Edward Gleeson – Relationship to the McNamaras


My research into Edward Gleeson relates to the 1841 emigration of the two McNamara brothers. In the meantime, I am listing here my notes, encouraging others to build on them. Please let me know. I m particularly keen to find the so far elusive Parish of “Killebuggan” where Gleeson said his wife was living. Poor copy of document so spelling may be suspect.


Edward Gleeson (Glasson)

Ship and immigration record show his name with both spellings but Gleeson is correct..


Arrived on “Earl St Vincent”” as a convict on 9 September 1823, having left Cork on 29 April 1823.


Glasson /Gleeson Edward; 24; WB /Earl St Vincent (3) 1823; 1822; Trial Place Co Tipperary; 7 years; b.1799; Idle and disorderly; Ploughman.

Tried Tipperary 15 December 1822.  Disembarkation Remarks ‘Very well”.

Disposed of: to “John Oxley”



SURGEON’s Report:

”………..I am satisfied that the depressing passions had a very considerable influence in producing debility in both accelerating the disease and retarding its cure. Many had parted with their relatives, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, and a great proportion perfectly persuaded from the energies of their friends that they would be discharged, being mostly whiteboys; but that unfortunate and outrageous attack in the Playhouse against the Laws seemed to determine their fate – at least I am of that opinion. However the mode of treatment in all was successful.”


I have so far failed to find contemporary newspaper reports of    “ ..….the outrageous attack on the Playhouse.”




25 May 1825 Petition to Governor re his wife Johanna.


His Excellency Thomas Brisbane KGB etc

The Memorial of Edward Gleeson who arrived by ship sentenced to seven years

Humbly showeth

That Memorialist left in Ireland a wife residing in the parish of Killebuggan (???) County Tipperary, (both of) which he begs leave to refer to Mr Bennett JP, and Reverend Mr Hurley Parish Priest of the said Parish.

That he could maintain her in the Colony independent of Government, being a sober and industrious man.

Therefore most humbly solicits Your Excellency to be graciously pleased to procure for his wife Johanna Gleeson alias Hanniza (?) free passage to New South Wales and Memorialist will ever pray.

Sydney 25th May 1825.                                                                     Edward Gleeson.

Margin Notation:

I certify that Edward Gleeson who came by the ship Earl St Vincent has been under my inspection at the Govt Establishment at Longbottom[1]  since his arrival in the Colony and during that time I can venture to say that he has conducted himself with sobriety and honesty.

Michael Ryan       Overseer

[Fiche 3286; 4/1112.1A pages 197/8]


[Note: In 1819, the Longbottom Farm was established. Commissioner Bigge noted:… Longbottom on the Parramatta Road, and ten miles from Sydney … comprises nearly 700 acres of land … It contains some valuable timber, which is cut and sawn on the spot, and conveyed to Sydney in boats by the Parramatta River, on the southern shore of which part of the farm … is situated. Charcoal for forges and foundries is likewise prepared here, and as the land is gradually cleared of wood, the cultivation is extended under the direction of an overseer.

  By 1820, there were 110 convicts at Longbottom although it appears they were poorly supervised. This number decreased to 38 in 1825 and to six by 1828. By this time, the buildings were in a state of disrepair and the stockade was mainly used by road gangs working on Parramatta Road. By 1838, part of the area was sold and the area under government control was reduced to 280ha. Most of this land was used for the agistment of police horses. [Gregory Blaxell.]



The 1828 Census lists him as Labourer, at James Douglas’ Residence George St Sydney. His wife is not listed so we remain unclear whether she came to NSW.



Ticket of Leave 27/942  [4/4066; Reel 910]

Certificate of Freedom  29/1054 of 15 Dec 1829 [4/4300; Reel 985]




Letter to Governor re land:

2/7865 Reel 1131 in 1836.

Grant of 59 acres in Callaba Creek (Near  Reids Flat NSW) [Register 117 Page 3..? Illegible] Early 1850s




Notes prepared 25 March 2017