Margaret Harris’ Diary – 1937



2 January          Sent for third lot of ice cream today. Georgie gone to the pictures. Had a good win at the races today from my punters. Talking to Jimmy yesterday from Sydney.


11 February      Frankl [Shapira?] left Darbys today Closed shop. Going to Bondi Beach. Georgie came from Sydney last night after four days in Sydney. Nice cool change this morning.

12 February      Just going to put on warm coat.

Nothing until…

24 May              Hot news. John J Anthony left home carrying his swag. Mrs A in a bad way. Very broken up. Sent for all her children. Staying with Billie. Bonfires everywhere tonight – but raining a little. Perhaps will spoil them. Dib and Georgie just home from Cowra. Did not rain after all. Boys out enjoying themselves. Talking to Marlie and Will Dominish at Griffith. Newspaper cutting:“Cowra: A branch of the parents and Citizens association has been formed at Darbys Falls. Officers are: President Mr T. Markham; Vice Presidents Mesdames H. Newham and W. Anthony, and Messrs J P Whitty and G. Harris; Secretary Mr J P Ward; Treasurer Mr G. Harris.”

25 May              Tom Burke buried in Cowra today. George went to the funeral. Edie finished paying Dr Mahon. Eric has prospect of another paddock. Gorgeous day. Geo just arrived home 9 pm. after his trip to Maryamma and Wyangala Dam.

26 May              Beautiful Morning. Load of logs just in to Mill – finishing a load to Cowra. Herby giving Eric a paddock if can place his sheep. Mrs Elliott in hospital. This is the fourth abcess in her ear. Tommy put shelves over Georgie’s table for business letters. Also moved shelves in Post Office. Jack Anthony returned from Woodstock.

27 May              Beautiful soaking rain fell this morning. 40 points at Ray Newham’s. Putting ad in paper to try and sell soda fountain. Dib, Geo and myself going to see San Francisco – been raining all day but starlight now. Had supper in town. Home about 12.30 am. D.[Dan] Neville back to hospital.

28 May              A very heavy fog this morning but sun shining now. Men loading timber at the Mill for Cowra. Eric Ward called to 12 mile Arthur to repair A Vaughan Lorry. Dib and George brought load of sand to put at front gate and in back yard. Harold, Ray and Jack Oliver came to a Hall meeting brought Mrs O. with them – she brought us a snap of Molly before her wedding – spent a very enjoyable evening.

29 May              Gorgeous morning. Beautiful sunshine. Mr Barr has been here and given him one grocery order. Dib and Jim W [Ward]. and Kit Anthony went to Cowra with him. Had good day at Races. Dance tonight for P & C Association. Georgie went to Cowra for Emily and Fanny [Gallagher]. They are spending weekend. P & C Dance a huge success, About £8 clear.

30 May              Dense fog but cleared away early. All went to Mass. Called to see Aunty Bid on my way home. Georgie, Gordon, Dib and girls went for a hike, and to Wyangala dam in the afternoon. Spent time at Nellie’s. Home to tea and left for Cowra about 10.15pm. Talking to Jimmy at Griffith.

31 May              Foggy again. I did not go to Mass. George went to answer Mass. Raining steadily this afternoon. Georgie in town for goods for his trip to Maryamma and the Weir. Received first 5/- piece. Boys busy stocktaking. Still raining 10 pm.


1 June               My birthday. 60 years. Doll, Nick and Bid to tea and just a little music after. Very cold. A little rain. Georgie and Edie surprised me with a lovely cake and 60 candles. Did not hear from Jimmy, Nellie or Margaret. Aub and Till  [Thelma] came to tea.

2 June               Sleeting rain falling and bitterly cold. Georgie out to Grahame with groceries two days. Brought in £2. Tom went to Darc Ryans.

3 June               Still cold but fine. Doll prancing in. Bank not opened till 10 am to get his pension. Busy myself on Telegrams and Inspector Sheet for Month of May. Duke of Windsor married today.

4 June               Bitterly cold this morning but fine. Georgie and Dib going to town for goods from Sydney. Wrote to Jimmy Alice [Murray].

5 June               Very cold again. We got a surprise. Nellie and the five landed. She is going to town with Chas. Edie went in with Ena intending to come out with Nellie but did not turn up. Jack rode from Reid’s Flat on the bike to see her and she is away. Aub and Tillie down for tea – taking home pepper trees to grow at his boat site. Chas on the road – run out of petrol. Georgie had to take some up to them.

6 June               Very cold wind. We were nearly blown off the hill when we went to Mass. Emily came out with Canon Mirrington [Anglican Minister]. Stayed the day. Tournament started today. 1.30 pm. Boys to Benediction. Georgie has to take Emily to Cowra.

7 June               Georgie and I went to Mass and Geo went to Goolagong with Herb Wass and Ena to buy a plough, and seed wheat. Not so cold today. Letter from Jimmy, also present of £1. Tommy started Les Oliver’s house. Bill Anthony working with him. Nick sold a pump.

8 June               Very cold wind this morning but fine. A case of apples from Jimmy. Georgie round to Maryamma and the Weir today.

9June                Nice day. Georgie on run.

10June              Beautiful day. C W A Birthday. 25 attended from Cowra. Phyllis [Kindon] made cake. Dib left for Sydney. Mr Harris Snr got bad turn. Nonie Ford down from Reid’s Flat for meeting.

11June              George better today. Have just finished doing docket. The first I have done for three months. Geo Jnr has found his number plate. Aunty Bid Ward up to see George. Had dinner with us and went up to see Aunty Bid [Nick Markham]. Dibby wired his address  No. 5, Grafton St , Woollahra. Anne Cooke nominated in Queen Competition for P & C Association at The Weir. Doll gave us 10/- to raffle.

12June              Very miserable morning – showery 5. pm. Has been raining off and on all day. Cid won today at 7 to 4. Not so bad for me. Had letter from Jimmy. Geo Senr still in bed, but O K. Ray Oliver stayed with Georgie – were not comfortable in the bed so put it on the floor.

13June              Sunday. Fairly wet but put sawdust on courts and played tennis. Georgie went in to Ray Oliver’s for tea. Came home about 11 pm. Jimmy rang up. He is very well. Nellie and family down. Very excited about Anne in competition, but Anne does not care.

14June              Very miserable day. Thellie got through the washing. Geo Jnr went to town after dinner. Did not get home until 7.30. I had a very busy day in shop by myself. P & C Meeting tonight. Finished Form 100 and Georgie on the shop dockets.

15June              Showery still, but Sun trying to shine. Georgie went to Maryamma and The Weir. Talking to Jimmy. Ellis Sligar signed up for car from Sales and Service at Griffith.

16June              Nicer day today. Georgie on his Grahame run. Had very happy letter from Dibby. Races at Rosebery. Just talking to Aub and Thelma. They are very well. Catholic Ball at Cowra tonight.

17June              Very nice day. Georgie arrived home from Ball about a quarter to four. Says they took £100 at door. Ray Newham gave Geo £1 to take him to Cowra to the races today. He brought back goods for shop. Went to Sligar’s 8 am.

18June              Beautiful day. Our new lollies in. Am raffling Box of Chocolates for Anne in Queen Competition. Had letter from Dib. Beryl and kids went back to Orange.

19June              Very nice morning. Geo took Bill Anthony and family to town, earning £1 for it. Noel Newham started work in shop today. I had a win on Aero King. Aub and Thelma down to stay the night.

20June              Sunday. Tournament over. Tess [Newham] and Albert won mixed doubles. Oliver [Markham] the gents. Aub had good game of tennis after about three years. Talking to Jimmy last night. Weather not very nice. Went to see Aunty Bid Nick. She is better. Aunty Mary getting the cold.

21June              John Cooke three years old today. Sent him up a bucket and a few other things to make a mess for his ma. Very Cold morning. Paid 15/- to P O for Jim to K Dobson. Win on Aero King. Nellie got letter about her money. Letter from Jimmy.

22June              Very nice day. Mrs Webster paid £3.3.0. Georgie preparing for Maryamma trip. Noel came early to help him. Charley came down tonight after cutting his leg lopping [kurrajongs] for [feeding the] sheep. Went to Dr. I was talking to Neville at FW4080(7.40?)

23June              Tom Markham’s birthday. Weather not too bad – a stray sunbeam. Talking to Neville at noon. Georgie [did his] round to Grahame. Races Victoria Park

24June              Very nice day. Have grate and sand and bricks for setting copper. Letter from Jimmy. He may not go to Sydney as Ken Goodland met with an accident. Going to see Charge of the Light Brigade tonight. Edie up to see Mrs Rodwell [Teacher’s wife]. Aub started with Surveyor today. New road.

25June              Friday. Missed writing today. Forgot what happened. Bought lino for verandah and bathroom.

26June              Very nice day. No work at Mill finished the logs. Races this arvo. Not a very good day for me. Georgie went to town – brought Emily, Fanny and Joyce Appleby to stay weekend. Dance very nice for tennis club. Takings at door £4.13.0

27June              Sacred Heart day. A beautiful day too. Visitors all went out to Olivers riding horses and fooling around generally. Home for dinner – up to the Weir after. Aub and Till up the river with Mr and Mrs Dowden, engineer from Boorowa. Nellie to Mandurama cadging for Anne in competition

28June              Sunshine but very cold wind. Ikey [Howarth] gave notice at Ryans. Nick started to put in the copper. Sent £61 to bank.

29 June             Lovely morning. Nick cannot finish copper – logs at the Mill. Talking to Winnie. All well. Jim Vaughan’s wife has daughter. We only just heard but is a few weeks old. Mrs S. Oliver just called on her way up to Jenny’s [Newham]. Wrote Mrs McGuiness.

30 June             Beautiful morning. Boys loading a bit of timber for Blume – for Harold Oliver’s house. George had to go to town for Butter, Rolled, Oats for his trip. Went to see Rainbow in River.


1 July                                 Very nice weather. Like spring time but a nip in the air. Busy on mu Form 100 [P O Return] and telegrams. Talking to Neville this morning. Jack [Ward] finished on the road in Murringo Shire.

2 July                                George and Edie in town to do some shopping. Very nice day. Got a few new things for house. Neville and family coming home tonight. Henry H S Francis died this morning.

3 July                Beautiful morning. Races today. Had small win on Televise. George took load to pictures.

4 July                                 Aunty Bid Ward 78 years today and looks splendid. Had little party, just relatives. Mass today. Men’s Sunday. Not a great roll up. Aub, Till and Nellie down to party. Raining.

5 July                Lovely morning. Washing here. Georgie gone for groceries for town. Dib going to Mill to work.

6 July                Finished Inspection sheets. Aunty Bid went to Ena’s with Georgie.  Jim Ward went up to Pudman Creek to work for Tiger who has a bad back. Dib and Nick at the Mill themselves. Vince Ford fell off bike. Hurt wrist. Took him to dr. Dib earned 16/- today.

7 July                Beautiful day but very frosty. Geo brought home £15 yesterday. Biggest day he’s had, and £9 today.

8 July                Very nice day again. Work as usual at the Mill. Nick and Dib very tired. Load of logs in about 8.30 tonight and hardwood to Walter Newhams.

9 July                                Very heavy fog and very cold. Edie just had dose of oil. Has a cold. I am Postmistress today.

10 July              Very nice day, heavy frost. Wrote to Fr Cain. Races today. I won few bob. Aub, Thelma, Nell and Charley here.

11 July              Sunday. Fr O’K [O’Kennedy] for Mass. Woodstock beat Darbys at tennis. Very nice day. Jack put causeway in front of garage.

12 July              Monday. Not such a nice day. Girls washing. Meeting tonight. Mr Morrow invited to attend and address the meeting. Circus here too. George to town twice – first a load of chaff and wire net for Ned and Fred Whitty. Jack Pepper won £500 in Lottery.

13 July              Lovely morning. Sent £1 to Samson for my insurance. Petrol wagon going to Weir so leaving some to us. Received cheque from Glover £2.6.9 won on Welcome on Saturday. Georgie’s round trip worth £13.16.0. Talking to Jimmy. He is very well.

14 July              Beautiful day. Load of logs in. Mill hands sending in load to Francis. Georgie off to Grahame. Pat Whitty pruning Hibiscus tree. Football match between Cowra and Coota. Broadcast through 2GZ from Cowra Rec Ground. Cowra won. Ward’s old Felix shot today. He had hyatids. Georgie and Gordon gone to Diggers Ball.

15 July              Beautiful morning. It’s just like spring. No work at the Mill today.

16 July              Nice sunny morning but cold wind blowing. Georgie in town for ½ ton chaff for E J Whitty. Paid baker £19.4.2 and petrol £41.18.6. Mill not working. Jimmy home tonight. Dib and George went in to meet..

17 July              Horrible day. Wind from the south and like rain. Jimmy came home. Dance tonight for Anne Cooke. Took nearly £7 altogether. Mr Rodwell [Schoolteacher] won 10/- note and gave Nellie 5/- of it. Fanny  and Emily out.

18 July              Nice day. Went to mass. Young people went over to see falls and to the Weir in the afternoon. Georgie took all hands to town at 10.30. Jimmy to catch train for Griffith.

19 July              Lovely morning. Mill hands at work. Washing day. George to Cowra for goods. Winnie paid 19/-. Paid tobacco to Wright Heaton and Mitchells. George brought case of oranges out. Won by Wilga Wass.

20 July              Very nice day. Had a ring from Mr Miller – lolly traveller. He is coming out. Second ring from him. Half way out and broke spring and had to return to Cowra. Georgie on round to weir, home about 8 pm. Mrs Anthony left for Goolagong today for good.

21 July              Beautiful day after a frost. Mill working. Georgie going early to Grahame to be home in time for football – Temora playing Cowra for Maher Cup. Cowra still holds Cup.

22 July              Sun trying to shine but it’s cloudy and on the cold side. Wrote Jimmy today. Aub Smart  very ill tonight. They say he has pneumonia.

23 July              Beautiful day after heavy frost. Edie in town with Georgie to see her brother. Marcie  Vaughan has bad knee. Dr says take her to hospital. Hesse  took load of timber to Francis. Moya Jordan here visiting Aunt Mary.

24 July              Rained last night and very cold today.Had a win on Tonga and Deputy Ruler but lost on Cid. Nothing startling to relate. Georgie and Jack went in to pictures.

25 July              Sacred Heart Day. Not a very good roll up. Georgie invited to Elliotts for tea. Arthur Waters took Dib, twins and Eric up to Weir. Aub gave them a job getting poles for the tents on road job. Dib got paid for Mill work today. Jim gave me £3.13.0 for his bank.

26 July                Lads all got off to work this morning 7 am. Very cold too but improving as the day goes on. Talking to Jimmy last night. He is well. Georgie and Jim getting wood and cutting it at the Mill for each house. Frankie got a parcel from his aunt for his birthday.

27 July              Beautiful day after a heavy frost. Georgie round the Weir and Maryamma. Boys working O K at Weir. Finished getting poles. Sent cat away today. Sid Newham started at the Mill. Ray Newham has had cold.

28 July              Very heavy frost again but a beautiful day. Mill working today. Sending for ticket for Jim and Georgie. Ordered sausages from Stanners for men on spillway. Thellie and Co went up to see men at work. They are O K. George gone to Younger Set Ball. Paid Edie 1/6 for Far East.

29 July              Lovely day again. Paid Murrays, Mitchells, Francis, Rodger and Lloyds. Sun newspapers. Georgie to town for goods from Sydney. Mill at work. Load of logs just in. Mrs Ray paid 1/6/for Far East. I paid Mrs Ray 5/- for Ray on Pinkenbar.

30 July              Cold morning although sun shining. I have a cold in the head. Winnie and Georgie opening up new lollies in shop. Paid Bushells, Electric Light, and Newling. Mill working. Men home from Wyangala. Letter from Jimmy.

31 July              Very nice day. Men at Mill. Georgie opening up groceries. Edie went to town to have tooth filled. Aunt Mary came home from town.


1 August            Very cold wind. We all went to Mass. Men’s Sunday. Men roused because a lot of women went to H. Communion. Georgie took load to tennis in town. Darbys won match. Aub and Tilly down for tea.

2 August            Not a bad day. Girls washing. Mill working. Just finished the monthly accounts. Georgie going to town for goods. Dib went back to the Dam to work this morning. Inspector arrived this arvo. Everything O K in office. Fords back from Reid’s Flat for good.

3 August            Billie Smart died this morning in Cowra Hospital. Nice steady rain falling. Men docking timber at the Mill. Petrol wagon just arrived. Talking to Jimmy from Wagga – he is going to Sydney in the morning. Win and Edie went to Ray [Newham’s]  with Paddy Whitty and Tot [his wife].

4 August            A lovely morning. Billy Smart to be buried at Hovell’s creek today. Georgie in town and taking his father and Edie to the funeral. Ossie F.[Ford] put in his application for his telephone. Mechanics arrived and installed Ford’s telephone.

5 August            Very frosty but beautiful after. Just finished four days dockets. Country Womens Meeting – Winnie joined.

6 August            Beautiful day. Church of England ball tonight – getting an orchestra from Cowra. My first night to give up playing – aged 60 years. I feel sorry too but my drummers have deserted me. So I cannot play with strangers.

7 August            Ball a success. £15.16.0 taken at door. Juvenile tonight.  Letter from Postal department today saying my salary reduced. Feel very upset about same. Fanny and Emily out for weekend. Thelma had four teeth out today. Did not stay for ball.

8 August            Beach at Barly Barly [Film?] Very nice day. Fr O’K [O’Kennedy] out for Mass. No benediction. George and girls at the Weir. Darbys lost Spalding Cup 19 sets to 7 to Woodstock. Jimmy rang up from Sydney. Coming home tomorrow. Fanny and Emily just gone home.

9 August            Beautiful day. Went to town this afternoon to meet Jimmy – 4 pm when he arrived from Sydney – he looks very well – brought stuff for Winnie and Aubrey. Called to see Les Oliver’s house. It’s very nice and to be finished this week.

10 August          Another beautiful day. Sending cheque for butter and saveloys.

11 August          Very nice day. Edie, Nellie, and Winnie went to Police and Ambulance Ball – had a good time. Pictures here – East of Java, and Three Kids and a Queen.

12 August          Still fine weather. Georgie went to town for chaff and took Nellie home. Brought men back from Wyangala. Finished their job. 12 men arrived for the new road to start in the morning.

13 August          Fine morning but like a change. Mill working. Olivers taking their load. George, Eric and Dib went to the Weir but no luck. Only 70 men there yet. Dib paid store bill and board. Bought two glass cases from old Mrs Elvins for 15/-.

14 August          Nice day. Races on. I lost. Mass at the Weir. Nellie and Charlie took Marg in to dentist, but she wouldn’t let him touch her. Jimmy sent case of oranges and grapefruit. Georgie took load to pictures.

15 August          Aub and Till came to Mass. Staying all day.Tennis on. Cowra Presbytery playing our club. Georgie very sick tonight. Gave him two flowing tablespoons [of Castor Oil!].

16 August          Georgie better and gone to Cowra for goods. Rained a little this morning. Eric rang to ask and is going to work on next shift at Wyangala. George and Dib gone to the Weir with groceries 5.45 pm and pouring rain. George sold £2 worth on his first trip and the men brought supplies.

17 August          Fine again today. I tried to do without my housecoat but had to put it on. Betty Ryan’s baby born dead. So very sorry. Dib and George to Maryamma and Weir. Run was worth £12. Jack ward cementing path to Post Office.

18 August          Nice morning but cold wind. Mill still idle. Tiger went back to his work yesterday.

19 August          Very nice day. Jack and I went to pictures to see Shall We Dance. Two Georges and Dib went to town to make returns. They are going to the Weir now with goods. Talking to Inspector from Parkes re my salary. Aunty Nick in town for leg treatment.

20 August          Finished dockets this morning. Cold wind blowing. Nick and Hesses [Hesse brothers] went to Maryamma and brought a load of logs.

4.50 pm:            Starting to rain and looks as if it will continue. Jack nearly finished cement path. This week’s trip out with cart worth nearly £30.

21 August          Raining this morning – but cleared up. 104 points rain. Races Ascot. Decided to pay on second call in the room. Georgie took twins to see Last of the Mohicans. Jack and Edie at Wards. All others in bed at 10.30 pm. Picnic at Neila postponed owing to rain.

22 August          Mrs Ray’s birthday and anniversary of Edie’s wedding. So they are having a party up at Tot’s. Nellie and family down too. Holy hour tonight. Not bad attendance –talk on Sacrament of Matrimony. Nice fine day. Talking to Jimmy from Griffith.

23 August          Very heavy fog but promising to be a very nice day. Boys going for wood today and cutting it at the Mill/. I did not go to mass, I’m ashamed to admit. Paid 10/11 Women’s Weekly, Paid Sun £3.14.7. Paid Wireless Licence £1.1.0. Wrote to Jimmy.

24 August          Not a bad day. Nothing much happened. Georgie to Maryamma and the Weir. Three days trip worth £24.

25 August          Races today. A good day for the bookie. Party tonight to surprise Aunty Bid Nick, and a nice silver teapot given to her by her nieces and nephews. Jim Ward made presentation. Nellie came down with Herby and Ena.

26 August          A few drops of rain fell this morning – looks thundery. Mill working – big stringybark logs. Thelma M. going to Sydney today for her holidays. Georgie going to Cowra and was late home. Held up at Spring Creek. All lights out and waiting on Mr Gill but did not come. Very heavy rain around Cowra but only a few drops here.

27 August          Lovely morning but wind cold. George took Jack, Eric and Chas Howarth to Dam to work. Had breakfast at Nellie’s. Paid Mr Glover £5. Mr Gill out to fix lights.

28 August          Brother Bill’s birthday 65 years. Aubrey came down, also Nellie and family. Fanny and Emily came out about 10pm to stay weekend.

29 August          Mass this morning 5th Sunday. Fr Reen, usually Fr O’Kennedy. Tennis on. The Presbytery firsts out from Cowra. Darbys won. Geo, Gordon and girls went to the Weir after match, then he took them to Cowra and home at 12.10 am, and just missed the rain.

30 August          Beautiful rain falling. I went to Mass. Only five there. Jack and Edie went to work at the Dam. Georgie gone to Cowra for goods. Paid Fresh Food £2.5.2 and wired Peters for Ice cream. Rain cleared up but very warm. Beryl [Eggleston] and kids over from Orange. George got  £5.4.0 on round. Father Reen called.

31 August          Raining today. Georgie had to go on his rounds, Neville with him. Margaret came down for her holiday.


1 September     C W A Ball tonight. Girls cooking and preparing the hall. Georgie could not get to Grahame in the rain.

2 September     Still raining and very miserable, Little Frankieswallowed kerosine and had to be hurried to the Dr and left in hospital.  Nearly died when they got in.  Georgie had to go to Graham at six o’clock. All out of food. Aub and Nell down last night to ball.

3 September     Doll’s birthday – 70 years – still raining. Frankie running a temperature and cannot come home. Aub came down for cards at Wards. Boys brought  6.9.9 from  Wyangala Dam.

4 September     Pouring rain again this morning. Frankie still in hospital – they say he is better. I had a bad day at Races.  –  Joyce Whitty  having a dance tonight for Spring Ball. Brought Frankie home.  Dance a success. All hands had a good time.  Aub down and Charley.

5 September     Fine today. Fr Masterton out. Geo. went in to see Emily. Eric and Jack going back to work to-night with Aub. Jimmy did not ring up.

6 September     Beautiful day. Men moving the tank down lower.  George to town for goods. Paid Wright Heaton  52.7.6. Wyangala run worth  7.4.0. today.

7 September     Paid icecream and saveloys. Boys out on run brought home 18.10.9.

10 September   Pouring rain this morning and cold wind blowing.  Dib gone to Woodstock to see if he can get on the Wyangala work. Dib unlucky. Could not get work.  Run only worth a little over   3.0.0.

11 September   Rain cleared off and a very nice day. Thelma returns from her holiday. Nellie and Charlie going to Cowra. Georgie gone to Les Oliver’s Kitchen Tea – about 25 couples present.

12 September.  Beautiful day. Fr O’Kennedy out to Mass.  Georgie and Gordon went to see football match. Dubbo v Cowra. Won by Dubbo. Newham boy got his shoulder broken. Tommy took ladies up to Nellie’s for surprise. Did not get home till 1 a.m.

13 September.  Georgeous day. Washing over. Georgie to town for goods. Nick secured pine from Oliver and Dib to go and cut.

14 September.  Neville started to cut logs for N ick at Olivers. First Show Day today. Nellie and family came  down tonight to go to the show.

15 September.  2nd Show Day. Not so nice. A keen wind blowing. All hands gone from here. I’m minding Thomas John and Frankie. Sprinkling rain. Dib rode Pat  Anthony’s bike to work today. Pouring rain tonight.

16 September.  Races today and a beautiful  day although it rained so heavily. Went to see Mack’s Show. Very good too. Home about 1.a.m.

17 September.  2nd Race Day. Went in again. Did no good but just a day out. Wanted to come home after races but Tomy would not come. So I sat in car at the Dogs. Had seen all shows. So home a bit earlier. Georgie brought Emily out – Wyangala run worth 6.18.2.

18 September.  Raining again this morning. Lucky to go three holidays with fine weather. Emily and Fanny out for weekend.

19 September.  Sunday. Fr. O’Kennedy out. Picnic at Weir for Anne in Competition. They say Nellie would have about clear. They all had a good time and home for tea. Also Ray  Oliver and Neal. George took girls home about 10  p.m.

20 September.  Washing Day. Raining a little and cold.  Georgie’s trip to Weir worth   5.15.2.

21 September.  Very cold and misty rain. Very quiet  after last week’s festivities. Mill working. Georgie gone to Maryama. Paid for ice-cream to Peters and brooms and brushes to Abrams. Tom brought case of jam from town.

22 September.  Beautiful day. Dib still cutting logs. Georgie went Graham for   4.16.3.  All going to town skating  tonight. Herb Wass took his father to town very ill.  An operation necessary. Came out of it O.K.

23 September.  Very nice day but keen wind. Two Georges goneto town. Tomy putting George’s name on shop. Country Women’s Meeting today. Mrs Stevenson to be there. Dr changed George’s medicine – gave him tablets. Mr Wass over operation. Will be a few days before they’ll be sure he is O.K.  Wriggle (Jim Ward) 56 today.

24 September.  Georgeous morning. Ena’s son born to-day. Old Mr Wass very low. Aunty Bid O.K. Condition satisfactory. Weir run only worth  3.5.8.

25  September. Lovely day. A bit of a scare with S.P, Two chaps camped here. Nell and Chas to town. Nellie got pain in side, had to go to hospital.  Old Mr Wass not too good yet. Ena and baby well

26 September.  Mass this morn. Sacred Heart Day. A lovely day.  Nothing doing much. Herb Wass came from town. Thinks his father is improving.  Benediction tonight. Georgie opening up goods in shop. Worked all day. Tomy and Eric left for Goolagong to start Norm Pepper’s house.

27 September.  Mr Wass died this morning. Took sudden change in the night. Another lovely day. Georgie going to town for heavy stuff. Dib at the mill this morning. Syd Newham not very well.

28 September.  Quite warm today. Old Mr Wass was buried in Cowra today. Nick and George Snr went to the funeral. Georgie’s round very good, worth 13.7.3.  Yesterday to camp at Weir.-   6.17.3.  Tommy and Eric came up from Goolagong for funeral.

29 September.  Very warm today. Georgie’s run to Graham and Weir worth  13.7.3.

30 September.  Good chance for rain today. Aunt Mary Ryan’s birthday. Ena sent her a cake. Georgie to town to have brakes lined. Nick went to town with Percy Ford – bought something for mill.  I forgot to mention Belmore house burnt to the ground. Merediths living there. They were over at Ray’s and everything they had was burnt. Sent cheque to Mitchells  48.9.10. for groceries.


1 October.         Cold today. I’m busy with Bills and Form 100. Final dance Queen Competition tonight. Very successful turnout. Anne was crowned Queen with  32.18.6.  The other candidates only took about  10.0.0 each. Tot’s birthday.

2.October.         Beautiful day. Races Randwick. I hsad a good day.

3 October.         Men’s Sunday Mass at 8 a.m. Fr. Masterton.  Beautiful day. Lots of cars passing to Weir. Aub and Thelma down. Jack went back with Aub. Thelma stayed to go to town with Georgie.  Geo. in to see Emily. Not home til midnight. Nearly got into a row.

4 October.         Lovely morn. I went to 7 o’clock Mass. – only  four there. Aunty Nick has bad leg again.  Mill working. Dib gone back to log cutting.  Washing over.  Paying butter cheque for August –   35.6.1.

5 October.         Very warm to-day. Got Edie to write to Jimmy. George went  his round and had car trouble so waited for Chas Cooke to fix.  Just landed home.  A New Toast- ‘Past my teeth and over my tongue – look out stomach here I come’.  Paid   4.3.1. for ice-cream.  Sent containers away.

6 October.         Lovely day. Georgie had to do all rounds to day.  Began at 7 a.m. Finished at 8.30 p.m.  Brought home almost  25. Nell and kids down.  She is going to Cowra.  Charlie took chap to town who hurt  his hand. Sent him to Wattomandara. Ladies Day at Randwick. Dib got cheque for  5.17.6. Paid store bill.

7 October          Warm to-day. Georgie going to town.  Returning two pairs boots to Reids – brought out to  Jack. Also pair returned mill working again. Nellie going to hold  Ena’s baby to be christened William JoSeptemberh. Went to see ‘Annabella’. Very nice indeed.  Nellie went home.

8 October.         Beautiful day. I finished Form 100. Went up see Ena and Baby .They are very well.  Georgie brought a litle bit of wood and went to Ray Newham’s for pump.

9 October          Saturday. Last day at Randwick. No good for me. Neville stayed home to mind P.O. Edie went up to let Aunty Nick have a rest. She has a bad cold. Took baby to town to Dr this arvo. Did not get home until six o’clock.  Dance for P& C had  5.8.0. clear.

10 October.       Mass this morn. Fr O’Kennedy – raining – but George went to Cowra to pick up load for picnic at Dam. Not many about all day.  Picnickers called coming home. Brought bunch of roses from Nellies. Had puncture on way out. Georgie worried about car – first time it gave trouble.

11 October.       Very cold morning. Girls washed. Georgie to town on business. Talking to Jimmy last night.

12 October.       Very nice day. Mill working. Dib still cutting logs. Edie had letter from Jimmy.  Black Nick Jordan died suddenly at Katoomba today and Jenny Hudson at Hovell’s   Creek – heart failure.

13 October        Beautiful morning but cold wind blowing.  Nick, Geo and Edie went to Graham to Jenny Hudson’s funeral. Quite a lot there.  Beautiful flowers. Lal got  award prize for competition in Sun of 10/-.

14 October.       Black Nick (Jordan) funeral today at Cowra.  Uncle Nick (Markham) went again.  Ena and Billy are still down here. Jim Ward, Neville, Geo and myself went  to see Tall Timbers – but I liked Quality Street best with Hepburn.

15 October.       Very warm today. Work going well on all rounds as usual. Jack home from work with George.

16 October.       Fine this morn. Races postponed in Melbourne but on in Sydney. Rained this arvo but Georgie and Clive went to town. Mill working til dinner time. Dib had letter from Dept. Said still looking into his inquiry  for job.

17 October.       Miserable day.  I was looking forward to nice day out. Fr O’K out to Mass. Palmers a new family came to live in Morgans.  Went to Weir this arvo. Raining all the time. Boys went out for sport up the river. Did not return til nearly 11 p,m, So we did not get home til midnight.Aub had a mechanic on his car. Jack has bad back.

18 October.       Raining like one thing since yesterday. George and Win went to town. Dib did not  work so minding children.

19 October.       Still raining – misty rain. Geo and Dib went early to Maryamma and Weir. Two runs worth over   20. Ena went to clinic to see if she had to feed baby. I think she will. She went home this evening. Baby three weeks old. Letter from Jimmy. May be home weekend.

20 October.       Beautiful morning. Winnie washing. Dib gone to work. Paid Sun paper and baker.  Mill working. Docking timber for town. Caulfield to be run today. Postponed from Saturday owing to heavy rain. The Trump won Caulfield Cup. Today’s round trip   10.3.11.


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