Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1942





1 January          First day Daylight Saving.  Mass at 8.30 we were an hour early as Fr went by old time.  All but Doll [brother, Frank] and myself went to river to have tea.

2 January          Roasting hot.  Have written Jimmy and Neville.  Little Mary Ryan [Darcy & Eileen’s daughter] died last night in Sydney.

3 January          Had win at races.

4 January          Spent day at Aub’s.   Had swim with Thelma’s cossy on.

17 January        Tom left for Sydney.

24 January        Nellie left for Sydney.

25 January        Little change today – slightly cooler.

30 January        Nellie arrived home this afternoon – came out here again with us.

31 January        Nellie back to Cowra today.  Aubrey not well.  Kids’ concert a great success.


1 February        Beautiful steady rain.  80 points.  Aub down.

2 February        Children went back to school today after 6 weeks.

10 February      Letter from Dib written 30 January

11 February      Wrote Dib and Winnie.  Very muggy day.  Heavy storms around but only light rain here.  Eric home again.

12 February      Wrote Jim.  Very muggy again this morn.  Emilie and a few others went to see Dr Mahon who has been called up.

13 February      Very muggy again.  Georgie and Clarrie gone for posts to straighten fence between us and Taylors.

14 February      Jim W. home from Bowenfells.

15 February      Fanny [Gallagher] and Gwen Henderson out for weekend.

16 February      Jim went back to Lithgow.  Emilie preserving 8 bottles apples today.

17 February      Eric left for Bowenfels today.  Letter from Dib and answered back.

18 February      Letter from Jimmy.  He seems very tired.

19 February      Lovely light rain falling.  Buying Vacola outfit today.


7 March             Letter from Dib dated 23 February.  Sent wire but did not get it.

8 March             Talking to Jim and Tom.  They are well.

9 March             Received Dib’s wire this morn.  Aub going to Tocumwall tonight on defence work.

16 March           Went to Children’s concert at Cowra – very nice.  Margaret’s 1st Prize œ5.  Fanny came with us.

18 March           Like rain and cold.  We made a fire.

19 March           Very cold change today.  Wind from South.

23 March           Hurried to Sydney to see Neville.  Warrego in dock for repairs after Darwin.

24 March           Neville came off this afternoon.  Is not on leave yet.  Win and kiddies down too.

25 March           Jimmy and Tommy came on to flat for a pow wow and they are both well.  Just finished big contract for trucks.

26 March           Went to wharf to meet Neville after work – walked all round Domain.

27 March           Torrential rain falling coming home from Sydney.  Mr Rodwell with me.

28 March           No rain today – they have had 170 points back here.  Had good trip home.

29 March           Mass 9 am today.  Talking to Jimmy.  Mat Walsh [Hannah Ryan’s sister] at Northwood.

31 March           Noel Newham gone into camp tonight.  Murray Cooke came out tonight.


1 April                Beautiful morning.  Posting parcels to soldiers – one for Nev.

5 April                Jimmy rang from Sydney at dinner time.

7 April                Nev went home to Canberra for 12 days.

13 April              Beautiful morning

17 April              Jimmy’s birthday – sent him a wire.

18 April              Dib recalled to his boat – going New Caledonia.

24 April              J.P.Simeon died today.  [Simeon’s Funeral Service]

25 April              No races.  We are lost – seems nothing to do.

26 April              Women’s Sunday.  Jimmy rang up tonight.

27 April              Beautiful day – no sign of rain.  George has gone to town.  Wrote my sons.

28 April              Warm day.  Letter from Wriggle and Dib.  Went for walk with Em. Called at Wards.

29 April              Raining this morn – lightly.

30 April              Letter from Dibby.


1 May                Raining this morn.  Geo had to go to Wyangala for Thelma – fractured her wrist.

14 May              Iris Puttock [Markham, daughter of Bill and Rose] taken to hospital this morning.

15 May              Daughter born to Mrs Peter Whitty today.  Emilie, Geo and Thelma to town – very cold.  Letter from Dib.

25 May              Started raining daylight.

26 May              Still raining

27 May              Clearing up this morn.  We’ve had 2 inches rain.

31 May              Dib’s boat gone out again.  Told me to write air mail.


1 June               Had wire from Lucy O’Leary today for my birthday – haven’t heard from her for years.

3 June               Ester Waters and Bert Howarth married today.

4 June               Had 100 soldiers here tonight – boiled three dixies of tea.  They walked on to Riverslea.

5 June               Very nice day and like rain this arvo.

14 June             George Harris III [Jnr] born this morn at 11 am.

27 June             Jimmy arrived this morn, also Tommy and Wriggle.

28 June             Baby christened today at St Joseph’s Darbys Falls [George William Harris III, Junior]

29 June             Jimmy left for Sydney tonight


1 July                Tom left for Sydney but something went wrong with car and had to come home again.

3 July                Had party for Aunty Bid Ward’s birthday – 83 years.

4 July                Tom returned to Sydney tonight.

6 July                Beautiful morning after week’s rain and wind.  Heavy frost this morn.

Next entry:

7 September     Paid Dos œ1 for Jim.

9 September     Nora Ford married in St Joseph’s Church, Darbys Falls today to Lloyd Matheson.

12 September   Iris [Markham] Puttock died this morn at 2 am.  [Iris died of Brights Disease and left a baby daughter].

13 September   Iris buried Cowra today at 3 pm.  Mission starts today.


17 October        Dance tonight for May Whitty – Cowra.  Very good financialy.

31 October        Jimmy went thro Cowra, did not call.


3 November      Paid Mr Hyams M.O. for 2 dozen œ2.4.0.

7 November      Ern Murray died tonight.  Senr. 12 months dead [George Harris I].  Tom and Wriggle home.

9 November      Very hot day.  Paid for 4 doz. beer rec. Saturday by mail and George to pick up 2 and pay.  œ6.12.0.

10 November    Four by mail

11 November    Paid œ4.8.0. for parcels by mail.


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