Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1936


1 January        A Happy New Year!  Boys and girls beat tins round town.  Mass this morning Fr O’Kennedy.  Races today.  Georgie gone to Weir.  Nellie minding shop.  Poor old Anne in Cowra hospital with diphtheria.  RC Church ball tonight.  Murray not well.
2 January        Very hot day.  Charlie took Ward boys in for tickets.  Bringing out goods [for shop].  Sent £18.18.0 to bank.  Ball a great success.  Took over £15 at door.  Chas going to see Anne.  Juvenile Dance tonight.  Marg and Murray quarantined.  Murray better today.  Midnight – Juvenile very nice but only about £2 at door.
3 January        Very hot again and I’m tired after two night’s playing.  Just about to do my dockets. Anne a little better.  Nellie and Edie and George went to Weir tonight.  The girls had a swim and George went to a party at Manley’s to see Miss Dillon [Mavis, Married Gordon Elliott].  Thelma went to Sydney with Mrs Kent.
4 January        Nellie went to see Dr about Anne today.  She is getting along OK.  Speaking to Jimmy from GPO this evening.  He has been at three days conference.  Going to Moss Vale tomorrow night.  I missed out on John O’Groats today [horse bet].  Merv Howarth Married.
5 January        Sunday.  Went to Mass.  Georgie went to Weir.  Aub went home after dinner.  No work for boats today.  Anne much better today.  Party at Howarth’s tonight.  Merv’s wife took a fit.  Dr Mahon coming out.
6 January        Minding PO while Edie washing.  Mill working [Nick Markham’s saw mill].  Anne much better.  Georgie gone to town on business.  Took Fr Maher in.  Petrol waggon out.  Wrote Dib and Jimmy.  Ross Marks taken to Dr but home again tonight.  Thought she had diphtheria but not so.  Bad stomach but had to be careful of her or it might develop.
7 January        Very cold morning.  Georgie took Jack Ward to Weir for road work.  Ross Marks still very sick.  Nev Ward’s daughter born today.  Pat Ryan, wife and son came to Uncle Nick’s last night – Nell and Roley down for a while.  Pat Ryan’s went to Weir this arvo.
8 January        Lovely morning.  Ross Marks a little better.  Mr Miller, Allen’s traveller, called today.  Nice range of lollies.  Letter from Jimmy from Moss Vale, also 30 shillings.  George, Nell and Edie gone to Weir.  Ettie Howarth very ill at Canowindra.  Dr says appendicitis and take her to hospital at once.  Bringing her to Cowra.  Pat Ryan and Co. went to Cowra.  [Pat Ryan probably Aunty Bid Nick’s brother]
9 January        Eric taking a load of timber to Francis. [Francis’ Timber Yards, Cowra].  Relief workers go for tickets.  Paid Newbury.  Sent for tea [for general store].  Ross Marks taken to hospital.  Dr says nasal diphtheria.  Pat Whitty broke a tyre.  Ran into kerb in Cowra.
10 January.     Mrs Ray [Newham] not too good, George taking her to Dr.  George back.  Mrs Ray in hospital.  No blood.  Mrs Chris Whitty out in her place.  Tommy Markham fixed up PO, painted front.  Looks rather nice.  Aub gone to town.  Maisie Smart went back home.  Letter from Dibby.  Music from Jimmy.
11 January      Mitchell’s traveller called.  Races at Canterbury.  Nellie and Edie gone to pictures.  Mrs Merv Howarth taking fits, sent for ambulance.  Aub down to stay for Mass.  Tom finished bathroom and Post Office.  Mrs Pat Ryan called.
12 January      Aub went home after Mass to look after boats.  Georgie went up this afternoon.  Mrs Flannery and Mrs Tom Ryan from Goolagong up.  Talking to Jimmy from Wellington.
13 January      Ambulance just passed with Mrs Anthony Snr going back to Cowra.  Dr Mahon rang up for Merv Howarth.  His wife ran away from hospital and they had to go in and find her.  Charlie left for Orange via Cowra and Mandurama.
14 January      Beautiful morning.  Nellie and Edie washing.  Had letter from Jimmy, just leaving Dubbo.  Jack went looking for a golden hole.  Aubrey down tonight, stayed for supper.
15 January      George gone to town for goods and dressing his window.  Races Roseberry.  Usual punters here.
16 January      Warmer today, nothing strange happened.  Aub down and gone to town with Nellie and Edie.  George went up to fill in Ted’s grave [Ted Markham, brother].
17 January      Much cooler day.  In fact, we made a fire before lunch.  Charlie went away but returned about 8.30 pm.  Letter from Jimmy from Dubbo, leaving for Parkes.
            [Jimmy Murray, was a representative for International Harvester]
18 January      Beautiful morning.  Georgie gone to town to collect Bandy’s [Howarth] money.  Took Nellie to get her hair reset.  Races this arvo.  Punters won.  Aub took me to the pictures, Janet Gaynor in ‘A Farmer Takes a Wife’.
19 January      Mass this morning, Fr Maher.  Benediction also.  Charlie, Nell and family went to the Weir.  Merv Howarth’s wife took ten fits.  Jimmy did not ring up.  Ray Oliver and George to the Weir.  Came home for Benediction and a sing-song afterwards.
20 January      Fine day.  Girls washing [Edie, Thellie and Nellie].  I went to Mass.  Geo went to town to pay accounts.  Took Fr Maher home.  Whittys went to Sydney to see their wool sold.  Also Darcy Ryan.
21 January      King George V of England died this morning.  Nell and Charlie gone in for Anne after three weeks in hospital with diphtheria.  Men working at mill.  Charlie left again for somewhere – not coming back – Charlie back at midnight.
22 January      Roasting hot.  Mrs Oliver, Molly and Dos coming at 2.30 today.  Anne very well after being in hospital.  Aub came down and we’re going in to see Three Muskateers.  Letter from Jimmy at Peak Hill.  He is well.
23 January      Charlie left for Burrowa this arvo.  Very hot morning.  Heard this morning Ken Richards* taking his family to Katoomba for holiday and turned car over near Lithgow.  Mrs Richards dead, others OK.
            [*Ken Richards owned a garage in Cowra.  Had fastest car in district and held record for fastest trip from Cowra to Sydney].
24 January      Still very hot.  Charlie came back.  Aub down tonight for washing.  Mrs Richards buried today Cowra.  A man named Fraser from Back Creek run over by plough and buried today.
25 January      Very hot.  Heat wave.  Mrs Ray [Newham] coming home from hospital.  Thelma to arrive from Sydney this morning.  Talking to Jimmy from GPO.  Going back to Quandialla.  Goods from Sydney.  Charlie Howarth to undergo operation for appendicitis at 10 am.
26 January      Still hot.  Lots of people gone to Wyangala. All Aub’s boats out.  Holy Name Day.  Fr Reen out.  Old Jim Newham died Cowra Hospital today 3 pm.  Mrs Howarth had ten fits.  Darcy Ryan engaged to be Married.
27 January      Desperately hot.  No cool spots.  Charlie Cooke gone up to Mandurama.  Women and kids went swimming.  All the Tom Jordans up from Katoomba.  Party at Doolan’s [Markham’s] tonight.  Bad googs left out.  Jim Newham buried 11 am in Cowra.
28 January      King George V buried today.  Went to see picture ‘Top Hat’ – hot as blazes, saving our presence!  George very busy in shop.  New goods in.  Another car crash near Yass.  A man named Lynch, baker from Cowra, killed outright.  Woman and child with him not expected to recover.  Mrs Clarke, Jim Newhan’s sister-in-law, buried Cowra today after op.
29 January      Much cooler today.  Nellie and family went to town.  Brought Ross Marks home.  Heritor won Challenge Stakes.  Enid Ford’s sixth birthday.  Had a lovely party.  Lovely night.  Extra blankets on.
30 January      Georgie to town to pay accounts.  Edie went to Dr.  Says something might happen later.  Nell and Edie gone to Whitty’s to see Vera’s trousseau.  Kids all in bed.  Letter from Jim from Stockinbingal.  Dib in Sydney.  Charlie gone to Orange with Wally Evans.
31 January      Wrote Jimmy, Dib, Fr Cain.  Ena’s dog poisoned.  Think it will get better.  Charlie returned from Orange.
1 February      Races today.  Ray Newham settled with George £2.5.0 . I won £5 myself on Short Wave.  Georgie gone to pictures.  Oliver Markham with him.  Little John not well.  Just gave him castor oil.  Lovely night.  George took Gordon Elliott out home from Cowra.  George Snr talking to Jimmy from Condobolin.
2 February      Mass this morning. Fr Maher again, no Benediction.  A party of people from here went to Dam and had tea.  Arrived home about 9 pm.  Very hot again.
3 February      Washing day and very hot.  Charlie left with agent from Canowindra to see about job.  Geo Snr cleaning two fowls.  Paying them out for eating the grapes!  Mrs Oliver down tonight arranging programme for Vera’s gift evening.  Mrs Merv Howarth taking fits.  Sending for Dr Adams.  Charlie home from Young.
4 February      Very hot still.  George Snr went to town.  Mrs Gannon died this morning [mother of Madge Gannon]. Dos went to town to get teeth out.  Charlie took Tiger to town tonight to meeting about fish for Wyangla Dam.  Letter from Jimmy from Condobolin.  Load wood today cost 7/9.
5 February      Warm again.  Races today.  I won a few bob.  Merve Howarth’s wife still taking fits.  George with me up to Aub’s for tea.  A lovely drive.  Allens traveller called but no order.
7 February      Talking to Neville at Manuka 6176.  They are all well.  Aunty Bid Ward with a billious attack.  Went down to see her.  Joyce Newham in hospital.  We think with diphtheria.  Rained all night.
8 February      Warming up today.  Races Rosehill.  I won a little.  Letter from Jimmy on his way to Bourke where he is to spend weekend.  Gift evening to Vera a very nice turnout.  Good crowd.  Lots of nice presents.  Broke up about quarter to one.  Ray Oliver slept with George.  LAugusthed till morning.
9 February      Mass this morning, Fr O’Kennedy.  George Snr not too good.  Georgie gone out to Koorawatha with Gordon Elliott.  Norm Pepper and Ray Oliver came down.  Ena, Tom and Herbie gone to Ryans.
10 February    Nell and Edie washing.  Georgie went to town after dinner.  When he came home he had to go away late into the hills for Tommy Markham.  Lorry broken down.  Rodeo here tonight.  A fair crowd here to see them.  Charlie went to Burrowa I think.
11 February    Georgie gone Cowra with Uncle Nick to have tooth extracted.  Letter from Jimmy and 30/- from Narromine.  Haven’t heard from Charlie where he went.  Georgie left with agent for wireless.  Out all the afternoon.  Sold one to Ray Newham.  Aub and Thelma down
12 February    Thellie’s half day off.  Started raining dinner time, beautiful downpour.
13 February    Pension day.  Ollie Waters brought me a Collie pup.  Called it Prince.  Arthur Howarth took Ikey [Howarth] to Dr.  Not very serious.  Jimmy is twelve months with International Harvester Co. today.
14 February    Mill working today.  Cutting for Fred Whitty.  Jack Neville died last night at Cootamundra, buried at Stockinbingal tomorrow 11 am.  [John Neville Married Annetta Harris, George Snr’s sister].  Charlie arrived from somewhere this evening.  Edie and Nellie at Nicks.  Dick Fletcher died today.  They say Dave Robinson is dying also.
17 February    Nick just blowing whistle at mill for 8 o’clock.  Road men just going to work.  Nell and Edie washing.  Kensington postponed.  Races run today.
18 February    Georgie went to Dr with bad throat, Tonsilitis.  Has to gargle half and drink half.  Nellie went with him.  Letter from Jimmy from Parkes.  Dan Neville came home from Stockinbingal, says he met Jimmy on platform and he is going on to Griffith.
19 February    Georgie a little better.  Dr said to rest a couple of days.  Races Victoria Park.  Wireless all statitic, very unsatisfactory.
20 February    Home from Orange 9.30 pm.  Left 8 am.  Arrived at noon.  Oakey and family well [James Markham].  Ena and Aunt Mary taking a room over there for three weeks.  Letter from Jimmy from Griffith.  Sent a case of grapes.  George Snr going to town after lunch.
21 February    I feel wretched.  Sore all over.  Don’t know if a cold or the trip to Orange.
22 February    Letter from Winnie.  They are well.  Went to Dr re my face.  Said paint with weak solution Iodine.  Went to see Mae West in ‘I’m a Lady’.  Good actress I think but soon get tired of her.
23 February    Mass this morning, Sacred Heart, Fr Reen.  Jimmy did not ring up.  George just told me Jimmy did ring up tonight from Leeton.  George took Helen Twelvetrees to the Dam.
24 February    Washing day and warm.  Mr Day’s father died and Georgie took him to town and did not get back till after lunch and went away with wireless salesman.  Ray paid for his wireless. Georgie brought me up to Aubrey.  I had nightmares twice – someone pulling bed clothes off me.
25 February    Wyangla Dam and very beautiful.  Aub and I just took Thelma to school and called at the PO and rang Darbys.  Left at 3.30 pm to pick up Thelma and go up to Elliott’s old orchard [Mt McDonald].  Got three bags of quinces – a lot of grapes and prunes.  Late tea – ran out of petrol.  Aub had to walk to Mt McDonald and get enough to come on.
26 February    All slept soundly after our outing.  I lounged around all day while Aub worked.  Fr Reen drove Thelma home from school.  Had afternoon tea here.  Charlie and kidlets called on their way to Mrs Una Newham’s and coming back too.  Aub had swim and set lines to try for fish.  Lovely night again.
27 February    Breakfast in bed at 8 am.  Herb Wass called in on us this morning.  Lunch at noon.  I had a snooze while Aub worked.  At 4 pm he went for Thelma then set a line for fish.  Light rain till 10 pm.  Georgie brought me to Darbys.  Letter from Jimmy from Leeton.
28 February    Georgie and Nellie went to town this arvo.  I paid Wright Heaton and Bushells for tea.  Talking to Neville from city at tea time.  Frankl ran into a tree last night and smashed his car.  [Frankl was possibly another grocer in the area].
29 February    Lovely morning.  Races today, NewMarchket. Won by Regular Batchelor.  George gone to pictures.
1 March           Tommy working on Frankl’s car.  Beryl and Sammy today.  Aunty Bid gone back to Cowra.  Talking to Jimmy from Trundle.
2 March           Charlie took Fr Maher into town and paid some bills for me.  Nick built chimney at Fords and is now doing one at Powers.  Charlie took Don Elliott home to the Weir – not back yet.  Got fruit from Jimmy.  All rotten but apples.
3 March           Charlie gone away with Evans looking for property.  Nellie took Margaret to Chemist for something for sores on her face.  Sent Hordern Bros £4.  Edie wrote to Jimmy.  Just home from Aub’s 10.50 pm.  A lovely drive and they are OK.  Thelma has 4 doz. jam homemade.
4 March           Postal Inspector and Mr Davies PM of Cowra out this morn.  Everthing OK in office.  Two Georges gone to town.  Senr went for his teeth.  Received first Herald from Woodstock.
5 March           Edie left for Orange with Ray Newham and friends.  Nell in PO today.  Races of course but not my win day.  Received case of Bushell’s tea.
6 March           Business very quiet in shop.  Letter from Neville.  Tommy working on Franki’s car.  Bandy got new wireless from J. Pepper [Jack Pepper of Squire & Pepper Store].  Went up to see Aunty Nick [Markham] this evening.
7 March           Lovely morn after rain.   Races postponed in Sydney but not in Melbourne.  Traveller Mr Barr called.  Very heavy storm.
8 March           Aub and Till down to Mass.  Mrs Manley down with them.  Neail Ferguson and Ray Oliver down for dinner and with Georgie to Weir. Could not get a boat.  Eight of them out.  Georgie went with them to tea and back for sing-song.
9 March           Washing over.  Thellie helped Nellie.  I made all the beds and went to telephone at 9 o’clock. Ollie Waters washed up.  Georgie took Jack up to work.  Charlie came home with Evans after a week away.  Aunty Nick going to Bendick Murrell to Tom Cass’ funeral.  Jimmy rang last night from Binnaway.
10 March         Georgie to Taylor to sell wireless.  Told to call later but gave him sheep to sell.  Sent 8 gallons petrol to D. [Daniel] Neville.  Had letter from Jimmy in Binnaway. Talking to Neville in Sydney.  Neil Ferguson in shop for about 2 hours.
11 March         Charlie and Georgie out to get loads of wood.  Vince Ford in hospital with Diphtheria.  Eggleston twins 4 years old today.  Howarth twins 15 today.  Wrote Jimmy and 10 shillings to Burke.
12 March         George and Charlie gone for last load of wood.  Tom gone to Orange with Darcy Ryan to bring Aunty Mary and Ena home. 5.30 pm.  Tom, Darcy and Co. back from Orange.  Nell and Charlie from Cowra.  Dib sent parcel from Hordern Bros. Georgie’s coat.  My parcel from DJs.
13 March         Bandy sneaked away with ticket.  I rang Mr White about keeping some.  Bandy home drunk.  Asked George [Snr] out in road.  Georgie gave him one hit and Bandy had enough.  Card party Ward’s tonight – all hands.  Letter from Dib. My slippers came today.
14 March         Races today Randwick.  Good oil for Manamu.  Few lines and soap from Dibby.  Letter from Jimmy from Dubbo.  Aub and Tilly down to Ward’s last night.  Nell and Edie up at Ena’s to go through Glory Box.  I’m off to bed 10 o’clock.  Man in shop with piano accordian.
15 March         Georgie and Oliver went to Weir today.  Jimmy did not ring up tonight.  All Savings Bank material arrived yesterday.
16 March         Edie and Nellie washing.  Charlie going away somewhere. Races today.  Postponed meeting from Warwick Farm.  Tiger [Marks] home with fish from Burrinjuck for Wyangala Dam.  Hall meeting tonight to arrange for dance.  Listening to De Valera talking over the air.
17 March         Men working at mill.  Thellie went to Cowra this arvo.  George went to Northwood for Ron Mundey who was bogged and took him up to Wasses.  Tiger and Charlie went to Weir to see if fish died.
18 March         Chas and Ray Newham went to Cowra to inspect sheep.  Races here and not a bad day for me.
19 March         Charlie and Georgie to a sale at Browns at Westville then to Woodstock.  Sent tobacco money to Wright Heatons.  Ray and Neal down tonight.  Just gone home 11.30 pm.  George got first cheque (£4.3.0) for sale of sheep to Fred Whitty.
20 March         Great excitement.  Rosie and Ken Ford engaged.  Ken shouted three bottles of ale.  Georgie also excited.  He and Chas think they are selling 2000 sheep.  They will get £25 each, perhaps more.  Lads finished Bill Howarth’s timber at mill.  Georgie registered car for 12 months.  Ken gone to Peelwood.
21 March         No letter from Jimmy all this week.  Talking to Nev this morning.  They are all well.  Races today Rosehill.  Nellie, Edie and George went to pictures.
22 March         Georgie went to Weir with Ray Oliver, Neil Ferguson and Helen Riley.  Had a good time and home for Benediction.  Jimmy rang up from Temora.  He is very well.  Been too busy to write.
23 March         Washing day and cold.  I went to Mass.  Looked after PO till 11 am.  Georgie and I took Sammy Howarth to hospital.
24 March         Sammy Howarth had op. for appendicitis and doing well.  Letter from Jimmy today.  All books today for Money Order office. Charlie left for Orange.  Jenny Newham and kiddies called tonight for a while.
25 March         Races at Hawkesbury.  I had a win.  Went to Aub’s tonight.  They are OK.  Herb Wass was there too.  Talking to Neville from Hacketts. All OK.
26 March         George Snr and Jnr went to town on business.  George and I took sugar and bread down to Maria Whitty.  She gave me 14 eggs and is 87 years old.
27 March         Don Elliott called.  Gave us a bag of apples.  Neville wrote today.  Ray’s [Newham] friend rang up with the good oil.  Received cheque from Hackett’s for £5.17.6.
28 March         Gorgeous morning.  Races today for me.  Went to pictures to see Werewolf.  Gruesome affair.  Iris [Markham] to fit my frock.  Very pleased with it.  I had supper at Jacksons.  Mrs Hudson down and spent some cash in the shop.  Speaking to Neville this morning.
29 March         Mass this morning.  No Benediction as Fr O’Kennedy was out.  Aub and Thelma down but went home early.  Darby’s won shield in cricket competition.  Neal and Ray down for tea and stayed till 8.30 pm.  Talking to Jimmy from Temora.
30 March         Washing day.  Edie to Cowra to get tooth out.  Home to dinner.  Tiger and party gone to Burrenjuck to get more fish for Wyangala Dam.
31 March         Charlie made a lawn mower.  Letter from Jimmy from Stockinbingal.  Goods came from Sydney.  Jim and George stocktaking.
1 April  Thellie’s afternoon off.  Races and I did not lose much.  Opened up new goods.  Fixed up shelves. Shop looks OK.  Darcy Ryan and Eileen down in new car.  [Eileen was Darcy’s fiancee]
2 April  Very hot today.  Just sent instalment to Mr Schapira on soda fountain.  Paid Hackett punters’ money.  Georges in town.  Just finished my returns and telegrams.  Country Womens meeting.  Charlie home tonight.
3 April  Charlie doing up Evan’s car.  Mrs Day home with new baby – Keith Baker.  Herb down to see Ena for birthday.  Nellie got first cheque for Endowment.  Men drawing logs to mill to cut timber for Mitchell.  Letter card from Jimmy.  Still at Temora.
4 April  Mitchell’s traveller called today.  Aub and Thelma down for Hall dance tonight.  Thelma won Euchre (5 shillings).  Aub and I played for dance.  Went to bed about 1 am.  Talking to Neville re races.
5 April  Mass this morning 9 am, Fr O’Kennedy.  Darcy Ryan and Eileen down.  Had a chat and went to see Aunty Mary.  George, Percy Ford and Gavin Elliott went up the river in motor boat.  Chas, Nellie and family went to look at cottage at Weir.  Jimmy did not ring.  Tennis meeting.  Millice and boys in for a while.
6 April  Washing day.  George in town.  Took Lal Marks in to have her teeth remodelled.  Nick [Markham] and [Ward]Eric brought 4 loads of logs. Wrote Dib and Jimmy.
7 April  Petrol waggon out, left 400 gallons.  Charlie went to town with Evans.  Sent £2.3.0 to Hacketts.  Very cold tonight.  Tommy still working on Bill Howarth’s house.  He had to put up awning at PO window.  Wind last night blew it down.
8 April  Races today.  Had two wins myself.
9 April  Am at Aub’s.  Had lesson today in bank business.  Aub took me over to Wyangala PO in car.  Went for row this morning.  Going over to wall now.  Great excitement as Aub got one egg today and three this afternoon.
10 April            Very cold today.  Had fire burning. Charie gone to Mandurama.  Too boggy for Nick to go for logs so they are working at the mill.  I’m going to Aubrey’s tonight to stay a couple of days to have a lesson from Mrs Preston re Money Orders.  Letter from Jimmy from Temora.
11 April            Charlie came home last night from Mandurama.  Has received receipt for deposit on house at Dam.  George talking to Jimmy from Lake Cargellico.  Not coming home for Easter.  I returned from Wyangala last night after a pleasant time.  Nell, Edie and George gone to town.  Cricketers to be presented with shield.
12 April            Fr O’Kennedy out today.  Thelma down to Mass with Manleys.  Tourists from Sydney at Weir today, passed through here going back.  Herb and Eric had a fight in town last night.  Talking to Jimmy from Lake Cargellico.
13 April            Edie and Nellie washing.  Office closed 10 am.  Races and I had a fair day.  Rang Dib and laid off – sorry too.  Georgie, Jack and I went to see Gold Diggings of 1936.  Enjoyed it too.  Ryans and Tommy Markham went to Gilgandra to Agnes Ryan’s wedding.
14 April            Georgie going to bank and finalize Petrol Account.  Taking Lal and Theo [Marks] in – having teeth attended to.  Nell and Edie gone up to see Mrs Hyde.  Letter from Jimmy.  Still at the Lake.
15 April            Mary left Bandy Howarth today.  He was playing up and wouldn’t give her any food.
16 April            I’m at Aub’s this morning.  I love being here.  There’s plenty to see and I have a good rest.  Went to Mrs Preston this arvo – more to learn than I thought in the Savings Bank.  Visited Mary Wass and Mrs Manley.
17 April            Still at Dam.  Thelma has gone to school.  Aub works all day at different jobs.   Over to Mrs Preston again.  Headache from Money Order papers.  I hope I can manage the business.  Went to school at the lunch hour.  Thelma manages the children with a firm hand.
18 April            Home from Aub’s.  Busy day at the races.  I did not win today.  Rang Sydney and they say Nev. on holidays.  Word today Mr Millane died at Hurstville at the age of 100 years.  To be buried at Rookwood.
19 April            Mass, Rev. Dennis O’Kennedy and he doesn’t keep us very long.  Tennis tournament started today.  Tommy Markham gone to Ryans about Darcy’s house.  Jimmy rang from Griffith.  Talking to Dib from Petersham.  He is leaving for holidays.
20 April            Georgie going to town.  Taking Ted Hammond and Bandy and will meet Dibby.  Arrived home 12.30.  Dib looks well and is now having a sleep.  Nick’s cow had a calf this arvo.
21 April            Won 1 pound on Prince Pharan.  Dib and Georgie gone to Elliotts.  Dave Cooke here tonight and Charlie out chopping wood.
22 April            Jimmy now at Griffith.  He is now a salesman.  Won a few bob on races.  Dib, Tommy and Georgie went up to Aub’s.
23 April            Charlie went up to the house at the Weir to do a bit of cleaning up.  Georgie and Edie went to Cowra and met Mrs Beryl Connolly.
24 April            Mill still working.  Thelma and Aub down for a while tonight.
25 April            Dib’s 30th birthday.  Dib went in with Charlie to get permit to go for furniture but if Chas cannot get it Dib will go on home.  George and Jack gone to pictures.  Dib and George went to Weir and had morning on the water.
26 April            Charlie got permit so Dib did not go home.  Left at 2.30 for Sydney – Nellie too.  John cried a bit at bedtime but slept all night and is no trouble.  Margaret staying at Fords.
27 April            Edie going to Weir after dinner to get Nellie’s house ready for the furniture.  Taking the kiddies.  Talking to Nellie from Petersham.  Staying at Dib’s tonight to get an early start in the morning.  Talking to Neville twice today.  He fixed up with Mr Mc.
28 April            Nellie and Chas arrived about 9.30 pm.  Aub brought them down.  George Snr got a bad turn at dinner today.  Letter from Jimmy.  His territory – Griffith, Leeton, Yenda and Nerrandera.
29 April            Georgie and Charlie gone to Weir to unload furniture and get a load of wood.  Ray Oliver taking us to pictures tonight.  ‘Magnificent Obsession’.  Aubrey’s birthday – 35 years old.  George Snr a little better today.
30 April            Charlie gone to Weir again today.  Nellie went up and opened a few boxes.  Murray went up and stayed with his dad.  George improving.  Just resting.  New goods from Mitchells and lollies.
1 May  Money Order office opened.  Jim Ward bought first order.  George Harris Jnr the second.  Doing my white dockets today and Georgie busy doing his shelves. Worked till midnight.
2 May  Mill cutting last of the pine to go over near Clements at the Mount.  Dib has moved to 72 Bondi Road, Bondi.  Mass at Wyangala.  About 25 attended.  Ray Oliver staying with Georgie.
3 May  Nellie and family left about noon for their new home at Wyangala Dam.  Kids very excited about going.  Mass, Fr Masterton.
4 May  Georgie went up to the Weir for his orders.  Edie and Thellie washed. I’ve been minding the shop all day.
5 May  George going to town for goods.  Letter from Dibby and Jimmy.
6 May  Frost this morning and very cold.  Man putting light in PO.  Old Mrs Anthony died this morning after 12 months as an invalid.  Jocelyn Hyde taken to hopsital. They think she has diphtheria.  Georgie taking orders to Weir.
7 May  Dance last night just to put in time as the Juvenile was postponed.  Eric Ward first to put deposit in Bank.  George going to Mrs Anthony’s funeral.  Mr Hyde went to Sydney tonight.  Jocelyn a little better.
8 May  Georgie gone to Graham to help Ossie Ford with load of stuff for mill.  Howarth’s all gone to funeral (Mrs Grant).
9 May  Georgie gone for Clarrie Markham – about 50 miles.  Ted Harris [George’s cousin] called and had tea with us.  Ray and wife home from Cowra after funeral.
10 May            Tennis tournament still on and everyone up about the courts.  Edie and Mrs Eric Newham won their set.  Jimmy sending home box of grapes from Griffith.
11 May            Edie and Thellie washed.  Aunty Bid Ward and myself were at the Weir this arvo to see Nellie and Aubrey.  They are all well.  Nellie not really settled yet.
12 May            Beryl Eggleston in Sydney holidaying.  Edie and Nick doing her tennis books.  Nick’s birthday – 66 years.  Burning cow.
13 May            Just paid baker and butter accounts.  Georgie taking orders to Weir.  Had yarn with Dib.  He invested £2  on Snowflake and it won at 6/4.
14 May            George Snr went to town today with Percy Ford to see Dr and to fix up some business.  Pay day for Nick with Mr Kelly [owner of Newhaven Park, Frogmore – a race horse stud].  I’ve just written cheques for men.
15 May            Letter from Dib and cheques from Hacketts.   Boys taking bolts out of timber today preparing for sawing.  Nick got another cow from Northwood today.
16 May            No sawing today.  Out of timber.  Dib put £2  on for me on Retrieval and won £8.15.0. Very nice surprise.
17 May            Opened our drapery and sold sox, shirts and tennis shoes.  Boys fixed up football ground and had a practice.  Ray Oliver’s down playing with them.  Wore my new frock to Mass.  Tom Markham bought first pair of sox.
18 May            Washing day.  Edie does not like getting up these cold mornings but were finished about 9.30.  Georgie went to Weir.  Edie with him.  Had a good chat with Nellie.  She is settled – all but curtains.
19 May            Georgie to town for shop goods.  Picnic races in Cowra today.  Ena and Herbie went to town.  Phyllis Grogan staying at Markhams.
20 May            Ossie Ford loaded up for Graham.  Waiting on petrol waggon.  Georgie gone to town to deliver oders.  Charlie away with Evans of Maryamma.
22 May            Doing up Form 100.  That means all business done in office for the week.  Footballers got their guernseys and sox – cost over £8.
23 May            Races today.  I won a little bit.  Footballers held dance tonight.  Very successful.  A little over £4 clear.  Also sold badges with their colours – blue and gold.  Wrote Win and Dib.
24 May            Empire Day.  Boys gone to Waters bonfire loaded with crackers.  Haddon Coward and boy friends down to shop this arvo. Ryans left for Sydney to attend Darcy’s wedding.
25 May            Looked after PO until Edie and Thellie finished washing.  Nothing much doing so I headed off to Weir with George to see my family – they are all well but John Cooke who is getting a bad cold.  Chas. [Charlie] working on cars.  Murray and Marg at school.
1 June My birthday.  I am 59 years old and feel very well – thanks be to God.  Went to confession and communion this morn.  Twas lovely to have Mass on my birthday.  Georgie is busy on bills.  Raining.
2 June Edie up at Hydes making a dress for the Ball on 17th.  Georgie in town for goods and paying bills.  Mrs Billy Anthony had young son last night.
3 June Busy on Form 100.  Races this arvo.  Thellie half day off.  Georgie at Weir.  Piano tuner arrived today.  Hall piano tuned at last.
4 June Player piano being tuned.  Pension day.  My returns back from Woodstock for a few corrections.  Footballers out for exercise for match on Sunday.
5 June Mill working half day.  I sent Aaron [Shapira] £2 on soda fountain.
6 June Very frosty this morning.  Edie and George just having breakfast.  One a Postmistress the other a storekeeper – live wires aren’t they?  at 9.20 am.  I had Aub and Thelma down tonight to stay after about three months.
7 June Turkey for dinner.  Aub and Thelma here.  Football match this arvo.   Very exciting.  I went up.  My son [George] playing and scored two tries.
8 June Very cold and frosty.  I did not go to Mass as they are washing and I am Postmistress and Storekeeper on that day.  No altar boy so they had to call out for Georgie to go up to answer Mass.  Jim and Georgie taken some drapery to the Weir and Mt McDonald.  Fr Masterton called on his way to Weir.  I think they’ll have a church there.
9 June Georgie and his father gone to town.  Jim minding shop.  Tommy home looking for bricklayer.  Jimmy just came in unexpected.
10 June           Jimmy brought utility truck back to Griffith – brought Una Jordan from Katoomba.  George and Percy Ford delivering goods at the Weir.
11 June           Raining beautifully.  Today is birthday of Country Women’s at Darbys.  Expecting a good roll up.  Cake with candle made.  Pictures tonight.  Not bad.  ‘In Town Tonight’ and ‘Green Pack’.
12 June           Georgie and Wriggle [Jim Ward] left for Graham at 11 am with load to try their luck.  Noni and Edie going to do church.  Noni started in the shop today and likes it very much.  Talking to Neville today. Thinks he’ll get back to Post Office again.
13 June           Races today and punters hit me up – good oil from Sydney but only one horse won.  Jim had Chinese Puzzle and George Day hit me up for 5 shillings and Nick for two and sixpence.  Deaffy (Mailman) refused to take Whitty’s paper without a stamp.  Football dance and Ena played for it.
14 June           No football today and meeting tonight to elect new Secretary and Treasurer so Percy Ford is Secretary and Treasurer now.  Talking to Jimmy from Leeton.  Darcy Ryan and wife to be home tonight.
15 June           Rang Dib at 9 o’clock.  All well at 72 .  Percy Ford elected Secretary Football Club.  George gone for orders to the Weir.  Darcy Ryan and wife down to VAugusthan’s with washing.  I did not see them.  Just finished Form 100.
16 June           Georgie gone to town and Edie with him to get her hair set for the Catholic Ball.  I’m a busy lady being PM whilst my assistant is away.  Noni came to work at 11 am.  Talking to Jimmy from Narrandera.  Received parcel from D & W Murray today.
17 June           Edie, Geo, Herb, Ena and Tom gone to Catholic Ball.  Georges delivering orders at the Weir.  Mr Begley brought the mail today.
18 June           Ball a great success.  About 500 there.  Our crowd home at 4 o’clock in the morning, perished.  Allen’s traveller rang from Woodstock for lolly order.  A few lines from Dib and baby’s photos.
19 June           Jim and Georgie preparing for Hovell’s Creek.  Got a few orders already and taking a load. Came home with £6.  Not bad and hope for better next time.
20 June           Races today.  I did not win.  Ray Oliver down in truck.  Took Edie, Georgie and Noni Ford up to Weir.  Nellie got quite a shock.  Thelma and Aub were there.
21 June           Mass this morning, Fr O’Kennedy.  Boys playing football at Reid’s Flat.  Beaten 48 to Nil but a clean game.  Ray Oliver brought me ‘Beautiful Lady in Blue’ waltz.  Eileen and Darcy Ryan up at Nicks.  They look very well.  Went travelling in car for honeymoon.
22 June           Herb Wass in with third load of logs to be cut for his home.  Just written to Dib and now to Jimmy.
23 June           Georgie gone to town to get Hawker’s licence and other business.  Edie and Deaffy having row.  Mail to leave at 3 pm instead of 3.30 pm.  Jimmy is officially a salesman in charge of Leeton, Nerrandera and Yenda.
24 June           Races and Dib won £32.19.0.  Georgie delivered his orders at Weir.  All my families well.  Charlie still at Una B Newham’s.
25 June           Ossie getting Blackett’s to send out utility V8 to try out.  Men at mill working.
26 June           Jim and George at Hovell’s creek.  Did well too.
27 June           Races today.  Aubrey and Thelma came for weekend.  Jim has the book today.  I got a scare.  Supposed to be a raid.  Pictures tonight.  A very good attendance.  Had about 9 minutes chat with Dibby.
28 June           Womens’ Sunday.  Football at Porter’s Mount.  They were pretty rough.  Darby’s won.  One chap wanted to fight Jimmy Vaughan so Jimmy gave him two hits and he had enough.  Jack and Aub played.
29 June           Cold morning.  Washing over.  I went to Mass.  Races today.  Aub and Thelma still here.  Mill working.  Cutting Herb Wass’ timber.  Charlie Cooke went through with Evans and brought Margaret down to stay till Wednesday.  Talking to Jimmy from Griffith last night.  He is doing well as salesman.
30 June           Cold and miserable this morning.  Edie went up to see Nellie yesterday.  Chas away still.  They are all well.  Aub and Thelma went home last night.  The Georges are going to town today.
1 July  Busy on Form 100 today.  Jack Ward finished work for Tom at Darcy Ryan’s.  Our people went to the Country Women’s Ball tonight.  George delivered goods to the Weir.  Jim had better day at the races today.
2 July  Not a very nice day.  Fine but cloudy.  Country Womens meeting.  Edie going instead of me as George has to deliver goods to Hovell’s Creek and George Snr is not too good.  Jim Harris in hospital.  Not very well either.  Herb Wass took load of his timber to Cowra to be dressed.  Charlie returned with Evans today.
3 July  Light rain falling.  George and Jack left for Leeton at 8.5.  Jim Harris not too well in Cowra Hospital.  Herb Wass carting his timber to Cowra for planing.. 2.10 and still raining.  Just got word Mrs Hyde has a young son.  Jack and George at Junee.  Had to follow best road.
4 July  Pouring rain again.  Aunty Bid [Ward] 77 years today.  Went down to see her this arvo.  Ray Oliver walked down in the rain.  Had to dry his clothes off at the fire.  Did not know Georgie was away.  Dib won £62.10.0 on Perron this arvo.  I won 2/6d.  Doll wearing glasses now.  Molly rang up.  Traveller called and brought books.
5 July  Mass this morning, Fr Masterton.  Mens’ Sunday.  Very quiet day and very cold.  Benediction also.  Ray went home with Clem Newham.
6 July  Thellie washed this morning.  Edie would not get up to go to Mass.  Foggy when we came out of Mass.  Jack and George arrived from Leeton about 6.30 pm.  Lovely little truck.
7 July  Cold again.  George Jnr and Snr went to town today on business re utility.  I went for a drive after they came home up to Jenny’s [Newham] to deliver goods.  Doll got his teeth today and is waiting for his new cap.
8 July  Very nice day after a heavy frost.  Just listening to Mrs Rogers and Kelvin in Philadelphia talking to her husband in Sydney.  Went to the Weir this arvo to see Nellie and family who are all very well.  Also Aub and Thelma.  Mr Chris Whitty just out with a lorry load of people to a dance in aid of Dancing Eistedfford.
9 July  Fine but cold.  Jack Ward cutting pepper trees at Nick’s [Markham].
10 July            Raining again.  Georgie and Wriggle [Jim Ward] gone to Hovell’s Creek with load of goods.  Could not cross creek to Hudson’s.
11 July            Lovely sunny day.  Talking to Dib.  In trouble about win.  Load of men gone to town for their relief money.  Races today.  Jim taking the book again.  Jim Ward hurt his leg pulling down pepper trees.  Had good day at the races.
12 July            Gorgeous day.  Footballers went to Reid’s Flat and were beaten.  Mat Walsh up at Ryans for a holiday.  Jimmy rang from Leeton.  Is doing very well.  Talking to Winnie tonight.  She is writing to me tomorrow.  Murray Cooke spent the weekend with us.
13 July            Washing day.  No Mass this morning.  Murray Cooke went home with Georgie and Uncle Nick this afternoon.  Practising for Maypole.  Mrs Hyde brought young son home tonight with Egglestons.  Water two feet over Spillway and rising.
14 July            Very nice day.  Two Georges in town for goods.  John Vane, Bushranger, buried in Cowra today.  Had a letter from Winnie.
15 July            Like rain again.  Talking to Dib again.  Says leaving his job and going to Post Office.  Races and not too bad for me.  Had letter from Jim and 30/-
16 July            Very cold this morning.  Pension day and just 9 o’clock and Doll [Frank Markham] has collected his.  Practice for Maypole. Edie talking to Dib.  Charlie down.  Has be in to Cowra with important mail for Una Newham.  Bought 62 gallons petrol here for her.  Raining again tonight.  Letter from Inspector.
17 July            Poured rain all night and is now a beautiful morn.  Baker brought my parcel – Jim and George loaded up for Hovell’s Creek.  I’m not real well today.  Had to take powder for headache.  Boys landed back about 7 pm with £7.17.6.  Not too bad.
18 July            Fine day and races.  I had a good day.  Aub and Thelma down for weekend and football dance.  Not very good.  I played for it but they hung out till midnight.
19 July            Beautiful day.  Reids Flat here to play football and of course they won.  Edie and Georgie went to Weir after Mass to get tail light fixed.  Nellie, Anne and John came back and stayed till 11 pm and went home with Aub and Thelma.  Jack Ward went in to see Dr.  Just over attack of pleurisy.
20 July            Washing day and a lovely frost.  Letter from Jimmy he is doing well.  Georges went to town.  Jim Harris [George Snr’s brother] is improving.
21 July            Beautiful day.  Maypole practise every day for Church of England Ball in Augustust.  Letter from Aunt Vena [Murray] and Kathy McGuiness.  Talking to Neville.  He has a very bad cold.  Aida [Jordan] sent home my bed jacket.
22 July            Nice day again.  Races and a good day for me.  Nick blew whistle on new engine for first time.  Talking to Kath McGuiness tonight.  Letter from Aunt Vena [Murray].  Nev was out there Monday night.  Georgie delivering goods at the Weir.
23 July            Pouring rain all night and up to 10 am but nice day after.  Letter from Ern Murray and Nev today.  Maypole practice this arvo.  They are improving.
24 July            Beautiful day.  George and Jim just left for Hovell’s Creek with load.  Have written Winnie – also for music.  Herb Wass went to town in lorry and paid £6.1.8 for lollies.
25 July            Rained all day.  Races and had good day.  Letter from Dib.  John’s scooter came from Griffith.  Edie and Jack went to town.  Dr thinks Jack much better.  All home to tea.
26 July            Pouring rain all day.  Mass this morning.  Women’s Sunday.  Holy Name tonight. Very poor attendance.  No ring from Jimmy.  Water expected to come over the spillway in next few days.
27 July            Still raining.  Went to Mass this morning.  Georgie answered Mass.  Two Georges gone to town – Jim Harris still in hospital.  Georgie went to the Weir to see water over spillway but afraid of the bridge here so came back.  Left some groceries for his customers.
28 July            Great excitement.  Water over the spillway at 5.30 am.  Aub rang me to go up and see a beautiful sight but when we got to our bridge the water was over so we were very disappointed.  Ossie took a load up via Milburn Creek.  Our Woodstock mail could not come today.  Sent Jimmy wire.
29 July            Gorgeous day.  Water two feet over spillway and 4 feet over our bridge.  Letter from Winnie, Aunt Vena and Jimmy.  George packed up tonight for trip to Hovells Creek tomorrow.  Deaffy had to bring mail direct from Woodstock today.
30 July            Showery today.  River not crossable yet.  No mail from Woodstock.  Georgie and Jim went to Hovells Creek today by Cowra.  Only brought home £4.  Frank got in ahead of them.
31 July            Georgie went for his first load of groceries.  Opened them up and filled his shelves then we sat up till 2 am.  I was on Form 100 and George doing his bills.  Edie up at Hydes till midnight.
1 August          Races today.  Not too bad for me.  Mitchell’s traveller called and stayed quite a while fixing our account.  Jimmy rang up from Leeton.  May be home next weekend.
2 August          Gorgeous morning.  Went to Mass.  Men’s Sunday.  Fr Masterton.  Went to the Weir after.  Tis a beautiful sight.  Crowds of people around Aub’s site.  He was selling boiling water and letting out boats.
3 August          Pouring rain again this morning.  Went to Mass, only about six there.  Georgie and Tiger Marks gone to Cowra.  Jack and Tommy could not go to work.
4 August          Water four feet over spillway this morning and about 20 feet over Darby’s bridge.  Fine day so far.  Washing over.  May take a week to dry.  Maypole last practice.  Races Kembla.
5 August          Beautiful morning.  Nearly 2 feet still over spillway and 10 feet over our bridge.  Talking to Neville from Sydney.  Talking to Aubrey from Dam.  Letter from Nellie and Jimmy.
6 August          Gorgeous day.  Have not written anything for four or five days so have forgotten what happened on this day.  Owed Edie 10 shillings.  She left it for Jack’s board.
7 August          Another lovely day.  Church of England Ball tonight a wonderful success.  £25 door takings.  Major Reid and wife in attendance and nine debutantes presented.  Aub and I were paid an extra 26 shillings and sixpence to play till 3 am.
8 August          Juvenile Ball a great success.  Children danced the Maypole beautifully.  Very pleased with them.  Ray Oliver brought me two new pieces of music and stayed the night with Georgie.
9 August          Football match with Wattamondara and of course the latter won.  I feel tired tonight after two nights playing.
10 August        Aub started to work on Herbie’s house.
11 August        Georgie took Clarrie Markham up to Breakfast Creek for his bed.  He is going to work with Tiger at the Dam.  Anne Cooke 5 years today.
12 August        Nellie and kidlets OK.  Charlie away with Evans.
August 13        Georgie went to town this morning. Got three cases of oranges from Jimmy.  Charlie went home with Evans.
14 August        Nellie came down tonight, gave us a surprise.
16 August        George and Edie went to Weir.  Edie to tell Nellie the news.  Ross and Lois Marks went back with Charlie who brought the kids to Mass.  Charlie left for Evans.  He is helping him away with his last load.
18 August        Beryl and Sammy over from Orange.  Brought Aunty Bid home.  Sammy here for Cowra races.
21 August        Went down to see Aunty Bid.  Beryl went home today.  Dos [Ward] went too.
23 August        After dinner Jimmy, Geo and myself went to Weir.  I stayed with Nellie, had tea at Aub’s.  Chas took Una B’s truck to Katoomba.  Not home yet.  He may be in gaol as we think truck not registered.
27 August        Expect to go to Sydney tonight with Aub and Thelma in our utility.
28 August        Sydney this morning.  Had a wonderful trip down except for fog at Penrith.  Arrived Dib’s about 3 pm.  Dib has lovely flat with lawn at back for children.  Two lovely kids.  Win and I spent all day at D & W Murray’s warehouse.
3 Sept. Jim Harris died.
4 Sept  Charlie Cooke called on way to Cowra.
5 Sept  Mrs Whitty Snr died tonight.  Sent for me to help lay her out.
9 Sept  George and Edie went to Weir.  Nellie and kids well.  Marg still at Mandurama
10 Sept            Tiger [Marks] gone to Weir for chairs bought by Hall Committee
11 Sept            Geo and his father went to Cowra to get gun licence.  Couldn’t get it.  Brought Tiger home.  He left his car in to get new hood.
15 Sept            Went to the Weir with Georgie.  Brought Anne and Murray home.  Nellie and Chas went to Mandurama for Marg and brought her round for the Show.  Nellie staying down for a few days.
16 Sept            Edie took the kiddies to the show.  Had a great day.  Brought home all sorts of things.  Beryl and family came from Orange tonight
17 Sept            Beautiful day and I am going to the races. Have new shoes too.  Hope they won’t make me tired.  Had a lovely day but didn’t win anything. Went to see Shirley Temple in ‘Captain Januaryuary’.  Lovely little girl.
18 Sept            Edie and Nellie going in to see a show.
21 Sept            Jim Ward and Eric went to Barryreenie to work for Tiger this week.  Nick pulled down Ted’s hut and sold it to H [Harold] Power and Nick is going to re-build it for him.
22 Sept            Aunt Bid and Tiger left for Sydney at 9.30 am
25 Sept            Gave Prince a good wash today and combed his hair
26 Sept            Got Marg’s and Anne’s dresses and parcel from D & W Murrays
28 Sept            Jim Ward doing few odd jobs around shop, putting up shelves
29 Sept            Wriggle making shelves in back room of shop.  Had two falls today, down the back steps and up the side ones.
4 October        Gorgeous day.  Went to Weir.  Picnic for Noni Ford, a candidate in the Queen Competition.  Went to Nellie’s and she and kiddies came to picnic ground.  She enjoyed it.  Marg won little girls’ race. [‘Marg’ is Margaret Cooke, now Wilkinson, her granddaughter, who has edited these diaries.]
5 October        George Snr not very well.  Uncle Nick sacked Eric.  Would not go for logs.
8 October        Had a gorgeous row in Aub’s new motor boat.  He was trying it out.  Went to Nellie’s and arrived home 7.30 pm.
12 October      Margaret’s birthday – 7 years old.
16 October      Bank Inspector here for first time and said books OK.
22 October      Tiger, Lal and Dos just home from Canowindra.  10 pm.
25 October      Went up to Nellie’s this arvo.  Met Mrs Cook Snr and sister, Aunt Esther [Hickey].
28 October      Very cold and windy.  Trying to spring clean for Ena’s gift evening before her wedding to Herb Wass.  Many swear words at the wind.  Aunty Bid, Ena and Tom gone to Roley’s wedding in Woodstock.
29 October      Letter from my old friend Marchlie Dominish asking me to go for a holiday.  Party a great success.  Lots of nice presents.
30 October      We are all very tired this morning.  Nellie’s birthday.  Just sent telegrams.  Beautiful flowers from Mrs Johnson’s at Penrith for our tables last night.
31 October      Fr Masterton is talking of building a church at Weir.  Went up to see Nellie.  She is splendid.  Called at boat site to see Aub and Thelma.
1 November    Just went to Mrs Waters to see if Pearl can go up to Nellie for a few weeks.  Pearl cannot go.  Has swollen neck.  Kidstakes, we think.  So getting Mary Daniels.
2 November    Ena, Herb and Tom left for Sydney.  (Ena’s wedding at St Mary’s Cathedral).  Aunty Bid and Mary Ryan going tonight.  Pat Ryan staying til Aunty returns.  Doreen Day working there.  Nellie came down tonight to stay awhile.
3 November    Nothing startling.  Nellie kept John with her.
6 November    Jimmy going to Sydney tonight to be present at wedding.
7 November    Ena’s wedding day.  Breakfast at the Carlton.  Jimmy, Dibby, Alice.  Quite a few there.  Had a great time. [Ena Markham , her neice, married Herbie Wass.]
8 November    Took Nellie into hospital.  Baby born about 4.30 pm.  The sweetest little bundle of fat.  We think he’ll be called Thomas Markham Cooke. [He was called Thomas Michael Cooke.]
13 November  Went to see ‘Ramona’ last night.  Also saw Nellie and Thomas.
14 November  Charlie took all kids and Mary to town.  Nellie cannot come home till Thursday (now Saturday).
16 November  Going to town to see Nellie
17 November  George 21 years today.  No party but Mrs Ray made a beautiful cake.
20 November  Going in for Nellie and baby.  Met Charlie in there.  He didn’t know I was going.  Nellie not very well but baby very good.
21 November  Nellie staying down till Sunday to have Thomas Michael christened..
22 November  Fr Reen christened baby.
29 November  Went to Weir about 3 o’clock.  George and Edie to swim.  I stayed with Nellie who is not real well.  Thomas growing well and very good.
2 December    Bid went up to Ena’s today.  They brought her down today.  Aunt Mary not too good.
6 December    I went to Nellie’s after Mass.  Georgie getting brakes lined.  Took Anne home and brought Margaret back for a few weeks.  Beryl Eggleston left Bid and Mick for holidays.
7 December    Ken Ford is to be christened tomorrow in Cowra.  Aub put in tender for church at Wyangala. Aunty Bid Ward came home this morning.  Nellie and Chas gone to town.
9 December    Rosie and Ken Married this morning 6 am.  Leaving for Sydney on morning train.
10 December  Jenny came with Marg’s pyjamas.
11 December  Dance at Mt McDonald for Nora [Noni] Ford.  Just 1 am and home from Mt.  The King has abdicated.
12 December  Very hot again.  Could not tackle the hill to go to Mass.  Georgie had to take me in the car.  Went to the Weir in the afternoon.  Stayed at Aub’s and he went over for Nellie and the kids.  Rowley and Betty and Tom swimming so they came up for afternoon tea.  Ray Oliver and Percy Ford with us.
14 December  Edie and Thellie making Christmas cakes.
16 December  Nellie coming for a day.  She wants to go to town.
17 December  Nellie and Edie went to town today to shop and get their hair waved.  Arrived home 7 pm.  Alf Harris’ son who was a lay preacher was struck dead by lightning.
18 December  Nellie in town again with George to finish shopping.  Home about 2 pm.  Took Nellie home.
22 December  Nell and Chas brought Margaret at 1 am.  Her tooth bleeding from 2 in afternoon.  George took them on to town to the dentist.  He plugged the tooth (cavity) and George took them on home.  Arrived back at 5 am.
23 December  Nellie and Charlie went in to get plug out of Margaret’s tooth
24 December  Dib sent me a photo of Joan and Frank.  They are lovely.  Nellie down and gave me a nice pair of slippers.  Aub hankerchiefs and powder.  Went to town to the pictures.
25 December  Fairly quiet.  Not many drinks.  Edie shot all day.  Ladies all had jollo.  Went to Ray’s about midnight and had a sing-song at Nick’s.  Ena had dinner with her mother and Herb with his mother.
29 December  I had to sign my name 23 times for Kelvinator payments.  Beryl went back to Orange this morning.
30 December  Our first lot of ice cream sold out today.  Sending for more.  Nellie and baby came down with George. Decorating hall for Ball tonight.
31 December  Edie and Nellie to get hair curled for Ball tonight.  Enid Neville won the Queen Competition – collected over £79.  Noni second (£54).  Nellie went home after Ball.


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