Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1940

1 January Monday.  New Years Day.  Ball for Soldiers Comforts Fund.  It was a great success – we were much afraid on account of the weather being so hot but in the afternoon there was a lovely change and it got quite cool.  I think the door takings was nearly œ15.  Emilie and her brother were here for Ball – Nellie and Winnie could not get out.  Ena and party including Aunty Bid and Mary went to Burrenjuck.
2 January George went to Cowra this morn. and on his round to Maryamma in the evening.
4 January Georgie brought stuff from town for Aub so I went up with him and took Aunty Bid Ward for a drive.  Aunty Bid and Mary Ryan home from Ena’s.
5 January Ettie’s [Howarth] baby born.
6 January Men did not get home till this afternoon.  They had to make up for New Years Day.  Arrived about 3.30 pm.  Quite cold tonight, had eiderdown on.  Noel [Newham] went to Sydney for a fortnight.
7 January Sunday.  Men’s Sunday and Fr Reen.  A very good roll up – Emilie out.  George played cricket but they all made ducks and Holmwood beat them, but they are still in the lead in competition.
8 January Monday.  Went to Mass at 7 o’clock.  Very quiet all day.  Mrs Waters and Pearl went over to Young.
9 January Getting warm again although up to the present since the rain it is nice and cool.  I went to pictures to see Great Waltz with Aub.  Jimmy rang from Sydney.
10 January Very hot day.
11 January Very hot again.  Aub asked me this morning to go for a trip round the south coast and back to Sydney.  We will sleep at hotels and have dinner and tea anywhere.  Tom Markham is going to look after Aub’s while he is away.  Went to Aub’s this arvo with Georgie to deliver timber.  The kiosk is nearly completed.  Jimmy rang up again – he has been ill.  Told me to ask Laurie Murray up, but when I rang she had gone to Jervis Bay with some other girls.
12 January Beautiful morning but warmer outside.  Rang Emilie and ordered Kimino and Cardigan for my trip.  Expect it to be very cold on the coast.
25 January Arrived home from Sydney at midnight after a few days in Sydney.  Had a very hot trip home – tea at Katoomba.  Called at Winnie’s at Woodstock.  A shower and to bed.
29 January Went out to see Dib.  He is leaving this week for Dr exam. in Sydney.  Very rough road to work.
30 January Tommy took Edie, Nell and Mrs Ford out to say goodbye to Neville – had to go round by Cowra home to leave Nellie.
1 February Warm days and cool night.  Neville left Woodstock this morn for Sydney.  Edie and I went for a two mile walk this evening.
2 February Neville passed Dr.  Going on to Melbourne tonight.  I wired Nell and Jimmy and rang Winnie.  Theo Marks went to Cowra – he is going to Canowindra for a Post Office exam.
3 February Beautiful night last night – I had a mind to get up for more blankets.  Tis lovely yet 8.40 am.  Had few lines from Neville.
4 February We had a new priest today.  Men’s Sunday.  Fr Reen on holidays.
5 February Washing day.  Edie excited about Sydney.  Very warm today out of doors.
6 February Tis wonderful weather, the days are warm but nights cool enough for blankets. Georgie took me for a drive to town tonight.
7 February Uncle Nick 12 months dead today.  Lovely morning. Aunty Bid, Edie and Aunt Mary left with Wasses for Sydney.  Letter from Neville.  Emilie went to Sydney.
8 February Lovely morning but getting hot tho:  have written to Neville, also Jimmy.  COR Petrol coming out – Georgie and Percy went to Orange.
9 February Georgie in Cowra twice for loading for Alan Neville.  Letter from Edie from Manly.
10 February Emilie home from brother’s wedding.  Very hot morning.  Billy Lappin killed at Randwick today.
11 February Darby’s won cricket match today, gave Woodstock a thoro’ licking.  They are now in finals.
12 February Very hot weather no sight of rain.  Georgie took his father in to see doctor.
13 February Had meeting today to form branch of Women’s Voluntary Service.  Eileen Ryan [Darcy’s wife] President, Mrs Harold Oliver Secretary, and Mrs Les [Oliver] Treasurer.  Quite a lot there altho very hot.
14 February Wrote Dib this morn.  No sign of change in weather.  Had another letter from Neville.  He is well and happy – Hesse out to draw logs to mill.
15 February Emilie rang to say she and George won œ10 in lottery.  Very hot day.  Steam up at Mill but not much cutting.
16 February Very hot last night and this morn – wind from north – may get rain.  Les Whitty gone to doctor with bad thumb.  Winnie and kidlets out for weekend.
17 February Nothing much happened.  I had œ3 on Bronze Flight.  Won at 4/1.
18 February Fr O’Kennedy out and very feeble.  Georgie took Cricketers in.  They are 8 out for 370 so looks black for Railway. 
19 February Men still trying to fix engine to cut timber – they’ve been at it for a week now.  Very hot again.  WVS meeting tonight – not many there.  Geo to see Mr Bullivant
20 February Very hot again in day.  Nights are cool.
21 February Men cutting at Mill at last – don’t know if it will last.  Hesse out to draw more logs.  We expect Herbie and co. home today.  Very hot.  Sydneyites arrived 8.15 pm.
23 February Had letter from Neville.
24 February Win received first pay from Dib and sent us MO for œ4.  Noel finished with us today.  Aub and Till went to pictures.
25 February Fr Masterton today – Women’s Sunday.  Brought new tabernacle.  Ned Whitty collected œ6 and we donated it.  Jack landed with car.
26 February Mill working – not doing too badly.  Still very hot days but cool nights.  Noel up with Oliver Markham at Hyles.  Jack only had one passenger.
27 February Very hot day.
28 February Cool change this morn and cloudy.  I have my cardigan on minding shop.  Hawkesbury races today.
6 March Took Geo Senr to Alston Hospital tonight with inflamed kidney.
8 March Archbishop Kelly died today aged 90 years.  Jeppa Matheson died this morn.
21 March Jimmy home tonight for Easter – he looks splendid.  Win and Nippers out too.  Aub and Thelma went to Sydney for Easter. ÿÿ
24 March Easter Sunday.  Jimmy went in for Emilie and Fanny and Jack went after dinner for Nellie and Kiddies.  They all went to the Weir and had tea there.
25 March Georgie took Jimmy to Forbes this arvo and all our visitors went with them via Woodstock to leave Win and nippers.
27 March Mr J. Savage, Prime Minister of New Zealand, died this morn aged 68 years.  Lovely change for rain this morning – quite cool.
28 March Desperately hot today – sticky heat – temperature in Orange 106 so what here?  Senr. went to doctor says pressure too high otherwise OK.
29 March Very hot again and no sign of rain.
31 March Fr Reen out today – fifth Sunday.  Fr O’Kennedy in Lewisham with bad cold.
1 April Cold enough for a fire tonight.  Doll went home without turning on for the news.
4 April At last the drought is broken.  It has been raining since some time in the night – lovely steady soaking rain, Thank God.
11 April Neville came to Sydney today from Melbourne – he is at Garden Island Naval Station.
13 April Pouring rain today.  Nev. rang up from Mrs McGuinness’.  We did not know he was in Sydney.  Passed his exam OK.  Winnie out for weekend.
14 April Miserable day again – raining a little.  Jimmy rang tonight.  Aub and Thelma down.  Edie and Winnie went Cowra with Georgie to see Nellie.  Ernest broke Nellie’s doll.
15 April Meeting tonight Women’s Voluntary Service.  Wet and cold.  We didn’t think anyone would come.  Takings at dance clear œ10.5.0.
17 April No letter from Neville yet – I’ll blow him up tomorrow but when he rang on Sat. had bad cold.  We had Mushrooms for tea.
18 April Frost this morning and a beautiful day.
20 April Lovely weather.  No letter from Nev.  Winnie had wire to say he was better.
21 April Aub and Thelma down to Mass.  Thelma stayed down and Aub went back to let a boat out so I went for a drive.
22 April Beautiful morning.  George taking dad to doctor afternoon.  Letter from Dib and Jimmy.
23 April Paid 5/- Beverleys.
24 April Like rain this morning.  Georgie to Graham.  Paid final on cash register – D & W Murray – Sun papers – Hill Woodstock – ordered pyjamas for Dib.
25 April Raining today.  Jack and Edie went to Woodstock to say goodbye to Winnie.
26 April Friday. Winnie all packed and ready to leave for Sydney at 7 pm with Eric Newham.  Marie rang to say Neville sent to Canberra.  Talking to Nev. tonight, he is pleased about Canberra.
27 April Cold wind blowing this morning.  Nev’s address:  Harma Wireless Station, Canberra.
1 May Geo to Cowra to C. of England Ball.
3 May School children to Cowra to join in school sports.
18 May Charlie took Nellie and Winnie to see Dib at Queanbeyan.  He is very well.
19 May Party from Queanbeyan arrived home at 9.30 pm.
21 May Frost this morning but lovely day.
24 May Sent 5/- Mrs Gibbs on layby – also 5/- to Beverleys.
1 June My birthday.  63 years today.
9 June Talking to Jimmy tonight.  He is enlisting in the ground force – has passed Dr. at Leeton.
10 June Very cold today a fog until 11 o’clock.  Sent œ1 to British products, 5/- to Bevilles and 5/- to Mrs Gibbs, œ1 Glover.
15 June Red Cross dance tonight run by school children.  I am playing.
17 June Nonie Ford 21 yrs. today.
18 June Sent œ4 to Glover.  Very cold morning and I have a cold.
22 June Sunday for Women – Fr Masterton.  Very cold nip in the air.  This should be on 23rd.
24 June Heavy fog this morning.  Markhams pony has a foal.  Georgie with Hudson boys getting sand for chimney.  (£2 CWA).
25 June Walter Newham died this morn. in Moira Hospital.  Sent Dib tobacco.  Sent œ5 to Stammers, [Butcher] Woodstock.
29 June Nora Howarth married today.
8 July Beautiful day.  Sent Mrs Gibbs 5/- on layby, 5/- to Bevilles, Metropolitan Life 9/-, British products £1.  Pd. John Cahill £3.7.6.
10 July Raining today.  Jack came home.
11 July £1 to Glover.  Very cold day.
13 July Wonderful dance tonight for War Rally -£5.5.7 received up to midnight.  Rain stopped a few from coming.
14 July House full for week-end.  Nellie and Fanny, and Emilie.  Jimmy rang up from Junee.
15 July Cold but fine.  Boots from town for Jim.  Thellie not back yet.
16 July œ2 to Glover.  Mrs Ray operated on today.  Heavy fog but nice day after.
17 July Foggy again today.  Senr. just struggling out.  Thellie back at work today.  Paid David Jones final payment.
18 July George brought galah home from Graham today.
19 July Ball at Hovells Creek tonight – heavy frost this morn and dull day.
21 July Met Jimmy in Cowra on his way to Orange.  He is very well.
25 July Sent £2 Glover
29 July Mrs Ray had second operation today.  Great disappointment.  Stitches out from first and thinking of coming home.
30 July Letter from Dib.  Thinks he may be left at Canberra.
31 July Patriotic Ball Cowra tonight.  Georgie and Edie went to it.  Traveller gave Emilie ticket.
2 August Vera Whitty’s daughter born today – Janice Mary.  Raining lightly.  Called on Mrs Hudson today.  Have bad back.  Mrs Ray a little better.
4 August Fr Reen out today.  Holy Name Sunday.  Tennis tournament over.  Gorgeous day.
5 August Paid Bevilles 5/-, Glover £1.  Another lovely day.  Geo gone to Cowra.  Fr Reen been here for about an hour.
6 August Bitterly cold today.  Paid British Products £1 and 5/- to Mrs Gibbs.
8 August Sent Glover £2.10.0.
next entry:
2 September Nora O’Leary came out today.
10 September First day of Show.  George on Ambulance.
12 September Edie and I went to Races.  Had good day – four winners on tote.  Rain started as we came home at midnight.  Letter from Dib.
13 September Pouring rain today.  Thellie and Eric went to races.  Beryl and Sammy went back to Orange.  Mick stayed here.
14 September Paid Glover £1.
18 September Jack Neville was married today Church of England, Cowra.
20 September Steady rain falling. WVS Ball tonight.  Later:  Ball a great success – hall packed and very orderly dance.
21 September Pouring rain all day.  George went to Golden Valley [property on Cowra/Boorowa Road] to bring Hudsons home [shearing].  Ken Goodland rang up.
28 September Molly Oliver’s baby born.  Pouring rain tonight.
29 September Raining this morning.  Fr O’Kennedy out for Mass.
30 September Very cold wind but fine.  George and Jim gone for wood.
16 October Iris Markham married today.  Going to Brisbane for honeymoon.
25 October Nellie very sick.  Went to see her tonight and sent for doctor.
26 October Nellie slightly better.  Winnie and family left for Canberra.
31 October Georgie and Emilie announced engagement today.
2 November Nonie Ford taken to hospital with rheumatic pleurisy.
4 November Nonie Ford not so well.  Mrs Ford gone in to see her.  Norm Pepper’s birthday.  Nell is sending cable.  Very cool morning.
11 November Nellie came out for few days.  Edie minding children.
12 November Sent Hobart today for tickets – hope to win œ1600 for Xmas.  Also ticket Red Cross Art Union.
14 November Sent œ5 on bedroom suite.  Paid Butcher £4.0.4.  Pay D & W Murray £5.14.0.  Pay Hennessy for Ray [Newham].
17 November George 25 years today.
18 November Nora [O’Leary] leaving us today.
21 November Nora left for Sydney this morning.  Very hot day.  Fire started in Ned Whitty’s paddock from spark from tractor. Burnt several bags wheat.
22 November Very cool this morning.  Storms around yesterday but no rain here.
30 November Raining steadily today and poured tonight.
1 December Raining again today.
3 December Letter from Winnie today.  Very hot – thought we’d have storm.
4 December Paid first instalment 3 Dec. on outstanding account at Wright Heaton £5.
18 December Jimmy arrived home and left for Sydney 28 December.  Put in new carpets for Christmas.



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