Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1956



1 January          Beautiful morning.  Connollys came over again in the afternoon, stayed till about 9 pm.

2 January          Holiday.  No letters.  No visitors.

3 January          Georgie’s telegram arrived.  They gave it over the phone Sat. night.  There was no one here to take it as it was addressed to phone UB 2183.  Letter card from Margaret from Tamworth.  Letter from Georgie.

4 January          Nellie and Edie in town today.  Met Dos, Aida and Winnie.  Spent afternoon.  Win came out and stayed the night.

5 January          Letter from Margaret from Toowoomba.  They are having a wonderful time.  Winnie went home to Canberra today.

6 January          Anne went back to Cooma today.

7 January          Edie went to Randwick to an engagement party for Mary Platt and Rod Bryant.  Aubrey and Thelma arrived today – they had dinner with us and Nellie took them up to see Murray’s home and then they went on to Clovelly.  Edie stayed the night with Aida [Jordan] and Reg [Ward].

8 January          Sunday.  John spent the day after Mass under his car but has it in working order now.  Been to Liverpool and Parramatta in it since.

11 January        Mrs Wilkinson called and had afternoon tea with us.  Edie went to meet Linda [Platt] in town.  It rained so she was home early.

12 January        Aubrey came out and stayed the day with us.  No letters from anybody.

13 January        Nellie washing some towels and sheets for Margaret.

17 January        Aub out to stay the night.  Edie took him up to show the shops.  Very hot.

18 January        Aub left for Clovelly about 3.45 pm.  Nellie and Edie went with him to Auburn to pick up photos.  Mrs Wilkinson and brother called at lunch time.  She is going for a holiday to Thirroul.  Very hot today.

20 January        Edie left for Cowra.  Letter from Georgie.  No word from Margaret.

23 January        Norm and Nell Pepper, Mat [Walsh] and children out to see me yesterday.  Nice fine weather – not hot.

24 January        Mrs Connolly dropped in this afternoon, stayed for tea.  Left about 9.30 pm.  Anne came home tonight.

25 January        Aub and Thelma called in on their way home.  I was very lonely when Aub was leaving.  In the afternoon Jack went down to Wollongong to bring his mother home.  Took me for the drive.

26 January        Jack and Margaret gone to town.  Have written to Geo and Jimmy.

27 January        John gone to Coolangatta – Porky [Maurrie Veness] also.

28 January        Rose and Mary [Ford] called to see me.  Mary going to Randwick Convent.

29 January        Jack, Marg and furniture left for Crookwell.

30 January        Dib came out today

31 January        Writing Janet today for her 12th birthday.  Letter from Edie.  Blood pressure pills today.


1 February        Ena, Nicky and Marea [Wass] here for tea this evening.  Neville out and had tea at Murrays and stayed here till about 8.30 pm.

4 February        Went to Connollys for surprise party.  It was Jimmy’s 60th birthday.  Arrived home 3 am Sat morn.

5 February        Aida [Jordan] and Beryl [Eggleston] out to see me.  Had tea.  Beryl left her glasses.

6 February        Anne starts work at Cabramatta Council today

10 February      Have written to George and Neville and my Role [Easbourne].  Teeming rain.  They are evacuating people from low lying parts of Fairfield.

13 February      George rang me tonight.

14 February      Mrs Wilkinson called

15 February      Letter from George today

18 February      Letters from Emily and Julie Ford

21 February      Sent Edie 6/- for Far East.  Have written Edie, Eileen, George, Julie and Em.

25 February      Elsie Ford called today with Enid’s children.  Lloyd [Matheson] down for car and took them back to Cowra.

28 February      Winnie came out today and stay‚d the night.  Left for Canberra this morn.

29 February      Fr Morley brought me Holy Communion this morn.             Letter from Edie this morn.


1 March             Poured raining all day.  Johnnie [Harris] had op to his bad eye.

2 March             Letter from George.  Writing to Aubrey.  Letter from George.

12 March           Jimmy called for a while.  Down to take back a truck.

13 March           Jimmy came about 11.30 am on his way to Parkes with truck. Sending baby card to Enid Ford.

14 March           Posted letters to Edie, George and Mrs Coward.  Letter from Dib.  Reg and Dos [Ward] out to afternoon tea, stayed for tea.  Mrs Coward and I had two tickets in lottery but did not win.

17 March           Jack and Marg down for weekend – taking home their new electric stove

22 March           Had my hair permed yesterday.  Had letter from Georgie and Edie.  Sent Aubrey housie tickets.  Cost 7/6d.

23 March           Wrote Aub and sent weigh bill.  Beautiful morning.

24 March           Letter from Eileen [Markham], card from Edie.  Have written cards for Tom, Edie, Aub, Geo, Dib, Ena, Thellie and Role.


1 April                Had a little party tonight – just two families – Wilkinsons, Cookes and Connollys.

6 April                Wrote Geo, Role, Joan [Murray] and Nell Morris.

9 April                George brought patient down and chief gave permission to stay the night.

11 April              Letter from Edie

12 April              Letter from Dos.  Rotary line put up this morn.

13 April              Jimmy and Marj arrived.

14 April              Nellie went to Crookwell with Wilkinsons.  Jim shouted Anne, Marj and myself to pictures and we went to Jordans in afternoon.

15 April              Jim and Marj went to Lithgow.  Nellie arrived home from Crookwell.

17 April              Georgie and mates brought patient for St Vincent’s Hospital.  Called for John to direct to hospital.

19 April              Lovely day again.  Paying 13/- to Guardian for next quarter.  Wrote John Harris.  Started new blue pills today.  June Morris married.

21 April              Letter from Junior.  Marj Saurine married Horsefall boy.


2 May                Letter from George.

3 May                Tickets arrived from Tas.  Have written Geo and Dib.

5 May                Quite a surprise tonight.  Just after tea in walked Lizzie Ford, Noni [Matheson], Aubrey [Smart] and wife and Lloyd Matheson.  Heard all the Darbys news.  Letter from Jan and Em.  Jan won Eisteddford again.

9 May                Letter from Edie and John.  My nighty came from Horderns.

13 May              Mothers’ Day. Got cards and handkerchiefs from Aub and George rang up.  Jimmy sent nice piece of bacon.  Nellie and kids gave me a lovely shell pink bed lamp.  Marg a box of stationery.  Murray and Marg a bag for my crochet.  John gave me a box of chocolates.  Anne gave me a lottery ticket.  Jack and Marg, Murray and Marg, John and Mum, Tom and Anne – myself.

14 May              George down with patient – gave me œ1 for Mothers’ day.  Had letter from Aub and œ1.

21 May              New bottle pills.

24 May              Rose Ford and Ollie Jordan out to see me tonight.  Heard all the Darbys news.


Margaret Harris fell and broke her hip in May 1956.  She was unable to walk again and ceased writing her diary.  She died on 5 June 1957



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