Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1935

1 January        New Year’s Day and very quiet – young people spent afternoon at river and went to pictures to see Janet Gaynor in Carolina:  enjoyed trip and pictures. 
2 January        Hottest day this summer.  Edie and Ena took the kiddies to river all afternoon.  Tommy and Georgie started work again. 
3 January        A little cooler today
4 January        Nellie and Charlie went to Orange – Midge Evans (Mrs McKeown) died this morning.  Baby died too.  Very sad only 23 yrs.  Boys worked at mill.  Letter from Dibby. 
5 January        Midge Evans and baby buried.  Jimmy, Edie and Ena went to funeral. Very wet too.  Charlie rang up too wet to leave Orange. 
6 January            Still pouring rain. Mass this morning – no Benediction.Murrays and Jack expected home from Sydney. Very cold. We have a fire Am just going to bed with hot water bottle Did not lie down after all. George Markham, wife and two daughters arrived from Harden and stayed a couple of hours, then Aub [Murray] and Jack [Ward] came from Sydney after two weeks holidays.  
7 January            Did not wash today. The yard muddy after the rain. Jimmy [Murray] put more red paint on kitchen roof Jim W. [Ward] put in new step off back verandah. Tom and Georgie took engine to Herby Wass. Nellie and Charley [Cooke] back from Orange.  
8 January            Nellie and Edie washing – got a whisper that Edie broke her New Year resolution re smoking. Charley going to town. Boys working at Mill.  
9 January                   Jimmy went back to the Weir to work, also Jock. Races. Of course I did not win.  
10 January                 Nellie and Charles and Anne [Cooke] gone to Cowra, also Tommy [Markham] and Georgie [Harris] with load to Francis [Timber yard in Cowra]. Races again postponed from last Saturday 5th. Thelma [Murray] rang up. Her mother very bad. Will ring again.  
11 January                 Tommy and George gone for hardwood logs for Frogmore mines. Brought one load pine and one load hardwood  

12 January                 Charley gone to town. Boys all working at the hall.  Merv Oliver’s engagement Anneounced. Boys working at hall today. Races at Canterbury. Nellie and Edie going to pictures with Aub and Georgie and Jimmy. Hot as hell today.


13  January                Sunday, and a very miserable day. Pouring rain. Went to 8 o’clock Mass. Jack & Co played cards all day. Jimmy and George went to Wyangala dam. Had tea at Elliotts.  
14 January                 Nothing happened. Nellie and Edie washed. A very windy day. Joe McCormack left for Wyangala . Had a fire burning tonight.  
15 January                 Lovely morning, just like winter. Tommy and George gone to Frogmore with Load of timber to mines. Charley and family went to town. Charles had tooth out. Inspecting Bakery in Cowra.  
16 January                 Left for Harden at 3.10pm.Ena [Markham], Jimmy, myself and Charley – last named going only to Boorowa. Arrived Harden at 10 to 6. Played for dance for Phylis who is in a Popular Girl competition. Had a very good time.  
17 January                 In Harden all day. Left about 4.30pm. and left Boorowa about 7.15. raced a storm all the way home and missed it. Very heavy rain at Frogmore – Tommy and George were in it. They delivered a load of timber to the mines.  
18 January                 A bit warmer today. George going to Dr and he thinks he may have stone in bladder – has to go back in ten days. 
19 January                 Races today. Wireless very good. Went to pictures with Herby and Ena to see Moonlight and Pretzels – enjoyed the outing. Mrs Whitty’s brother operated on today. Cannot do anything for him. 


20 January                 Mass at 8 am. Fr O’Kennedy. Very hot morning. Ryans and Edie went to river. Jimmy and George to Wyangala dam. Uncle Bill out with Sammy (?) Eggleston. Had a game of Koon Khan. Mrs Allen died at 7 pm in Sydney. 


21 January                 Just got word Mrs Flannery not so well – asking for Aunty Bid and Tom to go to Goolagong this afternoon. Charlie gone to town about face. Has been paining about four days since he had tooth drawn. Mrs Coward called. Had long chat. I like her very much. Edie and Nellie hid under the bed. Tom M. and his mother gone to Goolagong. 


22 January                 Seems like a change today. A rainy wind blowing. Mrs Allen’s funeral today in Cowra. Tom back from Goolagong 


23 January                 Very hot again. Charley gone to dentist. Thelma coming home tonight. Have been to town to meet Thelma. Had tea at Golden Key. Jimmy lost his teeth in the river. His luck seems to be out. He was preparing to go to Sydney to look for work. 


24 January                 Jimmy gone in to get some teeth out, to get a full plate. I’ve just sent to burn a Lamp to try and get him work. Very hot day. Went to town myself. 


25 January                 Another very hot day. No sign of rain. Charley and Jimmy gone gathering grubs for Dave Cooke [Charley’s brother] who is going to Burrenjuck fishing. Aunty Bid rang up for Tom. 


26 January                 Charley gone to Burrenjuck with Dave – fishing. Tis a very muggy morning. I hope we get rain. Tommy, we think, left Goolagong with Mrs Flannery for Sydney. Georgie took his father back to the Doctor who has been treating him for ten days. 


27 January                 Fourth Sunday. Fr McMahon here for the last time. All pleased to see him. A very hot day. Young people went swimming. 


28 January                 Father McMahon round after Mass to say goodbye and brought The Blessed sacrament to Ted . Charlie arrived from Burrenjuck with a  goodly supply of fish. 


29 January                 Fish for breakfast. A very hot morning. Charley going to town. Have been talking to Dibby. They are well. Nellie and Edie washing. Thelma went back to school today. Enid Ford’s birthday party. 


30 January                 Today a trifle cooler. Charley gone to Weir to try his luck as Bookie. 


31 January                 Charley took Ted to Doctor today. Thinks his teeth is the cause of his trouble. A lovely cool change – real wintry. Tommy arrived from city. 


1 February                 Had to have extra blankets last night and hot water bottle and still cool at 10 am. Tommy arrived from Sydney at 11 pm last night. Pictures tonight and I have a very bad cold. And imagine it, we have a fire on 1st February! 


2 February                 Nice day. Cold a bit better. Races today. Rosehill. Did not win. 


3 February                 Mass 9 am Fr Masterton. Boys played cards all day. I did not go to Benediction. Tot played organ. 


4 February                 Mass for Uncle Tom. I’m going to town. 6.30 pm: Spent the day in town waiting on Jimmy – had the impression taken for his teeth. Saw Beryl who is not well – a touch of pleurisy. And saw Auntie Rose and Billie – all O.K. Young folk went to Fords to hear Mr Warren’s brother talk on China. 


5 February                 Very hot again. Georgie and Uncle Nick gone out getting logs for a Boorowa order, and Jim W. [Ward] and Jimmy at the Mill. Charlie went to Boorowa via Reid’s Flat. 


6 February                 Wednesday. A very hot morning. Young folk to the river.


7 February                 Very hot again – but a gorgeous change in the evening. Lovely and cool. A little rain. Tommy working Northwood. 


8 February                 Lovely cool morning. Just got wire that Martin Flannery died last night. Buried in Sydney today. Nick and Georgie out to get logs. Tommy still at Ryans. 4 pm: Nice rain fell today. Not heavy. Meeting tonight for Hall. A dance to be held march 13. 


9 February                 Still cloudy and very light rain. Jimmy gone to town for some goods. Stayed at Ryans as Georgie had. The twins in. We’ve had a fire burning tonight. 


10 February               A nice bright day but clearing up. Fr O’Kennedy out today. Norm [Pepper] and Rowly [Ryan] playing cards here all day. Hannah [Ryan] away in Boorowa. I hurt my leg on box tonight. 


11 February               Leaving for Sydney this morning with Charley, Aunty Bid Nick, and Jimmy. Light rain falling. Lovely trip right through. Arrived at Dib’s about 7 pm. Aunty Bid went to see Mrs Flannery and she wouldn’t allow her to come back. 


12 February               Quite warm here at No 17 Stewart St, Bondi. I’m resting today. Winnie going in on business to Neville. Chas and Jimmy looking for work, Jimmy answered one ad for plasterer’s hod carrier. Chap just beat him to it. Going now to see International Harvester. Very warm here too. 7 pm: Still stormy. Going to pictures. Jimmy got encouragement from International Harvester. May get job. Charlie at  Manly tonight. 


13 February               Been out all day at shops. Got a few things. Saw Alice.[Murray] Went to Mrs Flannery’s tonight. Saw Aunty Bid. Jimmy left for Canowindra tonight for International Harvester Company. Good job. Hope he can keep it. Rang up Darbys from McGuiness, talking to Nellie. 


14 February               Went to Lugar (?) St for Aunty. Took her to see Harbour Bridge. Bought a ticket in Lottery. Went to Anthony Horderns ….Coles and Woolworths. Home to Dib’s for tea. Out to Murrays at night. Finish up at 1130 pm. 


15 February               Called on Mat [Walsh – cousin]– Mrs Flannery and picked Bid up. Called on Mrs Polly Maloney. She is very ill but so pleased to see us. Left Sydney about 11 am. Had dinner at Katoomba saw Moya and Beattie Jordan. Pouring rain right up to Bathurst. A good trip home arrived about 8.30 pm. 


16 February               Races today. Not bad for me. Very quiet after Sydney. Jimmy coming out tonight for weekend. 


17 February               Sunday. Fr O’Kennedy out – had Mass for Mother. Very hot day – had to wash, iron and mend for Jimmy. Nellie and Charley went to Boorowa for tonight, left Anne and Murray. Georgie not home from Weir yet 10.30 pm. 


18 February               Up at 5.30 am to wash – a very hot day – finished about 10.30 . Georgie took Tommy to Sam Oliver’s to work  and Jimmy to Cowra. The latter  to go to Delaneys. Aunty Bid – Mary, and Ena down tonight. Nellie and Charlie came home about midnight. 


19 February               Went to town to order tobacco and pay a few bills. Arrived home about 6 pm. Saw Beryl [Eggleston]– she is better, left Edie [Ward]in Cowra. 


20 February               Races today. Punters’ day. John Cooke started crawling todayand has five teeth, sixth nearly through. Nellie, Ena and Chas gone to see Annee of Green Gables. I’m minding nippers. Mr Shapira has just called. Jimmy finished at Delaneys – got a clearance and a sale. Going to Eugowra tomorrow. 


21 February               Webbs sale at Bennetts Springs today. Whittys have gone already 9 am.  They have bought the place So many see something they want to keep. Georgie home from sale bought 5 turkeys at 3/- each. 2 smalls (turkeys) thrown in.Letter from Winnie [Murray]. 


22 February               Nothing. Strange weather. A trifle cooler. Got our rugs from Sydney – left them behind last week. 


23 February               Got our turkeys from Bennetts Springs. Killed one for dinner tomorrow. Good day at races. Georgie went to town with Herby and Ena. Charlie took car in today to get new hood. 


24 February               Sacred Heart day. Fr Reen – new priest today. He is very nice too and will be a good preacher, I think. Jimmy rang up from Eugowra. Staying at Pengilly’s. Getting on well. 


25 February               Went to mass this morning. Edie went to Cowra with priest. 


26 February               Nellie and I did the washing. Edie went back to Cowra with Fr Reen – round by Weir and Woodstock. Went to Weir for drive see ….  ….. Nellie brought Charley tin of crabs. Got peaches in Herby’s box. 


27 February               Races today. Not bad for me. Charley and Georgie went to Wattamondara to see Mrs Keys who is very ill – also heard Jim Harris in hospital with bad heart. Sent little turkeys to Aunty Bid. Had a letter from Jimmy still at Eugowra and doing well. Wrote Dib today. 


28 February               Wrote Fr Cain . Chas went to town for his car – been getting a new hood 


1 March                     Chas took George to town tonight. Mrs keys ill in [Cowra] Hospital. I went to pictures with Aub and Thelma. See Joe E. Brown in Circus.


2 March                     Nothing strange happened. Only very hot weather. Mrs Barr disappointed. 


3 March                     George’s sister died today. Funeral tomorrow. Mass this morning and no benediction. Young folk went to river – Anne nearly drowned. All hands gone to fords tonight to card party. Nice cool night – Georgie just home from Weir (for good.). Jimmy to leave for Rylestone tonight. 


4 March                     Mrs Keys buried today. Geo. And Charley gone in. Ena went to stay at Beryl’s for a week. Change this morning but it has passed on and is very warm. 


5 March                     Trifle cooler today. Edie and Nellie washed. Morgans came to Darbys from Hovells Creek to live in Mrs Wass’ house. Charley gone fishing for the night. Expect fish for Ash Wednesday. 


6 March                     Ash Wednesday. Chas caught one fish 4 lbs 2 oz. 


7 March                     Warm day. Mr Breen died at Canowindra. Annie Anthony down to see us – home for three weeks. Paddy Whitty offered Reg 1/- for a shout when going for his ticket. [dole payment]. 


8 March                     Mr Breen buried at Canowindra cemetery today. Pat Whitty and Charley went over. Very warm day. Aub working till 6 pm every day. Pulling down cubicles and important (?) places to send to Berriquinn (?). 


9 March                     Sylvandale won Australian Cup. Went to pictures – not too good. Also went to see Dr Mahon. Have to keep on medicine. 


10 March                   Talking to Jimmy today from Glen Alice (?). Still doing O K at his work. Young folk went to the river for the afternoon. 


11 March                   Washing day. Very hot too. John stood up in his box first time. Decorating hall tonight for Ball. Looks very nice. Grand change in the weather- even sprinkling rain and very cloudy. 


12 March                   No rain after all, but a cool wind blowing from the south. Nell and Edie going to Cowra. Arrived home about five o’clock. At the hall again tonight and tis cold enough to wear a coat. 


13 March                   Talking to Nev this morn. He, Win and babe have had bad colds. Joan Mary has two teeth. Bill Gurney called this morning. He and Charley gone to town. A lovely morning, but no sign of rain. Reopening of hall tonight. Letters from Dib and Jimmy. 


14 March                   Ball very good last night. Takings £14.16.0. Hall looked very nice. Piano is in a disgraceful condition. Cooler today and pictures tonight We’re going gay. 


15March                    Very cold this morning. Mrs Ellis Sligar said to have gone away with Roly Stapleton on Tuesday. 


16 March                   Cool weather yet. Claude Links died this morning. Dr McLaren died last night in Sydney. Body is to be cremated. Aub went to Cowra 4 pm to interview Major Reed. Chrissie [Howarth] home from Grenfell. First load wood. 


17 March                   Patrick’s day. Mass this morning. Fr O’Kennedy. Otherwise a very quiet Sunday. Ryans gone to Abercrombie caves. Card party at Mrs Ford’s tonight. 


18 March                   Sent for ticket for Doll and charley. Nice cool day again. Nellie and Edie washing. Georgie and Tommy gone to Horsefalls to put verandah on school. Charley had to go to town for 2 x 12 gallons of petrol – bowser empty. Ted taking medicine same as Jack Anthony. 


19 March                   Tom and Georgie gone again to Horsefalls. Gorgeous morning. Nights are very cool. Nellie, Chas, Edie and Ena went to town. Had John’s photo taken, also took him to clinic. He is nine months old and should be fed. Rang Mrs McG. [Mrs McGuiness, Dib’s mother in law.] to see if Jimmy was about, so Jimmy and Dib rang me tonight. He only landed in Sydney this morning.  
20 March                   Very warm again. Boys cutting at Mill today. 400 running feet for George Elliott. Charley out cutting another load of wood. 


21 March                   A dreadful morning – wind and dust. Edie and nellie washing quilts. A meeting this afternoon to arrange for Catholic Ball. Petrol (?) and Church combined. Jimmy wired going to Hillston. Wrote him 5 pages. Boys brought third load of wood today. Georgie and Herby went to the pictures. 


22 March                   Joan Mary [Murray] twelve months old today. Chas and Georgie fixing bench to cut wood. Rained lightly all night and this morning  – weather very much cooler. Arranged at the meeting yesterday to hold our Ball on April 24th and a Juvenile on the 25th. Received parcel from Mrs Gibbs yesterday afternoon. Letter from Neville today telling of Jimmy’s business in Sydney and his trip to Hillston. Sent Mrs Gibbs money for frock. Dan Brown died in Moira [Cowra] Hospital this afternoon. 


23 March                   Very cold change in weather and only 10 pts of rain to 8 am. Chas and Georgie  sawing wood in yard. Brown’s funeral this afternoon 3 pm. Edie and Nellie drank the wine left at home. [This last sentence in different handwriting.] 

24March                    Sacred Heart Day and a nice cool change. Aub took me to the Weir to see Yarrum Park. [Aub and Thelma’s home, now submerged in the Dam] Anne and Margaret also – we had afternoon tea and went up to the wall to have a look around. George Markham and family down. Also Mrs (?) Logue (?) and a girl friend of Phylis. Jimmy rang up from Leeton. Has been to Hillston. Georgie went to Weir to see Statia [Delaney]. 


25 March                   George went to Dr today – he seems a little better tonight. 


26 March                   Letter from Jimmy today. Charley put up new clothes line improving.. George improving. 


27 March                   George out of bed today and feels better. A beautiful morning. Eric Newham moved into his new house today. 


28 March                   Neal and Statia. [Neal later married Ray Oliver.] Georgie and Chas helped Ossie Ford get load of wood. 
29 March                   Georgie started to work with Francis at Riverslea today putting down galvanised pipes. Letter from Winnie. 
30 March                   A very nice day. Talking to Nev this morning, also had letter. Jimmy sent letter card – coming to Harden from Wagga. Aub up at Yarrum Park working. Georgie, herby etc gone to pictures. Bought new alarm clock. 
31 March                   Lovely morning. Have been to Mass. Fr O’Kennedy. Oakey’s birthday. 70 years today. Lads played cards all day – taking a collection for Zambuk (?). Mr Robins out and he asked me to take all bread. He will not deliver any. Doris Newham gave 25 lbs tomatoes to raffle for dance. 
1 April                         April Fools day. Georgie gone to work again at Riverslea. 
2 April                         Nothing doing. Warm and muggy. Baker left bread from today for sale at shop. Charley gone to Boorowa. Edie and Nellie gone to see Mrs Warren. Georgie to Weir with Ray Oliver and not home yet 11 pm. I’ve been doing my monthly dockets. Aub and Thelma down and we had lemonade and biscuits. 
3 April                         Thellie Waters twenty one today. Ena’s birthday too. Having a sing song. Edie, Nellie and Georgie going up. Letter from Jimmy, leaving Harden for The Rock. 
4 April                         Charley came home from Boorowa. A lovely shower of rain. Thought it was going to be a good downpour but disappointed. Wyangala dam had 73 points. Received clock from Postal dept today. 
5 April                         Nellie and Charley taking Murray in to have a tooth out. Mr Healy called and had dinner. Has pleasant memories of Darbys. Lived with Mr Welsh (?) twenty five years ago. Aubrey broke a spring in his car and could not work this afternoon. 
6 April                         Aub gone to Yarrum Park to do some work. Just had postcard from Jimmy. Is leaving The Rock for Lockhart. He is well and happy. 
7 April                         Holy Mass at 10 am. Fr Masterton. Went to Woodstock with Aub and Thelma after dinner. Took kiddies. Had Stations of the Cross tonight. 
8 April                         Horrible day. Windy and dusty but getting  like rain. Nell and Edie washing. Fr brought The Blessed Sacrament to Ted, Mr Taylor, and Aunt Mary. Raining this afternoon – lovely and cool now. I hope we’ll get more. Rained again till 8.30.  Fifty points. 
9 April                         Lovely and cool after rain. In fact we have our warm coats on. George, Chas and Nellie went to town. Murray [Cooke] had two teeth filled. 
10 April                       Murray’s birthday – 8 years today. A beautiful morning. The Mill is working. Georgie still at Riverslea. Beryl leaving Cowra for Bangalow. Wrote Dib, Jimmy, Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Ryan. Aunty Bid and Mickey  [Eggleston?] went in to stay with Dos. [Ward] Letter from Jimmy. 
11 April                       Beautiful morning. Everyone well, Thank God. Ena paid 4/- insurance. Georgie holidaying today. Francis gone for pension. Cleaning out old shop this arvo for Euchre at dance on 24th April.
12 April                       Nice morning. Insurance man called. Gave me two receipts. I’ve mislaid my book. Pictures tonight but rain came on and spoilt it in a way. Not a good crowd. Pouring rain. Ena and George playing for a dance at the Mount. [McDonald]. 
13 April                       Twin [Clarrie and Clive] Markhams’ birthday, and poor Frank Ward. Very cool. Have a fire in the dining room. Rained nearly all night. Georgie got home from Mount about 4 am. Not many at Ball. Spoilt by storm. Talking to Neville. Rosella won Chipping Stakes. 
14 April                       Beautiful rain. 60 points. Mass this morning. Fr O’Kennedy. Tonight tis a light misty rain falling. Just talking to Jimmy at Lockhart. He thinks he will be finished there on Tuesday. Georgie and Ray are at the Weir tonight to see their girl friends. Georgie and Ray did not get home till midnight.. Lights failed and had to sneak home, then Georgie had to take Ray out and lights failed again and petrol run out. Was just sending Charley out when he arrived quarter to two. 
15 April                       Still showers and very cold and wintry. Men working at the Mill and Nick  is getting bricks over for Taylor’s chimney. Took kiddies to Hall to practise dances.  
16 April                       Raining again. Girls washing. Had letter from Dib. 
17 April                       Jimmy’s birthday. Ena’s engagement Anneounced – she is wearing the ring. Great excitement. Fine day at last. Got dress from Horderns. Mrs Gibbs made it.
18 April                       Gorgeous day. Spring cleaning. Rosie came back from Cowra – very disappointed. Ken not coming for Easter. Herby went through to Forbes 4 am. Back tonight. Talking to Jimmy at Harden. He may be home for Easter. Aunty Mary not taking too kindly to Ena’s engagement. Kiddies practising for Juvenile this afternoon. Men knocked off at Weir for ten days. 
19 April                       Nice morning but pouring rain all the afternoon. Good Friday today so feeling empty. [having fasted.] 
20 April                       3.40: Hall Mark won the Doncaster. Aub one leg in double. Raining all the afternoon. Letter from HAnneah and one guinea for dance. Letter from Mrs Oliver giving prize for Lady in Monte Carlo. Georgie gone to Harden to bring Jimmy home for Easter – Oliver M. [Markham] went with him. Edie in Cowra with Herb and Ena.[Herb Wass and Ena Markham married the next year.] Georgie and Jimmy arrived 9 pm. Jimmy looks very well and happy. Simply pouring rain.
21 April                       Still raining, has done so all night. Mass this morning. Fr O’Kennedy. Charley and Co. went out for mushrooms. Got enough for breakfast in the morning. 
22 April                       Easter Monday. Not raining but very like it. Edie and Nell washing. Jimmy leaving for Boorowa after dinner. Georgie working half day. Decorating tonight for our Ball on Wednesday night. Aub going to Tiger’s Mill for timber for Yarrum Park. 
23 April                       Nellie and Chas gone to town. Ena too. Not raining. Sun trying to come out. Going to pictures tonight. See Hulbert. Taking Jack [Ward] to train. Still fine weather. 
24 April                       Lovely morning for our Ball. Wonderful night. £14.10.0 door and £5 for raffles. Am very pleased. 
25 April                       Anzac Day and Dib’s birthday. Juvenile tonight. Children very excited. Beautiful day again. Hope for a crowd. Juvenile wonderful success. 105 people. Door £2.19.6 Total for two night with donastions £21.12.8. Statia danced. 
26 April                       Nice day again. Pictures tonight. Bitter Sweet. 
 27 April                      Still fine. Pictures not too bad last night. Races today but did not win myself. Talking to Dib this morning. 
28 April                       Sunday big round-up. Late Mass. Did not get home from 9 o’clock mass till 10.45. Georgie and Ray went to the Weir as usual to see their girl friends. Aub took his shrubs to Yarrum Park. Tom Markham and family down to see Dad. Benediction. Jimmy rang from Wagga.
2 May  Gorgeous day, just like springtime.  Mrs J.R. Jordan left for Cowra on her way to Katoomba – had letter from Jimmy – still at Wagga.  Edie gone to town to secure tennis prizes for tournament.  Aunty Bid Ward, Jim and Lal gone to Cowra to hear John T. Lang:  no word from Nellie.  Dr Adams out to Mr Taylor.  Dr Mahon away.
3 May  Another lovely day.  Mr Taylor little better:  no news of Nellie.
4 May  Tournament starts today.  Edie and Vera Whitty beat Tess and Ena.  Still nice weather.  No word from Cookes – dance tonight very nice affair.  Ladies wore evening frocks.  Cleared about £3.0.0.  Stacia Delaney for weekend and Alice arrived from Sydney tonight.  Staying fortnight.  Heard of Cookes this morning – they were out at Dibs.
5 May  Lovely day again.  Tournament continues.  Georgie and Herbie beat their partners for cups.  Mary and Hilton down.  They look very well.  Alice played with Wilmot Oliver in tournament and is out of course.  Jubilee Races – won a few bob.
6 May  Pouring rain – Mass this morning.  Fr Masterton out.
7 May  Beautiful day.  Picnic Races in Cowra.  Dan Ryan coming home with a few aboard thrown from car at Anthony’s corner.  P.J.Whitty and Eric W took him home.  Alice and Edie out for mushrooms.  Letter for Aubrey from Jimmy at Cootamundra.  No letter from Nellie yet.  Pictures tonight – Amazon talkies.
8 May  Letter from Nellie today – all well – no work yet – Edie and Alice went to T.Whitty’s for afternoon tea.  Mrs Taylor’s health not improving.  Still nice weather.
9 May  Good weather.  Alice going to Olivers tonight and Roxy pictures here.  Not many people.
10 May            Very quiet day.  Mill working.  Letter from Nellie – taking a small fruit business at Mosman having week’s trial.
11 May            Polling day and Race day.  Mrs Waters and Esther won vases in tournament.  Harry Markham’s wife has daughter.  A few showers fell today.  Ina Stapleton died this morning – think she took strychnine.  Fr Masterton coming tomorrow – got parcel from Nellie for Mother’s Day.
12 May            Nick’s birthday age 65 yrs.  Mother’s Day too.  Tournament over – Whitty boys won cups.  Mrs Ryan and I spent the afternoon up at Thelma Murray’s.  Mr R came back tonight and brought me a box of mushrooms.  Ena and Mary Ryan leaving for Gilgandra on midnight train.  Molly, Fred and family down to see Ted.  Heavy showers stopped tennis this arvo.  Mixed doubles still to play off.  Ina Stapleton buried Cowra today.
13 May            Washing day – a very nice day too.  Letter from Nellie – she wants her boxes sent down.  They are taking over the business today.  Poor little John has had chicken pox but is getting better.
14 May            Nothing much today – weather fine but a bit chilly.
15 May            Nice day.  Alice and Edie went up to Jenny’s to get a coat darned.  She sent us a bottle of jam and one of fig jam.  Pictures tonight – George Wallace in Ticket in Tatts.
16 May            Raining a little today.  Georgie took Nick to Cowra after lunch.  Got Johnny-Pop’s photos out today and sent Nellie’s goods to her.  Edie and Alice up at Nick’s for tea.  Letter from Neville.
17 May            Mill boys working very hard to get two loads for the week.  Going Northwood tonight.  Very nice day.  Johnny Taylor taken to Public Hospital today.  Alice and Edie took Aunt Mary down to Mrs Ray’s for afternoon tea.
18 May            Cold morning, looking like rain.  Had a nice time at Ryan’s last night – arrived home about 12.30.  Boys finished second load of timber – that makes two for this week.  Nick gone to town.  Mill having a holiday.  George not well today.  Mr Taylor’s condition much the same – bought turkey hen and chicks from Jenny today.  Alice and Edie going to town with Georgie who is getting a try on with new suit.  No letter from Jimmy or Nellie – Fr O’Kennedy very ill in Lewisham:  we heard bishop’s permission asked to operate.  Talking to Nev and Charlie – the latter has telephone on since 17th.
19 May            Alice left this morning for Katoomba with Miss Innis who has been holidaying in Cowra.  She will take train from Katoomba.  Mass this morning.  We had a strange priest – very slow to say Mass.  Tennis match today for cup – Reids Flat playing.  Georgie gone off to see Stacia.  A gorgeous day and George a bit better today.  Reids Flat defeated 22 to 5 – Jimmie rang up from Ariah Park.
20 May            Very foggy morning, helped Edie with washing after six months spell.  Sort of a bad back, not game to say.  Fr O’K still the same.  Johnny Taylor moved to ‘Moira’ [hospital].
21 May            In bed with bad back.  Lovely day.  Edie talking to Nellie and family.
22 May            Tried to get up today but couldn’t.  Trying to find someone to play tonight for Ambulance dance.  Madge Gannon played for dance.  Gave funds to the Ambulance – not a very big crowd.  Aunty Bid down to see me.
23 May            Beautiful day.  Still in bed, a little better.  My head is paining today so Edie rang Dr.  Said it must be the blood pressure so told me to only take one medicine – letter from Nellie – they are all OK.
24 May            Nice weather still, getting up for a while today.  Pictures tonight, they say were very good too.  I was sorry I couldn’t be there.  Picnic at school today – we sent a basket and some peanuts for kidlets.  They had a good time.
25 May            Weather still lovely.  Races today.  Edie lost ten shillings on Cid – very angry.  She had a letter from Nellie.  Talking to Dibby.  He’s not coming till Monday night.  George had letter from Jimmy, Aria Park.  I am much better – stayed up till 10 pm.
26 May            Fourth Sunday, big round up.  Georgie drove me to Mass – Gunning Flat played Darbys tennis for cup but did not win.  Was talking to Jimmy from Stockinbingal: has four old tractors to overhaul.  Talking to Nellie and children they are doing well.  Murray starting to school with Marist Brothers today.  Margaret going to kindergarten.
27 May            Gorgeous morning – I did not go to Mass.  Mrs Waters washing.  I felt well enough but was howled down.  Fr Reen visiting round town.
28 May            Neville arrived this morning and looks very well.  Nice day but cool wind.  Rang Nellie tonight – all well there.
29 May            Cool today.  My goods came from Sydney – just going to put them in shelves.  Johnny Taylor died this evening at 6 pm.  Edie, Thelma, Georgie, Tommy and Dibby gone to Diggers Ball.
30 May            Beautiful day again.  Boys and girls had a very enjoyable time at Diggers Ball – arrived home about 3.30 am. had to get up for Mass at 8.30.  Johnny Taylor buried at 3 pm.  Mrs Taylor not too good and went back to Cowra with Aunty Rose – Iris staying out – Uncle Bill and boys out to funeral.  Mrs Porter and boy went back to town with them.  Very frosty tonight.  Ena came home from Gilgandra.
31 May            George Snr and Jnr and Dibby went to Cowra – bought a beautiful chair for my birthday.
1 June Funny thing races today and I had to dip for first time.  Oro won at last.  Georgie had to send top gear back.  Seconds played Warrens team and beat them.  Mrs Flannery and Marie arrived at Uncle Nick’s.  George and boys gave me a beautiful chair for my birthday – Jimmy sent me gorgeous warm slippers and stockings.  Nellie sent lovely warm slippers and hankys from the pets.
2 June Vera Whitty and Edie played in Cowra tournament and were beaten.  Boys played tennis:  Tommy and Clem beat Georgie and Dibby.  Aub killed a pig, salted it down himself.  We had a nice piece.
3 June Mass this morning.  Our people went in to see air pageant.  Georgie went back to pictures with Jock and Jack. Aunty Bid got a nasty fall today watering flowers.  Got a black chin.  Dos in bed with bad cold.  Don Grant killed going home from air pageant tonight.
4 June Edie done washing today.  I’ve been busy writing my bills and telephone returns.  Iris Markham still out here.  Mrs Taylor only getting up today.
5 June Nice weather.  Thought we were getting boarder – little chap came from school where they are working asked for board but did not return.  Had letter from Jimmy and Nellie
6 June Disappointed about rain.  The weather is clear again today.  Finished up my writing thank goodness – I went to see Aunty Bid Ward, her chin is looking better after her fall.  Dos’ cold better – Aida doing the work.  At last Aub is put off at the weir.
7 June Two greengrocers today – very haughty with each other.  I bought from one and the other begged to keep half for him next day.
8 June Racing again.  I lost today all following Cid at 20-1.  Neville went home tonight – Aub, Thelma, myself and Georgie went to see him off.  I went to see Dr Mahon.  Blood pressure still high – must go on taking medicine.  Have had a weight on top of head for about three days and feel depressed.  Jenny and Herb here when we came home playing poker.
9 June New priest today. Very nice and gave lovely sermon.  Don’t know his name but from Bathurst.  Tennis match had Woodstock today – Darby’s beaten.  Billy Fogg arrived with pies about 8.30 am.
10 June           Washing day.  Edie on her own.  Thellie hanging out.  Painter came today to do rooms – gave first two coats.  Margaret Cooke started school today.
11 June           Painter not working today:  walls not dry enough for second coat.  Menangle Races today – very miserable day – fog this morn.  Letter from Nellie – kiddies doing well.  Letter from Jimmy – leaving Junee for Delegate then to Bombala.
12 June           Tommy putting in new windows.  Meeting this afternoon Country Women’s Association – Formed Branch.  Mrs P.J. Whitty President, Edie and Millice Vice-Presidents and Molly Oliver Secretary.  A very nice meeting and a lot of visitors.
13 June           Tommy still on windows – painter also here – getting three rooms painted.  Ted got load of wood today.
14 June           Nice day but cool wind.  Ted had bath and feels very good.  Started using his wood today.  Two strangers called today buying up old gold – we think they are policemen.  Tommy finished windows.  Edie and Jack gone down to Ward’s tonight.
15 June           Races today.  My luck out a little but beginning to win again.
16 June           Fr Reen out today – no Benediction.  Asked us to pray for Archdeacon’s complete recovery.  Tennis players went to Cowra today and lost, and Woodstock played here for cup but lost.  Reid Smith brought out my new bedroom suite today.
17 June           Edie washed – a very cold day.  Painter finished painting front of house today and Tommy turned door on my bedroom to open out instead of in.  Mrs Ryan taken to hospital today with Lumbago.
18 June           Painter went to work at school today.  Letter from Neville.  Jimmy at Bombala.  Very cold there and dreadful frost here too.
19 June           Tommy, Georgie, Edie and Ena and Herbie went to Convent Ball tonight – desperate frost again.
20 June           Party arrived from ball at 3.30 am frozen.  Ball a wonderful turnout, good thing for the sisters.  Very keen wind today.  Mill not working – something broken in engine so Georgie fixed his car.  Not so cold tonight in fact tis cloudy.  Jenny brought me a dozen eggs.
21 June           Johnny-Pop’s birthday – twelve months old.  A very cold day.  I swept part of yard and Edie painted side verandah.  Pictures tonight.  Gracie Fields in ‘One Week of Grace’.  Twas lovely.   After pictures Mrs Schapira, Mrs Preston, Stacia and two friends had supper.  Jack got notice at weir.  Edie did not go to pictures.
22 June           Raining today also races.  I had no luck.  Speaking to Dib.  Joan Mary not too well.  No letters from Jimmy or Nellie.
23 June           Mass this morning – Sacred Heart Day.  Ted not too well – Fr Reen called to see him and came in here for a chat.  Tommy Markham’s birthday.  Georgie gone to the weir – coming home for tea.  Ena and Tom asked to party at T.Whitty’s tonight – Norm and Roley did not go, played cards here.
24 June           Very cold morning.  Edie washed.  Ted not any better.  Rang Mollie telling her his condition, also wrote Tom and George.  Had letter from Nellie and specimen of Margaret’s writing and figures.  Letter from Murray also.  Cut up melon and made jam before we went to bed.
25 June           Cold, foggy and frosty this morning – not a bad day after it cleared away.  Jock went back to weir to work.
26 June           Same sort of morning as yesterday – very miserable till about 11 am.  Races this afternoon and won about 22/-.  Jack home tonight got another fortnight at the weir.  Had letter from Jimmy from Moss Vale.
27 June           Wretched day – fog and frost did not clear away till midday.  Ted not so well – asked for Molly and boys today.  Wrote to kidlets this morning and to Mrs Taylor asking her to lower rent.
28 June           Molly, Fred, Tom and Jack came down to see Ted.  Left about 8 pm.  Nearly ran over Bolly Mitchell on the road.  Dog wouldn’t let them near sulky.  Further along ran into a fog had it all the way to Grenfell.
29 June           Races today.  I had a win, the first for a long time.  Got a surprise tonight when Jimmy landed home with Percy Ford from Binalong – having his teeth remodelled and staying weekend.
30 June           Raining and Mass this morning – Fr Reen out – Ted a bit better.  George and Vera over from Harden – only stayed three hours, afraid of the road in the wet.  No benediction.
1 July  An accident at the weir last night at midnight.  A man named Neilson supposed to shoot himself – inquest tomorrow.  Thelma came home with a bad leg and went to bed.  Jimmy left this morning, rang up about 3 pm from Young – going on to Harden.
2 July  Thelma did not go to school today but is better.  Sent for ‘The Old Mull’ syndicate and ‘moyoters’.  Just heard Mrs Neilson charged with shooting her husband.
3 July  Letter from Nellie – all very well – also £1.15.3 from Chas.  Raining all day and bitterly cold.
4 July  Bitterly cold still but fine.  Ted very shaky – rum run out.  Jim and Georgie taking stock in shop likelihood of selling to Ossie Ford.
5-8 July           No entries
9 July  Gloria Gibbs died today after 20 hours illness – Pneumonic Flu. (Daughter of Maria McGuiness Gibbs, who was sister if Winifred, Neville Murray’s wife.)
10 July            Going out to Elliott’s tonight with Moya and Georgie.
11 July            Home from Elliott’s about 11 pm last night.  They have a beautiful home.  Left Moya Jordan out there.
12 July            Have been lazy about my diary.  Jack put off today at the weir – all work finished.  Ena had letter from Jimmy from Forbes and wire from Nellie to give Ena 5/- in competition.  Load gone to Cowra from the mill. Wrote Winnie and Nellie yesterday.  Raining today, not heavily.
13 July            Very cold morning – not raining but may later.  Races today.  I won a little.  Just talking to Jimmy at Eugowra he is coming home tonight for weekend.  Talking to Dibby all well.  Edie had two teeth out this arvo.
14 July            Jimmy home – leaving again tonight for Ardlethan.  Mass this morning – Fr Emilheinz.  Very miserable day – showery.  Ena went to Reids Flat to try to get subscribers for Free Press.
15 July            Very cold again – Edie washing.  Aubrey not home at quarter to six so sent Georgie after him.  He had a puncture up at Wass’.  Mr Britt with them – has to board with Thelma – everyone leaving dam.  Aubrey drawing sand for his chimney in Tom’s lorry.  Wrote Dibby and Fr Cain.  Georgie to town with Nick and he and Georgie began duties in shop – Mr Britt came down to board with Thelma.
16 July            Wretched day – pouring rain.  Today finishes Free Press competition.  We’re hoping Ena wins.  George very sick with cold this morning – made him stay in bed.  Ted does not seem to be improving.  Mrs Anthony Snr fell out of bed this morn and broke her leg at hip joint – taken to hospital and is in great pain.
17 July            Competition ended last night – the girl from Koorawatha won – Ena ran sixth after having 29,000 votes.  We are all very disappointed.  Cold morning again.  Just talking to Neville.  They and the Cookes are all well.
18 July            Letter from Winnie today. All very well.  Old Mrs Anthony not too good.  Moved her to Nurse Stinson’s Hospital.  George Snr. still in bed with cold.  Geo Jnr took Moya Jordan in to see Granny.  Jack Ward left for Sydney last night looking for work.  Takings in shop today £7 cash.
19 July            Have been over and fixed Ted up – he is better but blind so I have to still look after him.  Very cold morning.  George went back to bed this afternoon has a fresh cold.  Two policemen out this afternoon looking for bee hives.  Just off to pictures (Little Women).  Speaking to Nellie – all well.
20 July            Pictures up to putty last night – too much crying.  Had 15/- tote on Cid.  He won today at 5-2 in a mile race.
21 July            Another strange priest – don’t know his name – staying out for Benediction and Mass in the morning.  Very dopey day.  Tennis team went to Cowra and won and another team played here and won.  Played presbytery I think.
22 July            A lovely day after a very heavy frost.  Edie washed – no letter from Jack.  Paid Doll 10/- off an account I have with him – that is the second I have given him.
23 July            Tommy turned first sod in new shop this morning.  Another nice day – too cold for Ted to get out of bed.  Nick putting top on his chimney.  Put new iron on Doll’s room also.
24 July            Tommy has nearly all blocks in shop.
25 July            Raining a little.  Boys working on shop – just copied out five chain letters.  Letter from Jimmy from Bathurst.  Moya Jordan here for tea.
26 July            Mr Britt wired to proceed to North Forbes relieving.  Thelma has school to herself – about 39 in attendance yet.
27 July              Boys making good show in shop.  I have touch of Lumbago.  Little Frank Conyngham born 2 o’clock today.  Dib did not know till he went to hospital tonight – has not seen him yet.[ Francis Conyngham Murray, now very elderly, is the developer of this website!]
28 July              Dib going to see baby at 2 pm.  Mass this morning – Sacred Heart Day – Fr Reen.  Not a bad day today.  Tennis meeting today – holding tournament.  Beryl out trying to fill cars for a picnic at Wyangla Dam on August 11.  Talking to Jimmy from Bathurst he has been to Condobolin and Bogan Gate.
29 July            Fine morning.  Washing over.  No letters today.  J.P.W. went to town and paying a few bills for me.  Raining again this evening.  Putting iron round shop.  Paid Doll 10/- on spread – third instalment.
30 July            Raining today
31 July            Cold morning and misty rain.  Two Georges gone to town.  Letter from Jimmy from Bathurst with 30/-.  He is going to Forbes.  Letter from Dib telling me about the son.  Edie rang Nellie – Jack no work yet.  George gave Mrs Taylor notice about shop.
1 August          Beginning of spring, the weather a trifle improved.  Nellie rang this morning looking for a maid.  Very much like rain tonight.  Charlie arranged for help for Nellie but if not suitable will ring for Eileen.  Charlie left with Bill Gurney woolpressing for three months.  Edie wrote Jimmy for me.
2 August          Very cold today.  Charlie rang up from Boorowa.  We were talking to Nellie re Eileen – not decided yet.  Nick started Doll’s blocks.  Made 14.  Wrote Tom Markham re looking after his father.  Just home from pictures – very good too – Ireen Dunne in Only One Woman.  Word came Mrs Anthony took bad turn do not expect she’ll live tonight.
3 August          Raining and cold.  Races today.  I won a few bob.  About 12 punters in room and some ring up.  Eileen did not go to Nellie – the girl who came to her left a place for that reason – so she couldn’t put her off.
4 August          Raining still constantly.  Mass this morning.  We were glad to get off the hill.  Sat about the fire all day – still raining at night so Tot went up to play the organ.  Talking to Jimmy at Forbes.  He met Mr Britt from the Dam, also Reeves policeman.
5 August          Raining yet snowing at Crookwell.  Just heard Mrs Coward’s brother-in-law, Plackett, met with a serious accident yesterday and is in Temora Hospital.  Man with him was killed.  Paid Doll 10/- today.  That leaves me £1 to pay.
6 August          Lovely morning.  Expect to go to town at lunch time.  Home from town about 5.30.  Tommy had all iron on shop but one sheet and waiting for us.  Georgie took Aunty Bid [Ryan] back to Northwood – John Glennon dying in Canowindra hospital.
7 August          John Glennon died 3 am buried in Cowra at 3 o’clock today.  Beautiful day too.  Tommy had to stop work to go to funeral – Neville Ward rang up from Drake for Reg to go over on Tuesday.  Joyce Newham to have an operation in morning.  Mr Alford buried in Cowra today.
8 August          Nev. Ward rang up for Reg to go to Drake tonight.  Rung him from Tenterfield – got a job for him.  Mrs Anthony Snr. very well this morning – Today our Country Women’s meeting.  Only 11 members attended this afternoon.  Played cards and had afternoon tea.  Reg left tonight for Drake.  Letter from Nellie.  Jimmy and I received 1/- each for chain letter.
9 August          Miserable day again – misty rain falling.  Paid Edie £1 on Doll’s account.  She is to give it back to him.  Going to Mrs Warren’s tonight – cold too.  Jimmy 1/- from Gunning in chain.
10 August        Raining again today.  Had a very nice evening at Mrs Warren’s arrived home nearly midnight.  Mrs Warren gave me two lovely heads of lettuce.  Traveller called and got September order.  Had letter from Jimmy from Forbes and two more shillings for his chain letter.  Had letter from  Alice.  Sent Anne shoes for her birthday 11 Aug.  Just talking to Nellie – Margaret in hospital with poisoned leg.  Anne and John sick too.
11 August        Mass this morning – strange priest.  Turned out nice day.  Went to car drive at the weir – Beryl Eggleston’s stall at the Bazaar – the water from Alston side is a gorgeous sight.  Came home very tired.  Rang Nellie and Margaret a little better, poison checked.
12 August        Very cold morning – Edie washing – raining again tonight.
13 August        A little brighter this morning.  Sun peeping out.  Mrs Taylor came out today – first appearance since Johnny died.  Sam Daly, SP man died two o’clock today, Pneumonia.  Talking to Nellie tonight – Margaret improving but still in hospital.
14 August        Very cold again.  Misty rain falling.  Sam Daly to be buried this afternoon at 3 pm.  Mrs Coward left town after tea – pulled out of bog at Campbell’s, also at Ryan’s – had to ring Stan to go and bring her home.
15 August        Cold again today – I went to Melrose this afternoon to meet Mrs Jack Everett and Mrs Frost from Sydney.  While there Neville rang from Sydney.  Had a good yarn.  Coming home raining like one thing.
16 August        Moved into shop today altho not quite finished – it looks lovely.  Went to pictures tonight – not too bad only very cold.  ‘Flying Down to Rio’.  Tommy and Ena to supper.
17 August        Beautiful day.  Moorefield Races.  I had a small win – most of my punters went to town.  Mrs Ray home after about three weeks in town with her mother.  Had letter from Jimmy from Mudgee.  Eric brought load of sand for front of shop.
18 August        Gorgeous day.  Mass this morning strange priest.  Heard over wireless Haddon Coward and boy pal ran away from King’s School Parramatta.  Gone to Murwillumbah they think.  Talking to Jimmy from Bathurst.
19 August        Lovely day again.  Washing as usual.  Had letter from Winnie – all well.  Eric brought wood to Ted today.  No word of Haddon Coward.  Speaking to Nellie tonight – all well.
20 August        Another beautiful day – helping the kiddies with dancing in hall for Church of England dance.  Shop finished all but few bins for salt and sugar.  Herb, Ena, Georgie, Tommy and Edie gone to Police & Ambulance Ball – Moya rang up and Georgie in Cowra.
21 August        No entry
22 August        Left for Sydney.  Took 13 hours and had nine punctures.  Jack waiting on Grace Bros. corner for three hours.  Arrived at N.Bondi about 11 pm.  Winnie awake and Dib sleeping.
23 August        Winnie brought breakfast to bed.  We went to town about quarter to twelve, walked through a few shops and finished up at Horden Bros.  Met Mrs Flannery and Marie there from Goolagong.  Went home at five o’clock very tired.  Forgot to mention I met Jean Murray at Neville’s.
24 August        Left Nev’s with him at 8 o’clock in the morn.  He took me in to Wynyard Station and Jack met me there and took me to Mosman to Nellie’s.  She is doing OK.  Is better business woman than I thought she’d be.  Kiddies all well.  Nice big house.  Jim and Jock came over in the afternoon and stayed for tea and left to meet Jack in town – Nell and I talked till ten or after and went to bed.
25 August        Went to Mass at 7.30 at Mosman.  Had breakfast with Nellie and left for city about 9 o’clock and left for Darbys about 10 am.  Another 13 hours trip but only one blow out.  Got home about 10 pm – found Edie sick in bed with cold.  All the others up waiting for us – supper and to bed.  Winnie and children with us.
26 August        Gorgeous weather still.  Edie not well enough for washing.  Fr Reen went in to see Ted.  He hardly looked at him.  Aub started to work at the weir again today.  May be short time and may be five or six months.
27 August        Lovely day again.  Edie washed.  I’ve been practising at the hall with kiddies for the juvenile on Saturday night.  Had letter from Jimmy from Gulgong and he has gone to Coolah and is very well.  Edie had letter from Jack and no work yet.
28 August        Nothing much happened.  Looked after Ted as usual.  Thellie afternoon off – Edie talking to Jack.  No work yet – he says Jimmy is in Sydney
29 August        Looking like rain today but warm.  A party went to the weir in Ossie’s new bus.  Water a beautiful sight.
30 August        Church of England Ball.  Very good affair and lovely weather for it.  Door takings about £140.
31 August        Juvenile Ball a huge success.  Kiddies looked lovely and done their part well – after 11 o’clock adults took the floor and even Nick Jordan danced.  Ray and wife, Mrs Jack Anthony and several other old timers.
1 September   Mass today – Fr Masterton out.  Benediction also.  Beautiful day.  Cars going through to the weir.  Tennis on here at Darbys.  Talking to Nellie tonight – Jack no work yet.
2 September   Tommy went up with Aub to try and finish his house.  Two chaps (one Sammy’s doctor) called today for tea in the shop.
3 September   Beautiful weather still.  Petrol wagon out, left us 400 gallons.  Fr O’Kennedy home and looking very well.
4 September   Dance and Euchre for Beryl’s stall tonight.  A great success – made £3.10.0 clear but a storm came up about 6 pm – we thought it would spoil the night.  Sixteen from Cowra and one very small man with them.  Fr Reen and Fr Masterton out.
5 September   Our country women’s meeting today – 16 attended.  I did not go – instead entertained Neil Ferguson – a very nice day.  Letter and money from Jimmy at Boorowa.
6 September   Very nice morning – Edie getting ready to go to town.  Herb and party back from town – Iris heaps of sewing to do – Billy (?) Markham still in there with three new teeth.
7 September   Races today – I did not win.  Fine day.  George and Vera Markham arrived from Harden – going on holidays to Pat’s wedding.  They slept at Nick’s and her niece here with Edie.
8 September   Nice fine day.  Mass this morning – Fr O’Herlihy – great preacher.  Simpson’s came from Grenfell today to see Ted.  Left here about 8.30 pm for home.  No ring up from Jimmy.  Vera and George left about 11 am for Penrith.
9 September   Washing day and George Snr and Jnr went to Cowra so I had to mind shop and telephone.  They arrived home at lunch time.   Talking to Nellie and Jimmy tonight from Mosman.  He is going north to start a diesel tractor so they are giving him a day in the workshop.  Winnie made coffee and we’re off to bed.  Edie up at Nick’s.  Got cheap tobacco today from Mick Simmons.  Doll’s chimney finished so we won’t have him any more.
10 September Miserable kind of day.  Looks like rain.  New school teacher arrived – Mr Hyde.  Seems very nice.  Staying with us till Friday or Saturday.  First night threw cigarette butt in FC’s [Francis Conyngham’s ?] milk.  I went to pictures to Cowra with Aub, Thelma and Tot.  Saw Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy in Broadway Bill – very good.
11 September Second show day and a cold wind blowing.  Winnie going in this arvo to have a look around and go to pictures.  Doll gone to town in Ossie’s bus.  Kiddies very good.
12 September Went to races today.  Had a good day – two wins 16/6d and 22/6d.  Cold miserable day – wore our coats.  Went to pictures at night – Eddie Cantor in Kid Millions.  Home about 1 o’clock.
13 September Races again – a nicer day than yesterday.  Winnie and Edie to races and I’m minding the kiddies.  They came home to tea.
14 September Jimmy came home this morning for week-end.  He looks well.  He and Georgie insisted that I go to the pictures, then to the Bazzar.  I won a cake for three penny tickets.  Supper and home.  Nellie rang up whilst we were away.  Mrs Hyde came out tonight.  Mr Hyde came down at midnight for candles and a few groceries.
15 September Mission starts today – Fr Quinn.  We don’t call him a good preacher yet.  Mission good attendance.  Aub left Yarrum today for his new home at the weir.  I think he was sad at leaving but I hope tis for the best.  Mrs Hyde down this evening – two lovely kiddies, Jocelyn and Wendy.  She is very nice too.
16 September Georgie took Jimmy to Woodstock this morning – Jimmy has to get tractor off train and deliver it six miles from Woodstock.  Georgie stayed with him as the truck stopped under wrong crane and they had to pay 10/- to get it off.  Georgie did not get home till 3 pm.  Fr Quinn called in the shop this morning.
17 September Mission still and lovely weather.  Great attendance
18 September Mission – Mass each morning at 8 am.  Benediction and a very wild windy cold night – bought a crucifix for Aub.
19 September Mass this morning.  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 3.30 pm.  I paid a visit to church and Georgie and I went up to Yarrum Park to see Aub and Thelma.  They are far from being settled but their house in a lovely spot.  A wonderful view all over the Dam.  We stayed for tea and came back for Benediction.
20 September Mass this morning – Fr Quinn and Pat Whitty went up to Mrs Phil Carlin’s.  Jack Ward came home from Sydney.  Had letter from Nellie tonight by Jack.  Raining very heavily this evening.  Tom and his father working at Horsfall’s.
21 September Fine day.  Good attendance at Mission.  Talking to Neville, and Jim in Sydney again for week-end, both staying with Nellie.  Georgie took Mr & Mrs Hyde to town.  Winnie minding shop.
22 September Finished Mission this morning – great crowd – we feel quite lonely now nowhere to go, but a beautiful day.  Aub and Thelma down all day.  They seem very happy at Yarrum Park.  Jack gone up with them for couple of weeks to help Aub to straighten up in and around the house.
23 September Very quiet today and very summery.  Relief men working out in the street.  Tommy finished at Horsfall’s.  Washing day.
24 September Another lovely day.  Nothing much doing anywhere.
25 September Good day. Thellie’s half holiday.  Winnie, Edie, George and Ena went up to Yarrum Park for game of cards, home about 11.30 pm.  Jimmy rang from GPO Sydney.  Going to Scone on 2 o’clock train.  Dibby rang up – all well at Mosman.
26 September Same old thing, nothing new.  New goods arrived from Mitchells Ltd.
27 September Beautiful day – George and Winnie going to town for tobacco supply
6 October        Aub and Thelma down for the day.  They are very happy at Yarrum Park.  Took their cow home tonight and two clucky turkeys and about two dozen eggs.  Jack still working up there.
7 October        Doctor out to Ted today says nothing can be done for him – he is very weak and the weather very hot.
8 October        Ted no better and weather still hot.  Washing today.
9 October        Very hot again – got four cases of oranges for the shop today.  Neville Ward arrived home for his holidays.
11 October      Aub’s cow with heifer calf today.
12 October      Winnie and children went home tonight.  Looked very cosy in lady’s compartment.  Georgie and I went to train with her and afterwards to pictures.
13 October      Mass 8 o’clock this morning.  Priest from Bathurst – no Benediction.  Gorgeous day.  Expect George Markham today to see his father.  Aub and Thelma just left for Yarrum Park.  George and Vera down from Harden today – Miss Hickey and two little girls – cousins of Aunty Bid’s with them.  Jimmy did not ring up.
16 October      Edie  went to Dentist – had a tooth hammered out and a couple of stitches in gum.  Suffering no after effects
18 October      Received a card from King & King record searchers, 46 King Street re money in Chancery – we have sent 3/- postal note so expect interesting information.  Mrs Flannery and Marie arrived at Nick’s.  Got notice from King & King today re money in Chancery for Markhams.
19 October      Caulfield Cup today – I wonder what will win.  A gorgeous day here.  Cup over and Palfresco winner – 20/1.  Send off to Mr Warren tonight.  Gave him a beautiful clock worth £7.7.-. very nice evening – lots of dancing people and nice supper.
20 October      Fr Ermilhenry (?) again – Molly, Fred and Tom down to see Ted.  Raining from very early this morning.  Very heavy too.  Fr came down to see Ted.  Mill working.  Thelma and Aub down for the day.
21 October      Georgie and Edie gone to town.  Edie to have tooth attended to and George on business.  Raining again this morning but fine now.  Our little cow with heifer calf this morning.  Mrs Flannery left for Goolagong this morning – letter card from Jimmy.  He is still at Binaway but leaving tonight for Coolah.
22 October      Fine again today.  Edie washing.  Ena gone in to dentist – Don Elliott wife and family went to Wyangala Dam today.  He has a boat site.  They may spend summer there and back to Queensland for winter.
23 October      Fine today but hot.  Talking to Jimmy from Coolah – just leaving there for Trundle.  Molly rang up about her dad.  Talking to Aub from Weir – says Dam rising again.
24 October      Tommy M (? Markham) went to town yesterday and secured tyres and parts for the lorry to draw logs and take timber to town themselves.  Raining again today – not heavy but tis cold.  Went up to Aub’s tonight.  They have everything lovely.  Fowl yards, cow yards and vegetable garden.
25 October      Tommy and Jim W (? Ward) loading timber for town.  A beautiful morning.  Aub expects his boats today
31 October      Ted passed away today – a very peaceful death at 12.30.  Looked lovely when laid out.  Tom and Georgie went in and brought out coffin, put him in and left in the hut all night.  Screwed down in the morning and taken to the church.  Mass offered up for him.  Left there with Blessed Sacrament till 3 pm when funeral left – largely attended.  Molly, Fred, George, Vera, Tom and Jack down.  Funeral Friday 1st November.
1 November    Ted’s family went to their different homes this evening after funeral.
2 November    Mass this morning – very quiet all the people gone away.  Poor old Ted.  I miss running across the street to see to him.  Talking to Neville and had letter from Win – baby on Lactogen.
3 November    Spent all day at the Weir – went home with Aub after Mass.  Just lovely up there – about 200 people.  Cars parked everywhere.  Aub took me for a row.  Georgie and Percy Ford spent the day on the water – came home very tired.  Talking to Jimmy from Lockhart, he is very well.
4 November    Mass this morning did not go – very tired after yesterday.  Edie washing – tis a lovely morning.
8 November    Left for Sydney at 3 pm via Wyangala Dam. Aub giving me the trip.  Lovely run down arrived at Grace Bros. corner about midnight.  Dib waiting so we went out with him to 84 Cambridge Street.  Edie, Win and I slept together and Dib on the floor on cot mattress.  Nellie has sold out of her business at Mosman – two Dago’s taking it.
9 November    Left Dib’s for Nellie’s about 9.30.  Found all well over there.  Jimmy arrived from Lockhart for dinner so I had all my children (Murrays) with me.  We had a pleasant time.  After tea Alice, Edie and Nellie went to Luna Park – I went to bed as I was very tired.  Jimmy went back to stay at Dib’s.  I did not go to City at all – no time and too bustled.
10 November  Went to 9 o’clock Mass at Mosman – tis a beautiful Church, then Charlie drove me back to Dib’s for dinner and went back to Mosman and brought all hands over to see us off – ten of us in the car to go back to Grace Bros. corner.  Left there about 2.30 – took Thelma’s mother to Newtown to see her son, so they went in for afternoon tea.  Asked Edie and I but we didn’t go.  Left there about 4 pm – good trip – arrived Bathurst 8.  Arrived Wyangala Dam about midnight.  Straight home to Darbys.
11 November  Very tired this morning – stayed in bed a while and lazed about all day.
12 November  Washing day.  Finished 10 am.  Stormy this afternoon.  Mrs Smart called for an hour.  Young people decorating hall for CWA Ball tomorrow night.
13 November  A beautiful morning – have just written to Nellie.  Just heard that Danny Neville was killed in Sydney last night and will be buried in Cowra tomorrow at 3 pm.  George Snr got slight stroke this morn – sent him to doctor.  Slightly better this arvo.
14 November  CWA Ball last night – a great success.  £13 at the door.  Mrs Bragge Group President from Koorawatha out and Mr & Mrs Hutchison from Cowra.  Lots of other Cowra-ites out.  Denny Neville’s funeral in Cowra today.  George Snr much better – Edie telephonist – Nev Ward rang for Jim to go to Drake and take Sawyer’s job.
15 November  Very cold miserable day – have a fire burning.  Georgie in the shop – Edie telephone.  Dr says George must rest or a stroke is certain.  Talking to Nellie – Jimmy at Yeoval.  Nellie’s address 120 Spit Road, Spit Junction.  Leaving shop today.
16 November  Very cold again – wintry in fact.  Had a good day at races – Jim Ward left for Drake to work at sawmill.  Georgie took him in – then to pictures.  Aub and Thelma down till after Mass.
17 November  Nice day – 8 o’clock Mass – strange priest, Fr O’Sullivan.  Georgie and Percy at the Weir all day and Howarths – Aub’s boats rented – Don Elliott’s launch on the Dam today.  Just talking to Jimmy from Yeoval.  Put Beck Armstrong’s flowers on Ted’s grave.
18 November  Aubrey down at 7.30 – going to dentist – up all night with toothache.  Mass this morning.  Edie washing.  I am telephonist.  Aub back at 10.30 had three teeth out – very sore face.  Stayed here till about 3.30 pm.  Pictures tonight – all gone but myself, George and Doll – Grandad Rudd.
19 November  Weather warming up.  George gone to doctor – says he is doing well and to continue with medicine and keep quiet.  Letter from Neville – all well.
20 November  Very hot today – everyone OK.  Talking to Archdeacon O’Kennedy.  Says to get up something for New Year’s night – wrote Molly and Beck Armstrong.  Just heard Mrs Ron Oliver has young daughter – Molly O [Oliver ?] still in hospital with pleurisy.  Wretched night with insects.  Card from Jim from Tenterfield posted 18 November.  Bush fire in Ryan’s at Whistlewaugh.
21 November  A terrible day of wind and dust – had letter from Nellie.  They have moved.  Read in last Saturday’s Guardian Nurse Thornbury married to F.C.Rowlands of Werribee, Woodstock.  Cecil Markham’s wife has another daughter (Janet).
23 November  Races today – punters won.  Very hot day.  Ena went to town with Neville’s for new tooth, it looks very nice too.  Ena and Georgie went to Mount.  Ena to play for dance.  Georgie gets petrol.  Aub and Thelma arrived about 9 pm.  Got our goods today from Sydney.  Sent letter to Inspector have Edie sworn in Post Office.  Also trying for Savings Bank and Saturday afternoon half holiday instead of Wednesday.  Mrs Taylor came out with mailman.
24 November  Very hot again – Sacred Heart Day – Fr Reen out.  Aub’s face not too good – has been bad ever since he had his teeth out – a week now.  Going to dentist tonight.  George and Percy gone to the Weir rowing about when finished.  Let the boats for two hours till 8 pm to Olivers.  Aub home from Dentist.  He says face is cleaning up nicely – no occasion for alarm.  Jimmy rang tonight from Dubbo – leaving there for Werris Creek to start his first header.
25 November  Hot morning – Edie washing.  Georgie opening up store, goods in shop.  Sent for ticket for Tiger, Runaway syndicate.  Jack walked from the Weir after Aub’s cow.  Left for home about 4 pm.
26 November  Very hot again.  Letter from Jimmy at Dubbo he is very well.  Held meeting this afternoon – a very bum one – to arrange for dance on New Year’s night for the Church funds.
27 November  Hotter than ever today – wrote Mrs Hal Oliver about dance also Dorrie Newham and Mrs Elliott and Jimmy, Nellie and Dibby.  George doing bills on back verandah.  Races Kenso today – no good to me.  I’ve had a cramp in my stomach all afternoon – could not eat my tea and had to go to bed early.  Sickly day from heat.
28 November  Lovely change this morning – working up for a thunderstorm and a trifle cooler.  Herbie Wass home from Carcoar and Ellis Sligar and Eric Newham got piece of land.  Letter from Jimmy from Dubbho – fixed header OK and off to Griffith.  Dos and Biddy went to Cowra.
29 November  Beautiful – Gorgeous.  Glorious rain after two wretched days of heat and tonight we have a fire again.  Letter from Nellie today.  Georgie moved wireless into shop for the day.  Violi Howarth had an operation today for appendicitis – doing OK.  Tommy putting copper pipe from refrigerator to keep soda cool.
30 November  Fine today but lovely and cool.  Races at Moorefield not much good.  Thelma and Aub down – his two new boats arrived – he’s very pleased – so we went to Woodstock for the oars.  Georgie and Jack have gone to town to pictures.
1 December    Not too hot this morning – 8 o’clock Mass.  Aub and Thelma went home after to look after boats.  After dinner Herbie, Ena, Tom, Georgie, Percy F and Ray Oliver went to Dam.  The latter had a row in boats for afternoon till dreadful storm came up – blew all lights out.  Mr Gill had to come out and put in new fuse.  Speaking to Jimmy from Ariah Park – he is well.  Young people gone to T.Whitty’s for a send off to Norm Pepper.  They are giving him kitchen tea tho not getting married.
2 December    Party very enjoyable last night.  Very hot and thundery today – raining a little tonight.  Letter from Jimmy from Griffith.  Georgie went to town for goods – Edie washing and I’m telephonist.  Mr Coward down tonight to ring up – Haddon not well.
3 December    Pouring rain all day – over one inch last night – letter from Jimmy from Ariah Park.
4 December    Very cold again – sitting by fire doing my telephone returns.
5 December    Weather warming up again.  Went to see doctor tonight – not too well.  Have another medicine to take.  Saw Uncle Bill and Beryl.
6 December    Nothing happened today – speaking to Dib says Jimmy gone thro to Quirindi.  Ascot Races postponed from Wednesday thro rain.
7 December    Busy day – rather warm – talking to Charlie from Sydney – he is leaving for S.Australia tonight – Jim Ward at Nellie’s.  Herby and Ena, Tommy, Rosie and Eilly went to town – Aub and Thelma down – They’re all gone to Ward’s for game of cards – Dos’ birthday.
8 December    Lovely day.  Some of our people had good afternoon at the Weir boating and fishing and swimming.  Fr O’Sullivan out today.
9 December    Georgie went to town this morning for Margaret and Anne who came up with Jim Ward.  Very hot day.  Edie washed.  George Snr. went to town with Ronnie Munday to see Dr.  Ordered his teeth out and to continue with medicine.
10 December  Very hot again.  Races this afternoon.
11 December  Very hot morning but cool change came up about 11 am.  Going up to Aubrey’s tonight – taking Anne and Margaret.  Letter from Jimmy today leaving Quirindi for Muswellbrook.  Georgie bought 2 bags wheat from E.J.Whitty.
12 December  George had 15 teeth extracted – not too bad after it.  School concert tonight.  I did not go but they say twas very good – they danced till 12 o’clock.
13 December  Very hot day.  Letter from Alice – sent her the money for Joan Mary’s doll for Xmas.
14 December  Races today – I did not win.  Aub and Thelma down tonight.  Lal and Edie went to Ward’s – Tiger roused on Lal for going and called the Wards everything.  Mr Rose died this morning – burst his appendix – buried at 4 pm.
15 December  Mass this morning – Fr Sullivan.  Georgie gone to the Weir and Ray Oliver and Margaret went up with Thelma for a few days – Charlie and Jimmy rang up from City.  Chas and Nellie coming up this week.
16 December  Georgie went to town for lollies from Allens.  Xmas tree toys came from Hordern aBros.  Edie washed – beautiful cool night.
17 December  Edie made two small cakes – one to go to Winnie.  Hot day but we’ve had worse.  Expecting Nellie tonight.
18 December  Thellie having a spring cleaning.  Very hot day too.  Nellie did not arrive yet.
19 December  Very hot and muggy and trying to rain.  We are hoping for a storm.  Nellie and Chas arrived from Mandurama – about midday.  Left sydney 8.30 Wed. morning.  Nellie shopping on the way.  Nice cool change again tonight.  Went down to see old Mrs Anthony – ran over Ray’s best dog.
20 December  Did not rain after all but beautiful cool change.  Pat Whitty went to town and came home shot.  Fixed Xmas tree tonight.  Nellie and Edie and Ena went to Ward’s afterwards.  Nev and Win sent me a pocket diary for Xmas box.
21 December  All workers gone to town for their money.  Still cool.  I have my wooly coat on.  Charley clipping lawn.  Georgie gone to town.  Xmas tree for children tonight.
22 December  Mass this morning – Fr Sullivan.  Warmer day and round up.  Aub and Thelma down for Mass.  Xmas tree a great success last night.  50 kiddies danced till 10 pm and had lemonade and oranges and adults danced till 11.30 pm.  Jimmy did not ring up. Aub and Till gave me a set of underwear for Xmas box.
23 December  George gone to town for goods, expecting groceries from Sydney.  George Snr going to see Dr this afternoon – Chas and Nellie going in also.  Attended mass this morning.  Edie gave me a bottle of perfume for Xmas box and Nell a set of underwear.
24 December  Xmas Eve girls went to town this afternoon shopping and up to Beryl’s.  Chas and I went in in the morning to shop – got seven tickets at Squires for presents for kiddies.
25 December  Xmas Day.  Very nice and cool.  Girls up to Hyde’s and down to Ward’s.  Nell and Norm came down at night.  All went to Ward’s till midnight.  Jimmy came home.
26 December  Boxing Day and Races.  Jimmy went in this afternoon to go out to Pengilly’s.
28 December  I went to pictures to meet Jimmy – we brought him out again.
29 December  Mass this morning – Jimmy went to Confession and Holy Communion – all young people went to Weir for picnic. Engaged two boats and had a great time – arrived home about 7.45 pm.  Jim PW minding John.  Fr O’Kennedy out today – Tiger came home.
30 December  Washing day and very warm.  Georgie taking Jimmy to town again.  Tiger left again for Waters to finish a job.  Jimmy went away again today.  Called to Concord.  Bought George a new tyre.
31 December  Tuesday – very hot today again – last day of old year.  Anne has been ill for three days – very sore throat.  Taking her to see the Dr this evening.  Dr says Anne has Diphtheria and will be three weeks in hospital.  Rang Dib and Jimmy tonight to wish them a happy New Year – Jimmy going to a Ball at Wentworth with Alice and will not leave Sydney till Thursday.  Will attend conference on January 2nd.  Peter Eggleston has a sunstroke.
            Goodbye 1935.
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