Hadlow 1820 and Champion 1842

  • 1820                         ‘Hadlow’             William Curtin
  • 372t. 4 guns 27 crew. Captain John Craigie. Surgeon Superintendent William Price.
  • Cove of Cork 2.4.1820 – Sydney 5.8.1820. General cargo, 148 Male prisoners (2 died on voyage), Detachment Of 48th Regiment.
  • Convicts on board until 15 April. Inspected on board by Gov. Lachlan Macquarie on 12 August, 1820.
  • Ship Indent:  William Curtin; 25; Convicted Limerick County; Summer
  • Assizes 1819; Murder;  Life; Native Place Co Limerick; Calling Labourer; Age 26; Eyes Hazel;Hair Light Brown. [Reel 2422]
  • Surgeon Journal AJCP PRO Reel 3197. No reference to Curtin in sickness reports.
  • Bracketed on Ship Indent with James Roche, Nicholas Cooke, Thomas Flanigan, Michael Landers at same Summer Assizes. Same life sentence. All except Roche (Co Cork) with native place Co Limerick.
  • Wm Curtin, of Brisbane Waters, is the contact “Relations in the Colony – William Curtain,” to whom Wm Grum and his wife Anne Catherine (Markham) Grum (Ed Markham’s sister), transferred on arrival on the Herald in 1845. Grum’s neice, travelling with the Grums, referred to her “cousin, Ellen Curtain at Brisbane Water.”
  • Labourer. Recorded in 1837 Muster as assigned to H G Watson in Brisbane Water. Watson had 5 servants – Denis Donovan Ladyherewood 1831; Aquilla Harris;Patrick rooney; Andrew Tanning, as well as Curtain.

[NOTE 1: I have examined some local genealogical books which do not include either Watson or Curtin among the early pioneer names. There were local census counts on 7 March, 1829 (15 householders, Watson not among them and 47 free, 42 bond employees), and in 1836 (621 people incl 163 convicts.)]

NOTE 2: In 1838 Curtin was issued with a Ticket of Leave Number 38/1473 of 28 August, 1838 Certificate stated William Curtin; Hadlow (2); Master Craigie; 1820; Place of Trial Limerick Co. Summer 1819; Sentence Life; Allowed to remain in the District of Brisbane Water, On recommendation of Brisbane Water Bench dated April, 1838. 

  • Written across the Ticket is “Obtained a Second Class Conditional Pardon No 46/294 Dated 23 May, 1846. Ticket of Leave destroyed by me. JR?”


  • 1842    CHAMPION         William Curtain and Ellen Holmes
  • (William Curtain possible relation to William Curtin of the Hadlow 1822.)
  • (Ellen Holmes whom he married him and who may be cousin of Ellen Twohill)
  • 795t; Captain Cochrane.
  • Liverpool 29.10.1841 – Arr. Sydney 12.2.1842. 107 days . No stops.
  • William Curtain, 24, Farm Labourer, RC, Killmallock Co. Limerick; Reads and writes; Mother Catherine Curtain a widow; Character James Meany and Michael Shea, both Killmallock.
  • William Holmes 38, “Overseer or steward – has been for 20 years in the Irish Police” (On certificate Agricultural Labourer), Native of Killmallock, Limerick; Parents, Robert and Elizabeth, father alive; Episcopalian, Read and write, “Has been a land steward and manager of a farm, and a storekeeper – he can write in good hand and keep accounts – he is now a burthen upon the public in the Barracks. Bounty refused  (referred?).”
  • His wife Ellen Holmes, 35, Farm Servant, ( In certificate Domestic Servant); Native  of Killmallock, Limerick; Parents Michael and Eliza O’Donnell; Episcopalian; Read and write; 4 daughters Charlotte 11, Abina 9, Frances 7, Jane 4.


  • Ellen Holmes 23, House servant, Native of Killmallock, Limerick; Adopted parents William and Ellen; Episcopalian, Read and write;
  • Bridget  Holmes 19, House servant, Native of Killmallock, Limerick; Adopted parents William and Ellen; Episcopalian, Read and write;
  • Eliza Holmes 18, House servant, Native of Killmallock, Limerick; Parents William and Ellen who have adopted her not her? children; Episcopalian, Read and write;
  • Maria Holmes 16, House servant, Native of Killmallock, Limerick; Adopted parents William and Ellen; Episcopalian, Read and write.

[Reel 1343]

[Note 1: A Curtain is said to have married Ellen Holmes in 1842 – hence Ellen Curtain of interest on Ellen Twohill’s arrival with the Grums from nearby Ballingarry, Co Limerick on ‘Herald’ in 1845. See ‘Champion’ 1842 above, on which the (different) William Curtain and Ellen Holmes travelled to NSW.]