The Murray Family – Chapter Twelve – Margaret (1836 – 1923)





Margaret Ann MURRAY (1836-1923)

 Daniel GALLAGHER (c.1840-1916)

Balmain/Glebe NSW


        Margaret was the youngest child and third daughter of Charles and Susan Murray, born  in 1836 in County Fermanagh.  She would have no memories of Ireland as she was only about two years of age when the family emigrated to Australia in late 1838.  She sailed from Londonderry on the Barque ‘Susan’ with her parents and her five older siblings, James, Phillip, Mary, Ellinor and Charles Murray Junior, arriving in Sydney on 1 February 1839.


       The 1841 NSW Census finds five-year old Margaret living with the family on John Osborne’s ‘Garden Hill’ property at the pioneer settlement of Wollongong in the Illawarra.  The family later moved down the coast from Wollongong to the Ulladulla area where they proceeded to buy land and became pioneer dairy farmers and horse breeders in what was later called Yatte Yattah and Conjola near Milton.


        At the age of 17, Margaret and her brother, Charles Murray (then 21), acted as Godparents to Christiana Elliott at St. Francis Xavier’s RC Church, Wollongong, on 6 September 1853.  Christiana was born on 18 August 1853 to Alexander and Frances (Cullen) Elliott.  Alexander was the proprietor of Elliott’s Family Hotel in Wollongong.  Members of the Elliott family were also connected to another Elliott’s Family Hotel (also, for a time, known as Charles Murray’s ‘Murray Family Hotel ‘) in Sussex Street, Sydney.


         On 13 July 1859, Margaret and her brother, Phillip Murray, were witnesses to the marriage of their cousin, Mary McGee, to Ralph Johnston at ‘the residence of Phillip Murray, Ulladulla’.  Mary was one of the orphaned McGee family sponsored by their Uncle Charles Murray (Senior) to emigrate to Australia from Fermanagh, arriving in Sydney, New South Wales with her brothers on the ‘Hilton’ in 1854; and, thence, to Ulladulla.  


       When Margaret’s sister, Mary (Murray) McCarthy, died in Nowra in 1860, Mary’s Will made her sister, Margaret, a beneficiary, as follows:

                   “I give and bequeath to my sister Margaret Murray such articles of my household furniture as she may think proper to retain”.


        Possibly, Margaret was tending to her sister Mary McCarthy and the McCarthy children during Mary’s illness and before Mary’s untimely death at the age of 33 years.  It was another four years before Margaret, herself, married at the age of 28 years.  She was described as ‘Housekeeper’ on her marriage certificate.  She may have been working as a housekeeper in Sydney for a time, as her marriage took place there.  Her ‘usual residence’   was given, at the time, as ‘Redfern’.


        Margaret married Daniel GALLAGHER on 20 October 1864 in St. Mary’s RC Cathedral, Sydney[1].  The marriage registration stated that Daniel was 23 years of age, the son of Patrick, Civil Clerk, and Catherine Travis.  His usual residence was given as “The Glebe”.  (Now the Sydney suburb of Glebe, the name derives from the fact that the land on which it was developed was a glebe, originally owned by the Anglican Church).  A notice appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald of 27 October 1864:

 ‘On the 20th instant, by special license, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, by the Rev Father Cooke, Daniel, youngest son of the late Mr. Patrick Gallagher, Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. Charles Murray, senior, Ulladulla.’


        On the marriage certificate, Margaret’s parents were named as ‘Charles Murray, farmer, and Susan Shannon’.  Witnesses were Margaret’s cousins James McGee and Margaret Johnston.  The Johnstons were related to Margaret’s mother, Susan (Shannon) Murray.  Charles Murray Snr had also sponsored members of the Johnston family to emigrate to New South Wales.  As a result of their chain migration from Ireland, the related Murrays, McGees and Johnstons and others were all living in close proximity. in the Ulladulla area of the NSW south coast around Milton, Conjola and Yatte Yattah. 


        On 16 November 1865, Margaret’s husband Daniel Gallagher and a John Brown were witnesses at the marriage of Thomas McGee, farmer of Ulladulla, to Catherine (Kate) McCarthy.  Kate was the daughter of Margaret’s older sister Mary McCarthy, mentioned earlier, who died when Kate was a child.  The marriage took place at the Church of St. Paul, Chippendale, Sydney.  [The name John Brown appears as a witness at Daniel’s funeral some 50 years later.]


        Five children were born to Daniel and Kate Gallagher between 1865 and 1874 – Charles John (1865), Catherine Mary (1867), William James (1869), Daniel Phillip (1872) and James (1874). James was born in ’Parramatta Road, Glebe NSW’.  Situated in Parramatta Road was an Inn known as ‘The Old Hurlers’ Arms’.  An advertisement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 13 March 1875:



Two-story brick premises, Camperdown, opposite the Council Chambers, and known as The Old Hurlers’ Arms, a few yards west of the Missenden Road, and now in the occupation of the proprietor.

Richardson AND Wrench HAVE RECEIVED INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE PROPRIETOR, Mr. Daniel GALLAGHER to sell by public auction, at the Dome, Pitt Street, on Friday, 19 March, at 11 o’clock.

ALL THAT PARCEL OF LAND, having 25 feet frontage to PARRAMATTA ROAD and 25 feet frontage to ELIZABETH STREET, with a depth of about 200 feet, upon which fronting PARRAMATTA-STREET are erected those two-story brick premises known as THE OLD HURLERS’ ARMS, comprising 6 rooms and kitchen, with large yard, water laid on, etc.,. at the rear. 

The above are well situated on the main Parramatta Road, and being surrounded with a dense population they are admirably adapted as an hotel, or for other business premises.

Terms at sale


        Could it be that mine host, the proprietor, was Daniel Gallagher, husband of Margaret Murray? Murrays and hotels seemed to go together!  However, there was another Daniel Gallagher associated with various hotels or inns in Sydney back in the 1840s which can be somewhat confusing.  Nothing is known of Daniel and Margaret’s life in the years that followed, except for the fact that Daniel, may, at some stage, have suffered an accident that injured his spine. Whether it happened two years before his death, say, 1914 or earlier, is not known.  It seems he spent some time in Rookwood Asylum, in the Lidcombe Municipality before his death.


Deaths of Daniel and Margaret Ann Gallagher

         Daniel James Gallagher died at Rookwood Asylum on 28th February 1916[2]. Cause of death is given as fracture of spinal column and length of illness ‘over 2 years’.  John Brown was a witness at his funeral together with E.P. O’Connor[3] On his death certificate, Daniel’s occupation was given as, ‘labourer, age 45’.  Lidcombe Hospital was established in 1893 as the Rookwood Asylum for the Aged and Infirm to ease overcrowding at other State institutions. Subsequently, in 1896, the Government decided it should be developed as the ‘main institution for the State’s aged male poor’ [4].  At 45 years of age, one would hardly be described as ‘aged’ and infirm. .  Was handwritten age, say 75, transcribed incorrectly to read 45? Daniel’s 1864 marriage certificate gives his age as 23 (i.e. born c1840].


         Margaret Ann (Murray) Gallagher died on 14 October 1923 at 110 Fitzroy Street, Sydney NSW[5].  The informant on her death certificate was named as ‘Edward Flanagan, no relation, 110 Fitzroy Street’’[6]; possibly a boarding establishment.  Although the Certificate recorded her as 94 years old and described her as an ‘old age pensioner’, she was only 83. [another error?] There was no indication whether husband Daniel was still living or not.  On Margaret’s Gallagher’s 1923 death certificate, her children are listed as:  ‘Catherine and William, living, three males deceased.’  Those three deceased males would, therefore, be – Daniel d. 1873, James d. 1915 and Charles d. 1921.   


Gallagher Descendants

  1.  Charles John Gallagher married Mary Cullen at Balmain NSW in 1898[7].  They had three children, William 1901, Jane 1904 and Daniel 1910.  A sad time for the family when, in 1921, Charles may have been ill for a time and, at the age of 55 years,  died from TB at the Waterfall Sanatorium, Sutherland.  He was a Tally Clerk[8] and his usual place of residence at the time was given as Aston Street, Granville NSW.[9]

    Children of Charles John Gallagher

    1 Charles John GALLAGHER b: 1865 in Sydney NSW, d: 18 Feb 1921 in Waterfall TB Sanatorium, Sutherland NSW

    … + Maria (Mary) CULLEN b: 1866 in Balmain NSW, m: 1898 in Balmain North NSW, d: 1944 in Auburn NSW

    ……2 Charles M GALLAGHER b: 1900 in Balmain North NSW

    ……2 Jane V GALLAGHER b: 1903 in Waterloo NSW

    ……  + Edward J ATHERTON m: 1923 in Petersham NSW??

    ……2 Daniel GALLAGHER b: 1905 in Waterloo NSW


    2.      Catherine Mary (Kate) Gallagher (22) married John De Lange in Brisbane Queensland in 1889.  John was the son of Herman and Geziena de Lange of Groningen,The Netherlands, who emigrated with their family to Queensland from York, England, only two years earlier, in June 1887[10]. It is not known how Catherine came to be in Brisbane in 1889, but it was likely, soon after they wed, that Catherine, with husband John, moved back to NSW and set up house in Balmain; their three children were born there – Herman Vincent in 1892, Daniel Joseph in 1894 and Mary Catherine in 1897.



    Children of Catherine (Kate) Gallagher

    1 Catherine Mary (Kate) GALLAGHER b: 1867 in Sydney NSW, d: 21 Jul 1953 in 10 Wallace St., Woollahra NSW

    … + John de LANGE b: 1866 in London, Middlesex, England, m: 14 Jan 1891 in Brisbane     Qld, d: 1951 in Hawae, New Zealand?

    ..2 Herman Vincent (Ern) De LANGE b: 25 Nov 1891 in Balmain NSW, d: 07 Jul 1964 in Concord RG Hospital NSW

    …… + Rosina Mary MANNERING b: 14 Apr 1899 in England, m: 15 Mar 1919 in    Strood, Kent, England, d: 29 Jul 1971 in Ramsgate, Kogarah  NSW.

    2 Daniel Joseph (Dan) De LANGE b: 1894 in Balmain NSW, d: 1950 in Sydney NSW

    ……   + Minnie De-LANGE#

    . .    …2 Mary Catherine (Molly) De LANGE b: 1897 in Balmain NSW, d: 04 Oct 1969 in Kingsgrove, Campsie NSW

    + Isaac William (William) YOUNG b: Abt. 1894 in Warrington  England, m: 1933     in Sydney NSW, d: Aft. 1969 in NSW?

    ……   + John CONDON m: 1926 in Sydney NSW


    3.      William James Gallagher was born 1869 Reg. Paddington and never married.  He died at the age of 66 at No. 242 Darling Street, Balmain North NSW.  On his 1936 death certificate his occupation is given as ‘Dock Labourer’.  The informant was his nephew, Herman de Lange of Auburn NSW.  Witnesses Francis Kelly and George Whalan.[11]

    4.           Daniel Philip Gallagher was born 1872 Reg. Sydney and died as an infant in 1873[12].  The death was registered in Glebe NSW.

    5.      James Gallagher was born on 1 April 1874 when the family was living in Parramatta Road, Glebe. He never married and died aged only 41 in 1915[13] at the Balmain Hospital, ‘late of Adophus Street, Balmain North NSW’. The informant was his brother Charles John Gallagher of Aston Street, Granville.


    Catherine and John De LANGEs family  


    John and Catherine De Lange had three children whose births were registered at Balmain, NSW – Herman Vincent 1891, Daniel Joseph 1894 and Mary Catherine 1897.  It was about 1901[14] that John de Lange deserted his family and went to live in New Zealand.  Did he die there in 1951?  A John de Lange was buried in 1951 at Hawae NZ (S04.06), but the details on the death certificate don’t seem to fit.


    Catherine Mary (Gallagher) De Lange died 21 July 1953[15], place of death 10 Wallace Street, Woollahra.  However, Catherine was living at 25 Napier Street, Paddington before her death, and may have moved there when she became ill.   Her death certificate indicated that she was by then a widow; ‘children of marriage Herman V 61, Mary C 55, living; 1 male deceased’.  (Catherine de Lange being a widow in 1953 makes John de Lange’s 1951 death feasible?)


    According to his grand-daughter, Glenese Wanless, Herman Vincent De Lange served in both WWI and WWII in the British Navy and then with the Royal Australian Navy.  During WWI he was in England long enough to meet Glenese’s grandmother, Rosina Mary Mannering, daughter of George and Olive (Phillips) Mannering.  Herman and Rosina married in England before embarking on the sea voyage to Australia, and a pregnant Rosina arrived in Australia with Herman as a ‘war bride’ in November 1919.  Their baby, Glenda’s mother, Rosina Mary (Rose) de Lange, was born soon after.


    Daniel Joseph de Lange married Minnie [surname unknown].  There were no children of the marriage.  Daniel died in Sydney in 1950.[16]


    Mary Catherine de Lange married twice – her first husband was John Condon.  They married in 1926 in Sydney.  On 5th August 1933, she married William Young at Fullerton Presbyterian Church, Crown St., Sydney. [Date of death unknown – possibly 1952 Sydney][17]

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