Lavinia 1832

  • 1832     ‘Lavinia’   George Conyngham.

  • Barque 300t.  Capt. W.T.Gray.
  • Liverpool 10.6.1832 – Cape of Good Hope- Hobart 28.11.1832 – Port Jackson 6.12.1832. Merchandise and passengers.
  • Reel 1286: List of Emigrants on Lavinia from Liverpool – Cunningham, George. Steerage. Country Ireland.
  • Account of Voyage RHSV Melbourne, Entry No 131, Box 131/1
  • Report of a Barque arrived Port Jackson 6 December, 1832:
Name Lavinia
Tonnage 300
Master’s name Gray
From whence Liverpool (10 June), via Cape (21 Sept), and Hobart Town (28 Nov.)
Lading Merchandise
Cabin passengers Mrs Dillon and two children (1M,1F both under 12); Mr Crozier from Ireland; Mr John Fogan and Mr James Fogan from England; Mr John McDonald, Surgeon.
Steerage passengers 72 steerage passengers and 45 children ‘as per list to be forwarded’.


  • Sydney Gazette December 8, 1832: “ From Liverpool, via Hobart Town, the same day, having left the former place on the 10th of June, And the latter the 28th Ult., the Barque “Lavinia” (300t.) Captain Gray. Lading. Merchandise. Passengers Mrs Dillon and 2 children, Mr Crozier,Mr J Fagan, Mr James Fagan, Mr J MacDonald, Surgeon, and 72 steerage passengers, principally mechanics, with their families.”
  • Sydney Gazette December 11, 1832: “From Liverpool etc. V. Morgan Agent. 2 boxes soap, 5 bales, 3 cases cotton stuffs, 5 crates earthenware, 1 hogshead china, 1 case slates,3 cases hardware. W. Morgan. 1 pianoforte, 4 hogsheads hams, 50 barrels tar, 165 staves,. Shipped at Cape of Good Hope: 100 half pipes Cape wine. R Campbell & Co: 5 boxes raisins. Shipped at Hobart Town 3 cases cottons, 1 case apparel, 1 cask sickles, 1 clock case.
  • The Australian 14 December, 1832: From Liverpool same day, having left that port on 10 June, Cape of Good Hope on 21st September, Hobart Town 28 November, the Barque “Lavinia”, 300t. Captain Gray, with a cargo of merchandise. Passengers Mrs Dillon from Dublin and 2 children, Mr Crozier from Dublin,Mr John Fagan and Mr James Fagan from England, Mr J MacDonald, Surgeon, from Scotland, Mr Francis Ellard, merchant, Mrs Ellard and two children, from Ireland. Mr Thomas Throughton, merchant, Miss M McCormack, Joseph McIntyre, from England. Mr James Stephenson from Scotland. Mr Charles Traynor, farmer, George Cunningham, Mr Hugh Molan, baker and Mrs Molan, from Ireland. Mr Daniel Donnelly, merchant, and Mrs Donnelly and 11 children, Mr James Curry, farmer, and Mr (sic) Curry, from Ireland.






Name Ellen Grum Ellen Twohill Calling Farm servant and servant Farm servant Age 28 and 25 19 Native place Ballingarry, Co Limerick Ballingarry, Co Limerick Parents’ names James and Ellen James and Margaret State of health, etc Very good   Religion R C   Read and write Neither   Any complaints None   Protection William Grum (brother) William Grum Relations in the colony – Cousin Ellen Curtain Bounty claimed £17/17/0