Kesh, Ederney and Aghinver.



Kesh, Ederney and Aghinver in Co. Fermanagh. Kesh is at top of latitude 18; Ederney is at top of Latitude 22; and Aghinver is at bottom of latitude 18.
The Murray land described in the Griffiths valuations 1860s report below in Aghinver Townland is at the point marked “Jetty” on waterside. The Murray house is the dot on the side road down to the jetty.



Extract from the Aghinver Townland section of Griffiths Valuations, this completed in 1862. In the first column are the references on the Map below. Second column – “Occupier”, third column – Immediate Lessors”, presumably owners.



Aghinver Townland, in Barony of Lurg, Parish of Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh.  Thus, in map section 4 is “a” being James Murray as occupier “lessee” of house, office and land (owned by Capel St George). The land exceeded 25 acres. House “b” was unoccupied, while house “c” also owned by James Murray, was ioccupied by John Shannon. The precise family relationships,i.e. whether Charles Murray and his wife, Susan Shannon, who emigrated in 1838 were children, siblings,etc needs to be clarified.



The land occupied by James Murray in 1862. This photograph taken in 2001 towards Lough Erne from the main road shown on the map above..


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