Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1943



26 November      Doll went to hospital with bad toe

29 November      Doll had toe taken off – is doing OK.  40 minute after operation was smoking.

3 December        Ball tonight for WVS to send presents to boys in the army.  Result œ7.14.0 clear.  Aub and I played for it.

4 December        Mrs Aub Smart daughter.

5 December        Aub and Thelma spent day with us. Fr Casey out but returned to Cowra after Mass.  Wriggle out for week-end.

6 December        George and I went to Cowra to see Doll.  He is doing well and dying to come home.  I took him up a new pipe – the fellows were making his cigarettes.

9 December        Lovely day. Emily went to Cowra with Fred Hudson.  George going for her tonight.  Percy Ford home for two days.  George did not get home till after 1 am. Found Tiger and Co. stuck on road and towed him home.  Doll improving but doctor says foot not cleaned up yet.

10 December      Cooler today. George helping Ossie Ford saw up his wood.  Percy went back to Bathurst tonight.

11 December      Talking to Nev at Canberra – has been home since Thursday and is very well and leaving for his ship on Monday.  Edie and Ena went to town to see Frank [Doll] – he is improving but very discontented, wants to come home.

12 December      Aub and Till spent the day. Aub got a bee’s nest – gave honey to Bill Fogg.

13 December      I am going to town to see Frank – taking him some fresh eggs and biscuits.  Very muggy this morning.

6.30 pm.  Home from town – Frank is well but downhearted as he cannot get home to Darbys.  Nellie, Edie and I done the shops – nothing much to buy, only powders and perfumes.  Letter from Jimmy at Moree.

14 December      Very warm today. Frank OK.  I rang doctor to make sure.

15 December      Warm again.  Dib rang from Mrs McGuinness’.  He is being sent away to where he was before – I think about Darwin.  May not be back till late in February or early March.  Sent some Xmas cards to soldier boys.

16 December      Very hot today.  Geo gone with Jack Neville to collect on a sheep sale.  Em made a Christmas cake.  Baby not real well.

17 December      Still very hot.  Rang about Frank – foot still giving off pus but not too bad.  He is very down in the dumps but we can do nothing.  I will not bring him home till doctor says tis better.

18 December      Nothing much to say today.  George sold sheep to Jack Neville for Jack Smith.  Landed home with cheque for over œ6 for commission.  Stormy this evening and lovely rain.  Mr Prior brought netting out for Aub’s carrot patch.  I’ve mixed the date here – this all happened on 17th.

18 December      Villiers run today.  Tis much cooler after rain.  Very cold tonight – piled on blankets, bed sox and jacket.  Thelma and Aub did not come down.  Had letter from Jimmy.

19 December      Fr Casey out this morn.  Wriggle went to Cowra with him.

20 December      Geo and Em to town.  Went to see Frank who is not eating very well – still a little pus in foot.  Anne Cooke helped me in the shop.  Warmer today.  We expect Jimmy.  Percy Ford out of army just rang Tess.  Frank much the same.

21 December      Jimmy disappointed me – did not come home and we have not a wire to say what has happened.  Em making her second Xmas cake.  Ray Newham sent œ10 in 10/- notes to all boys from here in the army.

22 December      Jimmy arrived.


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