Phoenix 1826 and Mary Hope 1827

Patrick Conyngham (Edward’s brother) was transported on the ‘Phoenix’, and his wife followed a year later on the .Mary Hope’.

  • 1826           ‘Phoenix’        Patrick Cunningham*
  • (*Conyngham)
  • Ship 500t. Capt. Anderson ; Surgeon Superintendent Dr Cook RN.
  • Dublin 27.8.1826 – Sydney  25.12.1826
  • 189 male prisoners, Guard Det. Of 39th.
  • Indent ‘Phoenix’ Fiche 662 Page 144 :
Name Cunningham, Patrk
Age 24
Education Reads and writes
Religion Catholic
Marital Married
Family Wife only
Native Place Dublin
Trade or calling Coach body maker
Offence Stealing money
Where tried Dublin
When tried 27 April, 1826
Sentence 7 years
Height 5’ 81/2”
Complexion Sallow
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Remarks Good*

              *Remarks re others are mainly ‘bad’, ‘indifferent’, or ‘inoffensive.’

  • The Australian 27 December, 1826: “On Monday the ship “Phoenix” Captain Anderson, from Dublin 27 August. Brings 189 male prisoners. The Guard consists of Lieutenant Cox, Ensign Lloyd. 1 corporal and 28 privates of the 39th Regiment. Surgeon Superintendent Dr Cook, RN, Passenger Rev. Power, Roman Catholic Chaplain.”
  • Sydney Gazette December 27, 1826: On Christmas day, arrived from Dublin, which she left on 29 August, the Ship “Phoenix”. Captain Anderson, with 189 male prisoners on board, in good health. Surgeon Superintendent Dr Cook RN. The guard comprises a detachment of the 39th, under orders of Lieut. Cox and ensign Lloyd. Passenger the Rev Mr Power, Roman Catholic clergyman, who relieves Mr Therry.
  • Left 1.2.1827 for Bombay.
  • In 1826, 902 male prisoners were transported from Ireland (1162 males from GB).


  • 1827                ‘Mary Hope’                Honorah Cunningham*                               

  • (*Conyngham)
  • Ship 257t. Capt. Farmer.
  • Liverpool 16.9.1826-Teneriffe–Cape of Good Hope–Sydney 24.3.1827
  • Valuable Cargo.
  • Sydney Gazette March 27, 1827 page 2: (Last Saturday) arrived from Liverpool, Teneriffe, Cape of Good Hope, the Ship “Mary Hope”, Captain Farmer. This vessel carried home Sir Thomas Brisbane KCB, Lady Brisbane and Suite, in December 1825, only 15 months ago. The majority of the cargo is consigned to Aspinall, Browne & Co., Passengers Mr John Walker, wife and child, and Mrs Cunningham.”
  • The Australian, 27 March, 1827: (24 March), the Ship “Mary Hope”, Captain James Farmer, from Liverpool 16 September, Teneriffe 7 October, cape of Good Hope 11 January. Lading Sundries. Passengers Mr Walker and child. Mrs Cunningham.”