Roll Call of the First Five Terms 1822-1823

Students at the Higgins and Muldoon School, Sydney

in First Term (April 1822) to Fifth Term (August 1823)

Alsey,Eliza                                                   Dasey, James* Harding, ,??
Anderson, George Dasey, Jane Hayes, Eleanor
Anson, William Dasey, John Hayes, Eliza
Ash, Christopher Dasey, Patrick* Hayes, John
Ash, Henry Davies/Davis,Joseph Hayes, Richard*
Bales, John Davies, Mary Anne Hector, Henry
Best, Sarah Devlin, James* Hector, Catherine*
Blade, Thomas Dillon, Peter Hector, Timothy*
Boyle, Daniel Docker, Charles Honeyman,Sandy
Brennan, Peter Doyle, Anne* Hull, John*
Brennan, Thomas * Doyle, Charles* Hutchinson,Robert
Brown, Thomas Doyle, James Hutchinson, Wm
Butler, Anne Doyle, Mary Johnson, John*
Butler, Lawrence* Doyle, William Johnson, Nicholas*
Butler, Walter Dunn, Edward* Kearney, Elizabeth
Butt, Anne Dunn, Richard* Kearney, Jane
Byrne, Anne Dunn, Thomas* Kearney, John
Byrne, John Egan, Daniel Kearns, Elizabeth
Byrne, Patrick* Elliott, Mary Kearns, Francis*
Byrne, Richard Evans, James Keir, Charles
Byrne, Thomas* Evans, William Keir, Warren*
Byrne, Thomas Sr Fitzpatrick,Ambrose Kelly, Mary
Carroll, Charles Fitzpatrick,Columbus Kennedy, Eliza
Carroll, Charles Fitzpatrick, John Kennedy, Mary
Carroll, Frances Fitzpatrick, Philip* Kenny, John
Carroll, Francis* Fitzpatrick, Sarah Kinsela, Eliza
Carroll, James Francis, Eliza Kinsela, John*
Carroll, John* Golden, John Lawless, Francis*
Carroll, Joseph Gough, Alexander Lawrey, Edward*
Carroll, Joseph Sr Gough, Mary Lawrey, John*
Carroll, Thomas* Green, Sarah Lynch, James
Collins, Robert Green, William Marshall, Charles 
Cosgrove, John Groom, James Marshall, Mary
Coss, Thomas* Halpin, Thomas Martin, Arthur
Crow, James Hancock, Edward H Martin, Daniel*
Daley, Patrick Hanlon, Michael Martin, Thomas
Martin, William Peat, George Whitebrow, James
Marzagora, Francis* Pickering, Charles Whitebrow, Mary
Marzagora, Wm* Pickering, Mary Wood, Mary Anne
Masterson, Mary Price, George  
McDermott Wm Purr, Eliza  
McDermott, Marg. Purcell, James  
McGuigan, Edward Purcell, Mary  
McGuigan, James* Purcell, Philip  
McGuire, Catherine Purcell, William  
McGuire, Elizabeth Reilly, John  
McGuire, Mary Rice, John  
McLane, Elizabeth Rice, Thomas  
McLaughlin, Wm Rowley, Mary  
McNeal, James Seevey?, Jane  
McNulty, Catherine Smart, Augustine  
McNulty, Jane Smart, Jane  
McNulty, John Smart, Thomas  
McNulty, Margaret Smart, Zenobia  
McPherson, Richard Smith, James  
Mitchell, William Stafford, James  
Moore, James Stafford, Mary  
Murphy, Dennis Stephenson, William  
Murphy, Nicholas Sullivan, Mary  
Murphy, Richard Sullivan, Patrick  
Murray, James Sullivan, William  
Murrow, James Tracy, Mary Ann  
Murrow, John Turner, James*  
Nangle, Patrick Turner, Jane  
Nangle, Thomas* Turner, Thomas  
Nernly, Nicholas Walmsley, Mary Anne  
Norris, Richard? Walsh Thomas Jr  
Nowlan, Mary* Walsh, James*  
Nowlan, Peter* Walsh, John*  
O’Brien, Catherine Walsh, Nicholas  
O’Brien, Patrick Walsh, Thomas,Sr  
Ogle, Catherine* Watson, Henry  
Ogle, Elizabeth* Watson, Thomas*  
Ogle, John* Wells, Thomas  
Ogle, William Whitebrow, David  


*Signifies that the name is on both the first term Higgins school and the fifth term list, the latter said to be the first term of St Mary’s School.