Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1953




20 January    Dib left Canberra for Nauru.  Has an accountancy job there for six months

28 January    Left Darby’s Falls for Fairfield about 8 am.  Left Cowra 8.45 am.  Had Mrs Ray (Newham) with us.  Good Trip.  Mrs Ray shouted for us all the way.  Edie got lots of news out of her.  Arrived Strathfield 6 pm.  Margaret met us.

29 January    Very tired after trip.  I think the heat has a lot to do with it.  George rang up.  I was too sleepy to get up.  Nelly answered for me.

30 January    Just the same.  Still tired and only sitting about.  Edie did not do much either.  Edie, Jack and Marg went swimming.  Terry Kiely and friend here with John for tea.  Anne went to dance with Lois on Sat night.

1 February    Went to 7 o’clock Mass.  All hands in bed here but I met them going to 8 o’clock.  Beryl and friend out tonight.  Had music and singing.

2 February    Went to town to see Dr Gurney about my leg.  Giving me tablets to open valves and allow blood to flow through but nothing else wrong.  Came home very tired.  Nellie and Edie bought bottle.

3 February    Nellie washing.  Edie going up town for my tablets.  Have written Dib and Aub.  Sent ticket to Clive and card to Jan.  Very hot yet.  Edie and Nellie gone to see Lal Marks.  6/-d for tablets.  Nothing doing.  Beryl was at Lal’s last night with them and they are half dead today.  Suppose they had a party.

5 February    Very quiet day.  Very hot

6 February    Left for town about 11 am.  Went to insurance and finalised my death policy.  Went to Anthony Horderns and did a bit of shopping.  Bought another lottery ticket.  Raining and cool change.

7 February    Lovely morning and sun shining.  Races Canterbury.  Bet all afternoon.  I lost 24/6d.  Edie lost 6/6d.  Gert has not been to see me.  She has been very ill.

8 February    Went to 8 am Mass.  Just loafed arouand all morning.  Went to Westmead afternoon to see Bid Oak [Markham] and Nell.  Had afternoon tea and good chat all round.  Warm again today.  Going to town at 10.30 am tomorrow to see skin specialist

12 February  Home again from Sydney this evening.  Lovey trip to Blayney.  A bit rough on Cowra train.

14 February  Races today.  Played for circket dance.  Paid 30/- till 12 o’clock and they collected and we played till 1.30 am.  Dance a great success.  Cleared 38 pounds.

15 February  Mass today, Fr Reen.  Went to town with Aubrey to see Thelma who has a bad eye.

16 February  Three babies born today.  A son to Enid Matheson, a daughter to Mrs Noel Newham and a son to Sue Newham.

17 February  Lovely morning but warm in the middle of the day.  Papers from Role today.  George going to Ambulance meeting.  Em to see her father.

23 February  Em’s father passed away 8.15 pm.

26 February  Rang Nellie tonight.  She spent weekend at Wollongong with Mrs Ford.  Saw Enid’s baby.  He is called Gerard Ward – a family name.

28 February  Noni Matheson gave birth to a daughter.  Calling her Mary Anne.  Races Warwick Farm.  I lost.


1 March         Father Casey back for Mass this morn.  Aub and Thelma down to tea.  George playing cricket in town.  Em and kids with her mother.

2 March         Water meeting tonight.  They are trying to charge each consumer so they have signed a petition and sent it to Mr Cahill our Member.  Mrs Noakes left for holiday in Adelaide.

4 Machr         Letter from Role today. Also parcel of papers.  George fishing this arvo but caught nothing as usual.  Home 10 pm.  Children to Mrs Whitty Snr for catechism.

5 March         Very warm today.  Emily going to town.  Cyril Howarth bought George a lovely melon.  Harold Power’s sister fell in river and was drowned.

6 March         Very hot again.  Just written to Dib and Em.  Sent parcel to Timmy.

7 March         Played for dance tonight – Juvenile to pay expenses for our Ball on 27th.  Just written to Darcy Ryan, John Donohoe and Gill Hailstone for donations.  Very hot still.  Had few drops rain this morn.

8 March         George wsent up to Wasses today.  Herby gave us a bag of potatoes and 2 pumpkins.

10 March       Rang Nellie tonight and they are all well.

11 March       Johnny came home from school crying with pain in tummy

14 March       Race day today and I had very good day.  Eric and Thellie went to Orange to twin Eggleston’s birthday.

15 March       Semi-finals today.  Our first beating by Canowindra.  Aub and Thelma for tea.  They were here for Mass so could go early to cricket.

16 March       Mrs Henderson and Gwen went to Sydney today by plane.

17 March       Very hot day.  Aunty Bid came down for day.  Ena and family went to convent concert.  Geroge going to Ambulance meeting.

18 March       Storm this arvo, after very muggy morning. Wrote Dib and Nellie

19 March       Harbour Bridge 21 years opened today.

20 March       Rang Nellie tonight

21 March       Letter from Nev.

22 March       Tigers beaten badly in finals of Cricket competition.

23 March       Sent for double in Sydney and Doncaster Cups. Myself and Frank Morris. Also ticket for Em and myself. Called it Penny. Tom gone to work. Seems O.K. Very hot today. Em going to town.

24 March       Girls started Decorating for Ball.

25 March       Queen Mary died this morning.

26 March       Posted papers to Nellie today. Girls finished Decorating for Ball. Got doubles tickets for myself and Morris.

27 March       Stations of the Cross at 7.30 p.m.


5 April            Easter Sunday. Had unexpected visitors. George Henderson, wife and 2 children arrived, also Aub and Thelma for dinner. Ate 3 chooks for tea.

6 April            Races today – lost money.

8 April.           Races again today; Ladies Day.

9 April            Letter from Dibby today – seems very happy over there.

10 April          Just sent wire for Murray’s birthday. Writing to Dibby.

11 April          Cricketers’ Dinner tonight. Presented Herb Newham with cigarette lighter for being umpire all year. Played a few dances after.

12 April          Geo and Em to town to see Norman Von Nida play golf. Went to his lectures after tea. Arrived home about 11.30 p.m.  Raining tonight very lightly.

13 April          Cool morning after last night’s rain.  Sent Mr Walls account.

14 April          Marj rang up and asked Emily to mind Tim while  they have  a holiday. Ray and Neal down tonight.

15 April          Beautiful morn.  Rain all cleared

16 April          Jimmy and Marj arrived today. Leaving baby with us while they have a holiday.

17 April          Em took Tim to town with her and Jim and Marj left for Boorowa.  Raining a little this morning.

18 April          Lovely morning. Colin harrowing the cricket field. Tom gone to  Wasses.  Markham boys gone to Wyangala – helping Aub cement his garage. Margaret Connolly married today. Marg Cooke bridesmaid, John altar boy, Murray usher.

19 April          Geo and family went to town. Geo playing golf. Win rang up tonight and Jimmy rang from Yass – has been two days there – good golf.

21 April          Talking to Nellie tonight – they are all well.

22 April          Em playing golf this arvo. Edie’s minding Tim. Hall meeting tonight. New Officers elected.

26 April          Jimmy rang from Narooma. They are having a good holiday.

29 April          Aubrey’s birthday. Sent him wire. Geo amd Co went fishing. Caught one. Some small ones.

30 April          Sent for ticket today (lottery). Called it Auntie and Jenny as she fixed my coat. Received ticket today (Black Cat).    My own.


1 May            Jim and Marj and Tim left for Canowindra. We’ll miss Timmy very much. Raining today.

2 May            Light rain falling. Clive and Twins gone to Dam to dig foundations of Church Hall. Have written to Role. Letter from Nellie and also card from Role for Mothers’ Day.

3 May            Lovely morning but rained in afternoon. Aub, Thelma and Alma down tonight. Talking to Win and Marj tonight. Jim gone to Parkes.

8 May.           Sent Nellie and Aunty Gert box of mushrooms today.

9 May            Wrote Dib today – haven’t had a letter for some time.

11 May          Les Roberts killed this morning working on tractor and rolled over on him. Buried Frogmore.

12 May          Em went to town ordered washing machine.

13 May          40 points rain last night but fine this morning. Just heard Rock——   ,Shire Engineer ran over chap in Cowra. He died 2 a.m. George gone to river to try and fix pump.

15 May          Men started at the Hall to work and men pulling down front.

24 May          Mass this morning. Fr Casey taking children after Mass for Catechism. Aub and Thelma for dinner. Had chook as I’ll be away for my birthday.

26 May          Dreadful fog this morn. Cannot see across road. Wrote Dib and Role. Beautiful day now.

27 May          Left Darby’s 7.45 for Cowra. Left Cowra 8.45 for Sydney.  Lovely day. Had good trip. Arrived Strathfield 6 p.m.

31 May          Lovely sunny morning. Nell and Edie going up the street. Got prescription from Dr Mac.

20 June         Dr paid final visit. Says I look picture of health.

28 June         Role’s birthday.


Back at Darbys Falls:

1 October      Mrs Horsefall died 12.00 noon.

2 October      Mrs Horsefall buried. Meeting tonight re having  Back to School Day.

3 October      Jim and Marj came over today.

5 October      Jim and Marj went home today. Jim took me to Dam to see Aub’s house.

7 October      Edie went to town with Wasses for few days. Aunty Bid went home after 11 days.

22 October    Leaving for  Canberra today to meet Dib who is coming from Nauru after ten months away.


21 December.   Hottest day and night this year. Went to Dr with bad toe.  Gave me penicillin.  Said it is an ulcer and has a germ.

22 December.   A little cooler today. Lovely presents from Cookes today. John a diary, Tom 2 hankies and sponge bag,  Murray a towel and face washer, Marg and Anne books, Nellie stockings.

23 December.   Raining lightly this morning. Thank God.  Inigo Jones says we are to have a cool Christmas and with the rain it looks like it.


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