Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1934



First entry begins

24 March         Joan Mary [Murray] arrived. [born 22 March]

25 March         Aub and Thelma and Maisie [Smart, Edie Ward’s sister] left for Burrenjuck.

30 March         Edie [Ward], Ena [Markham], Tom [Markham], Herbie [Wass] and Georgie [Harris, Jnr] left for Sydney this morning.


1 April              Very quiet day only Doll [Frank Markham, brother]  George [Harris Snr], Jack [Ward], Thellie [Waters] and myself for dinner.

2 April              Jimmy [Murray] and I played for Ball at the Dam.  Arrived home at 3 AM.  Jimmy went back to Boorowa and Murray [Cooke] with him.

3 April              Thellie’s birthday and forgot to wish her a happy birthday.

8 April              Sydney party arrived home 7:30

10 April            Thellie went home ill.  Sent Murray telegram for his birthday.

11 April            Parker and Clarkes pictures showing Middle Watch.

12 April            Buck jumping show.  None of us went to it.  Ted’s [Markham, brother] chimney finished.  Geo, Percy [Ford] and Steve [Whitty] watched show from roof.

13 April            Rita Johnson rang Ena.  Binkie away two days came home with swollen paw, raining little.  Dance at Bennett Springs [Harris’ property], Geo and Ena played.  [It is probable that Margaret (Harris) first met George Harris at the Bennett Springs dances

15 April            Fr. O’Kennedy today.  Tennis meeting.  Cricket Wyangala off.  Raining beautifully.

16 April            Too wet to wash.  Started new verandah (Jim [Ward] and Georgie).

17 April            Rang Jimmy for his birthday.  Edie went to Weir re hand.  Carpenters went to Cowra.

18 April            Meters read 16 days over.  Finished verandah.  Had boarder few days.  Races – (funny thing)  Axe fell at the Weir again – 19 men off.

19 April            George’s going to Cowra also Doll and Clarrie.  The latter to Dr. with lip.  Clive off Weir.

20 April            Tommy put off Lorry and sent greasing.

21 April            Started turf wicket.  Clem out of hospital today.

22 April            Raining today.  Sacred Heart day.

23 April            Very cold today.

25 April            Dib’s birthday and Jimmy came home from Boorowa.  I went to Northwood to see Mat [Walsh, cousin] – bad attack of gall stones.  Went see Aunty Bid.

26 April            Edie and Georgie took Jimmy to Boorowa – stayed all night.

27 April            Mat left for Sydney this morn – Memorial Hospital to have operation.  Found orange 15 yr old tree. [Behind post office building – extremely sour fruit]

29 April            Aub’s Birthday.  Went to Mass.  Tennis match at Dam – Darbys won.

30 April            Aunt Bid and I went to Northwood.  Mat’s operation put off till tomorrow.  Nick started Mill.


1 May              Mat’s operation over also Mrs Whitty both doing well.  Edie went to Dr. with bad arm.

2 May              Tom and his Ma went to Northwood.  Edie went to Dr. with bad arm again.  Mill still working.

4 May              Tommy and Jack put off at Weir.  Aunty Bid went Weir for last of Mission.  Bought new hose for ourselves.

5 May              Races.  and bookie skinned.  Jimmy rang up from Boorowa.

6 May              Tennis match with presbytery Cowra – Darbys won.  Mission priest said mass today.

7 May              Nell Ryan home and Mat doing well.  Olivers had accident yesterday – smashed blue car up – girls in hospital.

8 May              Sent intention to Fr. O’Connor at Brisbane today.

9 May              Pictures tonight not going – shows My Wife’s Mother and Love Of Mike.

10 May            Mass this morning.  Edie gone to town re face.  Thelma [Murray] went Sydney.

13 May            Darbys beat Railway at Cowra ‘Tennis’.

15 May            Left for Boorowa dinner time.  Found everything OK.

16 May            Returned from Boorowa.  Eric [Ward] to go off at Weir Friday.  Beryl [Eggleston] and Dos [Ward] home from Sydney.  Marks boys had adenoids and tonsils out.

18 May            Ball for hall and ambulance – about four guineas each – nice turn out.

19 May            Rita Johnson married to J.N. Peak, Penrith.

20 May            Tennis today.  Seconds disappointed – first to Woodstock – Sammy [Eggleston] and family came out.

21 May            Tennis firsts won match Woodstock yesterday.  George took Mrs D. to Dr bad side.

23 May            George Snr not too good today.  Geo Jnr and Tommy [Markham] finished Tennis Court and going to Diggers Ball.

24 May            Tom took mother and Ena to see Mrs Whitty.  Tom looked like tiger after Ball – (J.J. 12 months).

26 May            Races

27 May            Sacred Heart day and Holy Hour.  Seconds to Cowra to play Railway 2.  Seconds beaten.

28 May            Sent Chrissie [Howarth] up to Nellie today.  Emily Burke has young daughter.

29 May            Charlie Cooke down.  Thelma went to school again – Ena went up to stay at Oakeys.

30 May            Edie and Tess [Newham] to Whittys for Tennis.

31 May            George and I to Mrs Ray [Newham] for afternoon tea.


1 June             My birthday.  Gorgeous rain last night and today.  George to town for goods.

2 June             Georgie in Tournament (still on).

3 June             Jimmie, Margaret and Anne [Cooke] down – cold day.  Molly [Simpson] disappointed Ted [Markham, her father].

4 June             Holiday today as races.  Won a few bob.

5 June             Jim went back to Boorowa.  Tried to give Anne oil.

6 June             Wrote to Dib [Neville Murray] and Nellie [Cooke]

7 June             Test

8 June             Test started

10 June           Bennetts and Darbys Tennis Match.  Rained.

11 June           Jim and Jock [Ward] went to work at Streamville

17 June           Left for Sydney 11.30 with Darcy Ryan.  Gorgeous trip in new car.

18 June           In city all day with Winnie [Murray].  Went to see Alice [Murray] – had tea at McGuinness’ and home bed.

19 June           Left Albun Street 10 am.  Arrived Cowra about four – came out in Darcy’s car – Mat [Walsh, cousin] with us.

21 June           John Charles Cooke arrived at 12.45 am.  Charlie [Cooke] went to Sydney.  Robin took over bakery at Wyangla Dam.

25 June           Went to Boorowa to see Nellie – pouring rain.

30 June           Georgie took Chrissie [Howarth] up to Nellie.  Marg went home.


1 July              Jimmy came home with Georgie today.  First beat Woodstock Tennis and held cup.

2 July              Did not wash – had returns to do for end of quarter.

3 July              Washed today.  Georgie, Edie and Anne went to town to get prizes for tournament.

4 July              Aunty Bid [Ward] and Ted [Markham] birthday [They were twins].  Went to Ward’s to party.  Very nice too – age 75 years.

5 July              Nothing happened.  Raining again tonight.

7 July              Tennis Tourney started – still going.  Dance at night œ3.19.0 clear profit.

9 July              Washed altho nearly raining

10 July            Cow came in with calf – Fred Whitty sent Topsy out – Edie had tooth out.

13 July            Bennett Springs dance.  Jimmy, Geo and Ena playing.  Bought bacon Jack E.

14 July            Races

15 July            Tournament ended.  Nellie and family down.  Oliver and Clarrie [Markham] won men’s doubles – Tess and Percy [Newham] mixed.

16 July            Jim and Jock went to work.  Charlie went Sydney today for H.Lane’s car.  [Harry Lane married one of the Harris girls from Bennet Springs].  Took Murray.  Georgie got 5 teeth out.  Nellie and Edie went in too.  Went to Aub’s tonight.

18 July            Charlie arrived Cowra tonight with Harry Lane and his new car.

19 July            Charlie came out today and took family on to Boorowa in H.Lane’s old car.

20 July            I went to bed with Lumbago

21 July            Jimmy took other car back to Boorowa.

22 July            Big round up.  I could not go – still in bed.  Fr Mc consecrated house.

23 July            Uncle Pat’s Mass.  George went Holy Communion.

24 July            Still raining.  Jim and Jock went back to Hammonds.  [Property named ‘Streamville’ at top of the Dam].

25 July            Nothing doing.  Edie washed and still raining.

26 July            Georgie could not go Ball – no teeth.  I got up this morn after seven days in bed with Lumbago.  Jimmy going to town take Mrs Ford to see Percy.

27 July            Edie gone to Ball.  Pictures tonight (Mr Bam)

29 July            Fr O’Kennedy to Mass.  Raining too wet.  Railway come out Tennis

30 July            Still raining

31 July            Charlie went Sydney for Evans truck.  Still raining.  Georgie had tooth filled.


5 August          Charlie brought Evans truck.  George and boys went up to Weir.

6 August          Beautiful day, washing over.  Jimmy and Tommy went to town on business.  Charlie went home to Boorowa

8 August          Nellie rang up tonight.  Young people are playing ping pong at Wards – Aunt Bid not very well.

9 August          Jim and Jock went back to work.  Cut lamb’s tail off.  Thellie run needle in hand.  Edie went up Hovells see Linda [Smart, sister].

10 August        Raining

11 August        Raining

12 August        Mass – Fr O’Kennedy.  Still raining.

13 August        Just had washing finished and rain came down.  Sammy very ill.

14 August        Still raining.  Cutting melon for jam.  Melons no good.

15 August        Party at Ward’s.  Lal [Marks] and PJ Whitty – a little plonk.

19 August        Ena has flu.  Couldn’t go Mass.  Darbys won and held the cup from Cowra Presbytery.

20 August        Georgie and Tom went for logs.  Great anxiety.  Should have been home at dinner and arrived 8 pm.  Washed – lovely day.  Beryl came out.  Sammy [Eggleston] going to Sydney for operation to head.

21 August        Jimmy taking Aunt Bid Goolagong to see Mr Flannery and going on to Boorowa.  Jock home with cold.

22 August        Jimmy to meet traveller re exam for job in city.

23 August        Tommy and Georgie went again for logs and bogged since 3 pm.  Arrived home 9.30.  Letter from Winnie.

24 August        All hands got influenza.

25 August        Jimmy passed traveller.  Hopes to get job in Sydney later.

26 August        Fr McMahon out Sacred Heart day.

27 August        Very warm day

28 August        Washed today.  Still warm, in fact, very hot.  Jim and Jock went back to Hammonds.

29 August        Raining and Church of England Ball tonight – word from Sammy and no operation.  Leaving for Goulburn tonight.


9 September   Jim Carlin died.  Buried Cowra.

10 September Washed today. Georgie went to get tooth out.

13 September Went Races.  Lovely day.

14 September Went to races.  Another nice day.

19 September Jack Markham married in Grenfell today.  Edie and I went to Boorowa, got home 10 pm.

24 September Georgie and Tommy gone for logs to cut Francis order.

26 September Bishop here today – 5 kiddies confirmed.  Went on to Wyangala.

27 September Ted got tooth out.  Robert Neville died this morn in Sydney.  Bringing corpse back to Cowra tonight.  Wards started wood job.


2 October        Binkie [cat] died and cremated.

3 October        Ted left for Grenfell this morning.

20 October      Frank Ward died after 9 days in hospital.

21 October      Buried Darbys today – 25 cars.


Next entry:

14 December  Mat Hammond died in Moira Hospital today

15 December  M. Hammond buried today Cowra.

21 December  Aub and Thelma left for Sydney today

22 December  Villiers today.  Won by Bacchian

25 December  Christmas Day.  Very nice and cool.  Enjoyed dinner.  Nell Ryan took kids to Christmas tree.

26 December  Went to see Bing Crosby in ‘She Loves me Not’.  Just a picture but Bing not like I thought.  Dark Chief won Summer Cup at 33/1.

27 December  Nellie and Edie washed and not much in humour.  Edie sick from eating ham.  I wonder!

30 December  Eddie Neville Died today (R.Neville’s son)

31 December  Eddie Neville buried Cowra today.



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