melbourne Cup Day.  Rainbird won cup 12/1.  We had three sweeps but I did not win anything.

7 November        Liberty Ball tonight – George and Em have gone.

8 November        Awfully hot and dusty.  Letter from Nev.  Not out of Navy yet.  Great crowd at Ball – orchestra from Dubbo not so hot and floor heavy.

9 November        Wretched day – wind and dust.  I hope it blows up a storm.

12 November      Brandy for Aunt Bid today

4 December        Em went to town with Fr Gallagher.  Got Brandy for Aunt Bid.

15 December      Brand for Aunt Bid today

19 December      Aunt Mary Markham died this morning.

20 December      Aunty Mary buried today.

21 December      Aunt Bid Ward died 12.30 am.

22 December      Aunt Bid Ward burined 5 pm today.

24 December      Bill Howarth died today.

[Dib Murray was home on holidays during this time and had to help dig three graves].


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