1843 Wass


1843 WASS


William Wass and his family were early pioneers of the Lachlan River near what is now Wyangala Dam. I have extremely limited information of their early days but include them on this site as both early pioneers and my family connections. Further information or corrections are welcomed.


Two of my father’s first cousins, Mary Veronica Markham (1906 – 19  ) and  Ena Mary Markham (1907 – 1988), themselves first cousins, married two Wass brothers Hilton (1894 – 1988) and Herbert (1901 – 1986). The two brothers were grandsons of William and Maria (Murphy) Wass.

There are other near and far connections in the early Wass generations.

  • Sylvester and Elizabeth Wass were aunt and uncle of Ellen Prest (1871 – 1959) who married Philip Thomas Haughey (1867 – 1926), first cousin of my grandfather Francis Conyngham Murray (1861 – 1909).
  • The two Markham marriages are referred to above;
  • The Elliott family are early pioneers of the Lachlan district and are mentioned in several pages on this site. See particularly the article re old Darbys Falls by Gordon Elliott, son of George and Peggy (Wass)

Sylvester Minahan, emigrated from County Clare , Ireland with his brother Patrick and sister Catherine, on the “”Spitfire”in 1863 (following and preceding many related County Clare Minahans – siblings, cousins –  who settled in both NSW and Victoria.)

Most of my information about the first William Wass comes from trees on Ancestry. There are many gaps and inconsistencies in those pages, but I have tried to set dates and times as accurately as possible.


William Wass was born in Derbyshire England date unknown but recorded variously as “about 1821” and “1820”. How and when he came to New South Wales is unknown to me, despite having checked the usual sources. I have seen “about 1843” as the date he arrived, though most records on Ancestry fail to mention a date and method at all. It is likely he moved early after arrival to the Yass region, later taking land on the Lachlan near Milburn Creek.


William married Maria Murphy on 23 July 1855 in Yass, NSW. There were several Murphy families in the area at the time and some further research is necessary to link names. They had three children. William died in July 1858.

I list here the Descendant tree of the first three generations and for the benefit of any other Wass researchers..


1 William WASS b: Abt. 1821 in Derbyshire ENG, Arr. Australia: Abt. 1843, d: Jul 1858 + Maria MURPHY b: 1837 in Sydney NSW, m: Jul 1855 in Yass

…2 John WASS b: 1854 in Australia

…2 Elizabeth WASS b: 1855 in Binalong NSW,  d: 10 Jun 1901 in Young NSW + Sylvester MINEHAN b: 13 Apr 1841 in O’Briensbridge, Co Clare Ireland, Arr Australia: 24 Aug 1863 in “Spitfire”, m: 1881 in Young NSW, d: 26 Oct 1924 in Young NSW

……3 Martin MINEHAN b: 1883 in Young NSW, d: 02 Jul 1955 in NSW

……3 Bridget Josephine MINEHAN b: 1885 in Young NSW, d: Victoria + John Patrick MINEHAN m: 1911 in Sydney NSW

……3 Catherine Elizabeth MINEHAN b: 1891 in Murrumburrah NSW, d: 1978 in Young NSW

……3 Sylvester Denis MINEHAN b: 1893 in Young NSW, d: 1969 in Wagga Wagga NSW

……3 Jeremiah William MINEHAN b: 02 May 1896 in Murrumburrah NSW, d: 09 Apr 1975 in Young NSW

…2 William WASS b: 1858 in Binalong NSW, d: 27 Sep 1937 in Cowra NSW + Catherine (Kate) TAYLOR b: Abt. 1873, m: 1885 in Sydney NSW, d: 1961

……3 Gavan F WASS b: 1890 in Burrowa NSW + Ethel M SPACKMAN m: 1917 in Murrumburrah NSW

………..4 Mervyn P WASS b. 1918 Murrumburrah NSW.

……3 Arthur Astley WASS b: 1892 in Mt McDonald (Reg) + GRACE JONES b: 1900, m: 1917, d: 10 Nov 1939

…………4 Stella J WASS b. 1817

………….4 Maria Stanislaus WASS b. 1925 d. 7 Feb 1926 Cowra NSW

……3 Hilton WASS b: 1894, d: 1988 + Mary Veronica MARKHAM b: 1906 in Cowra NSW, m: 04 Mar 1929 in St Joseph’s Church, Darbys Falls, NSW

St. Joseph’s Church, Darby’s Falls, was the scene of a pretty wedding on Monday of last week, when Miss Mary Veronica, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Markham, of ‘Karelia,’ Darby’s Falls, was married to Mr Hilton Wass, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wass, of Mountain View, Wyangala. Rev. Father O ‘Kennedy performed the ceremony.

The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a charming gown of white georgette prettily banded in silver. An embroidered tulle veil, lent by Mrs. J. Clark, of Darby’s Falls, was worn. The bride carried a bouquet of carnations and lilies. The bridesmaid was Miss Lucy Wass, sister of the groom, who wore a pretty frock of powder blue georgette, with bands of satin to tone round the flared skirt, and carried a bouquet of pink and -white hydrangea.

Little Marie Elliott made the daintiest of train-bearers in a fairy-like frock of powder blue tulle. The many frills of which were edged with satin ribbon and,^ hat of georgette and satin.

 Mr Herb Wass was best man. The reception was held at the home of Mr. George Elliott, and the happy couple left shortly after for the honeymoon which is being spent in Sydney. The bride-to-be was entertained at a gift evening at ‘Karelia’ on the Saturday prior to her wedding and was the recipient of many valuable presents. [Burrowa News 15 March 1929.]

…………..4 James WASS

……………4 Wilga Joan WASS + Leslie Gordon QUICK

……3 Ethel Lorrie Agnes A (Peggy) WASS b: 06 Sep 1896 in Burrowa NSW, d: 01 Apr 1970 in Cowra N.S.W + George ELLIOTT b: 25 Aug 1884 in Reg Carcoar NSW, m: 1916 in Crookwell Reg. Cowra NSW, d: 07 Dec 1964 in Cowra NSW

…………….4 Gordon ELLIOTT b: 1917, d: Abt. 2006 + Kathleen Mavis DILLON m: 1943 in Cowra N.S.W

………4 Gavin ELLIOTT b: 1918, d: 1986 + Evelyn Margaret (Topsy) FERSON

………4 Aubrey ELLIOTT b: 1921, d: 1969 + Marie WILLIS

………4 Vera ELLIOTT + Dennis FERSON

………4 Marie ELLIOTT + Joseph THOMPSON

………4 Iris ELLIOTT + Herbert (Cookie) HUDSON

……3 Herbert William WASS b: 1901 in Burrowa NSW, d: 21 Jul 1986 in Cowra NSW + Ena Mary MARKHAM b: 04 Apr 1907 in Cowra NSW, m: 1936 in Sydney NSW, d: 16 Jan 1988 in Cowra NSW

……..4 Three sons, two daughters some still living. In accordance with usual practice, not listed here.

……3 Lucy M WASS b: 1905 in Cowra NSW + Ronald W MUNDAY m: 1930

………4 Stanley MUNDAY

………4 George MUNDAY