1822 Anthony

Anthony Family – Cowra/Darbys Falls and Lachlan.


I have very little knowledge of the early colonial Anthony family, but the descendants play a big part among the later families in the Cowra/Darbys Falls/Milburn Creek area. Perhaps some readers will add to my notes. I am providing below the Anthony Tree which includes well known local names in the region’s history – Jordan, Whitty, Newham (see these other family pages on this site). Consequently, it is important that their story is told.


Thomas Joseph Anthony was convicted in County Kildare on in 1821, and sentenced to seven years in the Colony. His native place was said to be Dublin County and his calling as a ploughman. He arrived at Port Jackson on the “COUNTESS of HARCOURT” on 21 December 1822 and was assigned to Airds for “Mr Warby”. However, in the 1823/25 NSW Muster, Thomas Anthony born about 1803 (though stated on the indent as 1795), is listed as a Government Servant (i.e convict) to William Broughton at Appin.


He received his Ticket of Leave on 29 December 1827. This is consistent where the convict had no problems with the Law in the intervening period. The 1828 Census is a blank, so far as his name is concerned. Similarly the 1841 Census, which listed only the names of property holders, fails to show his name.


In 1833 he married Eleanor/Ellen Murphy. There are several members of the Murphy family among the local families and I have yet to fit her in. They had one child also Thomas Joseph , born in 1845. He married M Hanrahan in 1871. Apart from the detail below, I remain searching for information. Thomas Senior  died in 1874, probably in Burrowa. The Coroner’s report dated June 1874 stated he died of “injuries accidentally received.”.



1 Thomas Joseph ANTHONY b: Abt. 1803, Arr Australia: 21 Dec 1822 in “”COUNTESS of HARCOURT”, d: 1874 in Boorowa NSW + Ellen MURPHY m: 1833

…2 Thomas Joseph ANTHONY b: Abt. 1845 in Stoney Creek, NSW, d: 09 Jun 1915 in Cowra, NSW + Margaret Cecily HANRAHAN b: 11 Mar 1852 in Gunning Flat nr Carcoar NSW, m: Abt. 1871, d: 06 May 1936 in Taralga, NSW

……3 Laura Margaret ANTHONY b: 22 Jun 1872 in Breakfast Ck, NSW, d: 18 Sep 1960 in Bigga, NSW

……3 Thomas Michael ANTHONY b: 26 Dec 1873 in Breakfast Ck, NSW, d: Bef. 1915

……3 Elizabeth Johanna ANTHONY b: 01 Dec 1875 in Burrowa River, NSW, d: 29 Mar 1946 in Murrumburrah, NSW + Robert Michael SLOANE m: 26 Feb 1908 in Cootamundra NSW

……3 Jane Susannah Veronica ANTHONY b: 29 Jan 1878 in Gunning Flat, NSW, d: 07 Jan 1948 in Marrickville, NSW + John Edward Joseph JORDAN b: 13 Jul 1871 in ‘Clifton’, Darbys Falls, NSW, m: 15 Apr 1901 in Cowra NSW

………4 Gregory Vincent JORDAN

………4 John T JORDAN

………4 Jean Veronica JORDAN

………4 Beatrice Mary JORDAN

……3 John James ANTHONY b: Abt. 1881 in Cocomingla, nr Cowra, NSW, d: 18 Dec 1916 in Cowra, NSW + Grace WHITTY b: 19 Jan 1893 in ‘Bella’s Grove’, nr Cowra NSW, m: 27 Jul 1914 in Cowra NSW, d: 18 Jun 1946 in Cowra, NSW

………4 Thomas James ANTHONY b: Abt. 1917

……3 Maud Alice ANTHONY b: Abt. 1883 + Thomas Rupert JORDAN b: 1881 in Darbys Falls, nr Cowra NSW, m: 30 Dec 1908 in Morongla, NSW, d: 12 Jan 1950 in Katoomba, NSW

………4 Clare Margaret JORDAN

………4 Margaret JORDAN

………4 Josephine Olive M (Ollie?) JORDAN b: 1909 in Cowra NSW

………4 Kathleen M JORDAN b: 1911 in Cowra NSW, d: 1912 in Cowra NSW

………4 Moya Magdalene JORDAN b: 1912 in Cowra NSW

………4 John N JORDAN b: 1915 in Temora NSW, d: 1915 in Temora NSW

………4 Thomas Anthony JORDAN b: 02 Aug 1915 in Temora NSW, d: 05 Aug 1915 in Temora NSW

………4 Una Marie JORDAN b: 1916 in Temora NSW

………4 Thomas JORDAN b: 22 May 1922 in Cowra, NSW, d: 24 May 1922 in Cowra, NSW

……3 Florence Ethel ANTHONY b: 10 Sep 1885 in “Clifton”, Darbys Falls, NSW, d: 30 Jun 1968 in Cowra, NSW + Raymond William Arthur NEWHAM b: 05 Apr 1895 in Blayney, NSW, d: 03 Aug 1981 in Cowra, NSW

……3 Lena R ANTHONY b: 1889, d: 1894

……3 Pearl Eleanor ANTHONY b: Abt. 1890 in Cowra, NSW, d: 02 Dec 1960 in North Auburn, NSW + Christopher Patrick WHITTY b: 18 Nov 1886 in ‘Bella’s Grove’, nr Cowra NSW, m: 18 Oct 1909 in ‘Ryan’s Vale’, Darbys Falls, NSW, d: 12 Jul 1952 in Cowra, NSW

………4 Carl Edward Thomas WHITTY b: Abt. 1910 in Cowra NSW, d: 09 Nov 1962 in Newtown, NSW + Phyllis ANDREWS b: 11 May 1911 in Penrith, NSW, m: 1934 in Cowra NSW

………4 Mervyn Christopher WHITTY b: Jun 1912 in Cowra NSW, d: 14 Feb 1913 in Cowra NSW

………4 Athol Joseph WHITTY b: 28 Nov 1913 in Cowra NSW, d: 03 Dec 1992

………4 John Joseph WHITTY b: 19 Sep 1916 in Cowra, NSW, d: 02 Jul 1985 in Ashfield, NSW

………4 Mary Margaret WHITTY b: 19 Nov 1920 in Cowra, NSW, d: 06 Jun 1992 in Sydney, NSW + Benjamin Herbert BURKE m: 09 Nov 1947 in Cowra NSW + William James RILEY m: Aft. 1952, d: 05 Nov 2002 in Auburn, NSW

………4 Joyce Josephine WHITTY b: Abt. 1922 in Cowra NSW, d: 18 Aug 1973 in Auburn, NSW
………4 Ruby Margaret WHITTY b: 30 Apr 1927 + Ernest JACKSON b: 11 Dec 1926 in Belfast, Nth Ireland, m: 05 Nov 1960 in Auburn, NSW

………4 Anthony Thomas WHITTY b: 30 Nov 1929 in Cowra, NSW + Mary Therese O’GORMAN b: 23 Mar 1937 in Lakemba, NSW, m: 24 Feb 1968 in Lakemba, NSW

……3 Ada Myra ANTHONY b: 1892 + Ernest R REID m: 1925 in Cowra NSW

………4 Child REID

………4 Child REID

……3 Kenneth Ernest S ANTHONY b: Feb 1895