Hilton, Chowringhee, Switzerland, Bee and Ben Nevis

Here is an example of the relatively common practice of the time of Irish chain migration.

Charles Murray his wife Susan (Shannon) and six children arrived on the SUSAN in 1839, and these five ships subsequently brought their close relations to the Colony:-

  • HILTON  1855- the five McGee children of Charles Murray’s sister Dorinda;
  • CHOWRINGHEE 1856- Two of the Johnston children of Susan (Shannon) Murray’s late sister Mary (Shannon) Johnston;
  • SWITZERLAND 1854 –  Susan (Shannon) Murray’s sister’s family – Margaret, her husband, John Haughey, three children and one grandchild;
  • BEE 1856 – Rose (Haughey) Dillon’s husband; and
  • BEN NEVIS 1856 – Four of the children (and the wife and child of one of them),of Susan (Shannon) Murray’s late sister Mary (Shannon) Johnston.


Details of the ships and the journey are yet to be assembled. Appropriate links are provided above in the meantime.