Other Ships – Emigration and Transportation.

I have assembled some relevant facts about the ships of interest in my research.   Click on the ship name to navigate to the relevant page.In some cases I have yet to upload details of one or two ships with which I may have an interest  in building the story of the immigration of “my” families, however distant.


Ship Arrival Name Note
Abyssinian 1859 Grum Possibly Ed Markham's brother-in-law
Anne  1829 Edw Conyngham And others from "Letitia" shipwreck
Bee 1856 Dillon Following wife Rose Haughey on "Switzerland"
Ben Nevis 1856 Johnston Six nephews nieces of Murray/Shannon
Boyne 1826 Jordan Six from joint trial incl James Dooley and Fergus McGarry
Briton 1844 McGrory McGrory Murray Haughey connections
Broom 1842 Collins Mary (Collins) Murray. Connection not yet made
Catherine 1814 McCarroll Mary Later wife of George Marshall
Champion 1840 McLean Andrew m. Ellen Murray
Champion 1842 Curtin Unclear connection to Grum/Markham
Chowringhee 1856 Johnston Five nephews nieces of Murray/Shannon
Hadlow 1820 Curtin Unclear connection to Grum/Markham
Herald 1845 Grum And wife Catherine Markham
Hesperus 1828 Edw Conyngham And others from "Letitia" shipwreck
Hilton 1855 McGee Six nephews/nieces of Murray/Shannon
Indian 1810 Marshall George from Somerset England
Joseph Cunard 1841 Susan Murray Connection not yet made
Jupiter 1828 Hanbury Clements Captain of "Letitia" wrecked
Lady Elgin 1854 Susan Murray No apparent connection to date
Lavinia 1832 Geo Conyngham Cousin of Edward
Letitia 1828 Edw Conyngham And others from "Letitia" shipwreck
Livingstone 1841 McNamara Uncles of the Walsh siblings
Lord Stanley 1850 Walsh Eight siblings from Co Limerick
Mangles 1822 Edw Markham Co Limerick
Mangles 1826 Timothy Slattery Co Limerick Father-in-law of Edw Markham
Mary 1828 Weston From "Letitia" shipwreck
Marquis Anglesea 1829 WA migrants Incident at Cape Verde
Mary Hope 1827 Honora Kelly Wife of Patrk Conyngham
Monica 1857 Lynch Murray Daughter of Mary (Murray)Collins
Parland 1838 McGrory Alexander m. a Susan Murray
Pearl 1841 McMahon m. one of Edw Conyngham daughters
Phoenix 1826 Patr Conyngham Dublin.Brother of Edward
Retribution Hulk 1810 Marshall En route "Ïndian" for NSW
Roslyn Castle 1833 Slattery Son of Timothy Slattery
St Vincent 1844 Walsh Eight siblings from Co Limerick
Sarah 1849 Heffernan Connection to Mary Cecilia Murray and Tarlintons
Sarah Botsford 1842 Morrow Connection to John Bernard Dillon
Stamboul 1854 Morrow Possible Dillon Johnston connection
Surrey 1833 Slattery Family of Timothy Slattery
Susan 1839 Murray Charles Murray Susan Shannon and five children
Switzerland 1854 Haughey Sister of Susan (Shannon) Murray
William Metcalf 1844 Keegan Donohoe McGuiness connections