Darbys Falls 1930s Map – by Margaret Wilkinson.


Darbys Falls Map -Families in Margaret Harris’ Diary

Drawn by Margaret Wilkinson.

A grandchild of Edmund Markham (1802-1866) one of the first settlers in the area in the early 1830s, Margaret (Markham) (Murray) Harris (1877-1957) kept a diary from 1934-1956,  during much of her half century in Darbys Falls, where she was postmistress for some 40 years. Her notes over the period provide an interesting insight into life in the village and a source for genealogical research. The diary has not been placed on this website but her grandaughter Margaret (Cooke) Wilkinson has drawn the following map noting the residential locations of the Darbys Falls residents and their local and visiting families.

The map may also be examined in the context of the names in Gordon Elliott’s Earliest Memories.

North End of Darbys Falls Village 1930s

South end of Darbys Falls Village 1930s.